baroque glasses


                                                  The Power Of Art

1. Chartres Cathedral, France

2. Kinver Church, England

3. Saint-Étienne’s Church, France

4. St. Matthew’s Church, England

5.Mezquita De Cