baroque movement

  • ok but a wolfstar university au
  • remus is a english lit student obviously because he’s a nerd
  • sirius is an art history student because he’s secretly an even bigger nerd
  • they’ve never met but both have a lecture on a monday, wednesday and friday in the same lecture theatre two hours apart
  • they both sit in the same seat every lecture
  • sirius never listens in lectures and doodles on the desk, carving drawings in the old wooden tables
  • one week he goes all out, draws an arty nude woman, posing ridiculously, while the lecturer goes on about the baroque movement or some shit he doesnt know
  • he leaves thinking nothing of it, but taking a quick snapchat and sending it to prongs with the caption ‘this is u’
  • he comes back two days later to see someone has critiqued it
  • ‘why is her navel so far down? surely it should be higher?’
  • sirius is taken aback - what kind of fucking nerd would critique someone’s lecture doodles
  • he decides to reply
  • ‘inspected a lot of ladies’ belly buttons, have you?’
  • he smirks to himself and actually takes some notes for once because this art stuff can actually be interesting sometimes, who knew?
  • on friday he returns to his seat to see another reply: ‘probably more than you, judging by your drawing’
  • sirius is hurt
  • he is OFFENDED
  • he has to let whoever this mysterious stranger is know how upset he is
  • he replies ‘fuk u’
  • the weekend passes, and sirius returns to find the word ‘mature’ written in the stranger’s script
  • conversation continues for several more weeks, until the light wood of the desk is practically turned black by the sheer amount of biro covering the surface
  • sirius is suddenly concerned - he had been enjoying conversing with this sarcastic stranger
  • this situation is salvageable
  • he steals one of marlene’s post its and scribbles his next reply on it and fixes it under the desk, then draws a big arrow pointing to the edge of the desk
  • that’ll do
  • he comes back to the next lecture to find a different, bright pink post it stuck in the same place with the words ‘this will get bad for the environment - text me’
  • there’s a number underneath
  • this is probably the least effort sirius has had to go to to get someone’s phone number at university so far, according to marlene
  • the mysterious stranger, who goes by moony, texts sirius infrequently
  • its always in intense short bursts
  • probably when they’re walking to and from classes
  • maybe it’s just when they’re in lectures
  • im not reading into this too much prongs shut up
  • sirius spends the majority of his time walking around campus with his head down, texting moony
  • it was usually smooth sailing, but one day he walks straight into someone else
  • some six foot, scrawny bloke on his phone
  • sirius looks at him and curses
  • fuck, he’s hot
  • he had dropped his phone, and mysterious hot boy had picked it up, and was now seemingly staring at the screen
  • damn, his cheekbones were sharp
  • sirius would like to cut himself on those
  • he wasnt even sure what that meant but he was feeling it
  • “i cant help but notice who youre texting,” hot boy says
  • sirius doesnt think he can speak right now, so he just pulls a face that he hopes conveys all of his confusion
  • it seems to work, because hot boy is giggling
  • actually giggling
  • fuck, hes cute
  • “youre texting me”
  • FUKC
  • moony hands sirius his phone back and laughs
  • “too bad about that lecture bench we destroyed, eh?”
  • long story short they make out a lot
  • its pretty gay
  • no one dies or betrays anyone
  • the end

Fuego - one of the most inspiring horses I’ve ever met! His movement, baroque look and expression left me under impression for a very long time. Poetry can be written and paintings can be painted about him. If you are an artist you should meet this horse to find new inspirations for your art! Please find time to discover more about this horse and his env show with Clémence Faivre Official. - © Katarzyna Okrzesik-Mikołajek


Summary: Getting the same order every day following the afternoon classes you took at the University, your life had been your education. That is until Kylo, a Barista at Java the Hutt’s cafe, walked into it. Suddenly, your world was stained by love and Kylo’s past, causing everything to change.

A/N: Hello! I’m so glad to be cowriting a fic with my bud @cryxlowrites based on an au we made a few weeks back. I so happened to realize that I had a request quite similar to it so I’ll consider this being the fic for it. Anyway, this’ll be a mini series of a good lengthy five parts. Enjoy and feedback is welcomed.

Warning: None

Word Count: 8.8K+

Kylo stared out the window, only glancing momentarily at the clock which was located above the door. His eyes searching for you and his fingers tapping against the wooden countertop. He knew that you were on your way, judging by the usual time you got to the cafe. It was four o’clock exactly.

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Mystery Man

Rating: T

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 5077

Summary: Deciding to be more social, Simon goes to a masquerade ball fundraiser. Based on “shy kiss” to “steamy kiss” request.

Read on AO3

AN: See? I am actually working through these requests! It’s just taking awhile. Hope you like it!


A masquerade ball. What a strange idea. The student union is trying to find more “creative” ways to raise funds. Guess a rich university like Watford can afford to be creative. They’ve rented out some fancy hotel ballroom nearby, got the art department to make masks, the drama department to loan costumes, and for 20 quid a person, you can dance with fellow students. It’s absolutely ludicrous. And possibly fun. I desperately need some fun.

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For International Women’s Day, I want to tell you a little story that I just wrote my art history paper on. 

This is Judith Slaying Holofernes by Artemisia Gentileschi. It depicts the violence of two women decapitating Holofernes’ head (one of the general’s of the King Nebuchadnezzar’s army). Gentileschi is known for painting scenes during the 17th century Baroque movement that illustrated violence towards men. This is because whenever she was 18, she claimed to have been raped by one of her father’s colleagues at the university she studied art at. When she spoke out against him, the man went through trial but was never punished for his actions. Judith Slaying Holofernes is a story portrayed in the bible. At the time, the Assyrian army was about to destroy the town of Bethulia. Judith had snuck into his tent late at night with her maidservant, seduced him, got him drunk, and decapitated his head when he passed out. The next day, she had hung his head on the gates to the city showing that the entire Assyrian army couldn’t go further because of their dead general. Because of this action, Judith was seen as the city’s heroine. Gentileschi’s characteristics in this painting are shown to be very forceful and violent. She is telling this story out of anger through her experiences with men. To the audience, it shows that women (even religious ones) can be a lot more than what men can expect from them, and nothing is stopping them to get justice. And if you don’t think that is not just the most badass thing you’ve heard all day then I don’t know what is. 

Guido Reni (1575-1642)
“Self Portrait” (1603-1604)
Oil on canvas

Reni was an Italian painter of high-Baroque style, and the most famous Italian artist of his time. He painted primarily religious works, as well as mythological and allegorical subjects. Through his pupils, he had wide-ranging influence on the Baroque movement.

Les Cyclopes Suite en Re Mineur
Trevor Pinnock, Jean-Phillipe Rameau

Jean-Phillipe Rameau composed a number of very colorful compositions for solo harpsichord. Here Trevor Pinnock plays “Les Cyclopes” from the Troisieme Suite en Re Mineur. He plays a loud, robust, 1764 Parisian harpsichord that seems to fit his sinewy playing style, and naturally accommodates the music with a rich bass and a clear, crystalline high register. Typical of french baroque suites, the movement title is illustrative, and it is in the form of a rondeau with a theme and reprises.

he’s not a siren

Chapter 7: Gigue - often the final dance movement in Baroque suites

Summary: Merman AU. Their meeting is orchestrated by fate, conducting them one at a time to step on the stage. With the flick of the baton, in time, they will sing the same song, but only if they aren’t swept away by the ocean’s mighty waves.

All Ladybug wishes is to have a Chat Noir by her side, but what Marinette finds is that maybe she just needs a more aquatic companion.

Pairing: Ladynoir/Adrinette

WC: 4.8 K

Parts: 1/2/3/4/5/6

Also: AO3//

Thank you to @emberglows for being my beta and I hope @gigiree and @shadybug enjoy it! 

Je t’aime, he says–she knows he says. Je t’aime, he feverishly repeats as their minds, souls, hearts thread together, tangling as one by red string.

And–and he, her Minou floods her everything. His feelings pour out of him, soaking into all of her cells, until her body is breached by pinks, by reds; by loves that drench her worldview.

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The Signs as Art Movements

(Check your Venus, too. It rules our tastes and the art we enjoy!)

Aries: Abstract Expressionism. Rebellious, pioneering and independent artists like Pollock led this movement; like Aries, this style is highly energetic, vibrant and powerful. 

Taurus: Art Nouveau. The sweeping brushstrokes and detailed craftsmanship of Art Nouveau enliven our world with delicate beauty, which appeals to Taurus’ exquisite aesthetic.

Gemini: Surrealism. The surprising, witty imagery and juxtapositions of Surrealism, how its ideas and themes all have dual meanings, is well suited for the Twins of the Zodiac.

Cancer: Expressionism. This subjective style focuses on interpreting the emotional spectrum through art, which the highly intuitive and emotive Crab of the Zodiac understands perfectly.

Leo: Baroque. This dramatic art movement was born to inspire tension, drama and grandeur among its audiences, much like Leo, who is unforgettable and takes center stage.

Virgo: Realism. Extremely detailed, this style provides a near exact, no frills replica of reality, giving note to Virgo’s characteristics of being highly organized, honest and structured. 

Libra: Rococo. Rococo, one of the most graceful and beautiful art movements, reflects wonderfully on the sophistication of Libra; like Libra, Rococo is playful, coy and highly elegant. 

Scorpio: Metaphysical. A contrast between light and dark, an expert use of shading and intriguing artistic concepts pair nicely with Scorpio, the sign of mystery and extremes.

Sagittarius: Modernism. Thought provoking, dynamic and futuristic, this art style provokes a shift in thought and perspective among its audiences, just like ultra-progressive and inquisitive Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Cubism. Earth tones, geometric sharpness, realism blended with abstraction and political undertones allude to this powerful, practical and creative Earth sign.

Aquarius: Shock Art. What can get more shocking than a urinal as art - or an Aquarius? Like Aquarius, the Shock Art movement is highly intelligent, ignores outdated social norms and defies the rules. 

Pisces: Fauvism. Reinterpreting the colors, shapes and textures of the outside world to be more fantasy-like alludes to Pisces, who wishes for nothing other than a more compassionate and beautiful world.

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anonymous asked:

Who is your favourite artist? As in painter/sculptor

I love this question. I had a list I made my senior year of college after one of my art history classes with all my favorite artists on it but I think I’ve lost it. So anyways, I’m sure you’ve taken a look at my Favorite Art and Favorite Artist tags. If you haven’t, then here is a list of some people and pieces that I love.

Male Artists
- Max Ernst (Movement: Dada, Surrealism) x x x x x
- Salvador Dali (Movement: Surrealism) x x x x x x x x x
- Marcel Duchamp (Movement: Dada, Surrealism ) x x
- Paul Klee (Movement: Abstract, Expressionism, Surrealism) x x x x x
- Caravaggio (Movement: Baroque) x x x x
- Gian Lorenzo Bernini (Movement: Baroque) x x x x x
- Piet Mondrian (Movement: De Stijl/Neoplasticism) x x x
- Kazimir Malevich (Movement: Suprematisim) x x x x
- Kurt Schwitters (Movement: Dada) x x x
- Jean Arp (Movement: Dada) x x x
- Andreas Gursky (Movement: Contemporary) x x x
- Michelangelo (Movement: High Renaissance) x x x x x x
- Josef Albers (Movement: Constructivism, Bauhaus) x x x x x
- John William Godward (Movement: Neoclassicism) x x x x x
- Georges Méliès (Film) x
- Sandro Botticelli (Movement: Early Renaissance) x
- Sebastiano Ricci (Movement: Baroque, Rococo) x
- Giambologna (Movement: Late Renaissance) x x x x

Female Artists
- Meret Oppenheim (Movement: Surrealism) x x x x
- Frida Kahlo (Movement: Primitivism, Surrealism) x x x x x
- Mary Beale (Movement: Baroque) x x
- Anni Albers (Movement: Constructivism) x x x
- Sophie Taeuber Arp (Movement: Dada, Constructivism) x x
- Hannah Hoch (Movement: Dada) x x
- Li Chevalier (Movement: Contemporary) x x
- QimmyShimmy (Movement: Contemporary) x x x
- Marina Abramović (Movement: Performance Artist) x x x x x

These are all the ones I can think of right now. I know there are a lot more. I can’t remember any of the film artists I like and it’s bugging me. Maybe one day I’ll sort everything out and make a post about all the art/artists I like.

TL, DR: I’m into sculptures by old Italian guys, big blocks of color, weird performance art, things covered in fur, Frida Kahlo, and any kind of art depicting mythology.

prettywhencrysblog  asked:

What is baroque art for you ?

Sorry it’s taken so long to answer this, but this is a difficult question for me to answer. Baroque is so broad and it’s hard for me to put into words but here I go.

Baroque has to be one of the most recognizable styles in art. It stretched to music, painting, scultpure, architecture. It’s absolutely beautiful and it’s difficult to truly understand all the connotations it held during its time period in these few paragraphs.

Baroque art, at the time, was largely religious propoganda. And even though I am nowhere near a practicing catholic, Baroque art has always inspired me. It’s just so grand and beautiful in every sense of the word. It’s also been a huge influence to me in both studying art history and in terms of my own art. The techniques in painting that were refined during the Baroque time are pretty much need-to-know in painting.

Baroque art goes back to the 17th century, yet its influence is so strong today. I think if someone interested in studying art or its history, Baroque would be THE go-to movement. It may have been used commonly for its political/religious agenda, but when I look at Baroque works myself, that’s never at the front of my mind. The detail and techniques used in the works are just mind-blowing to me.

To sum it up, Baroque is one of my absolute favourite movements.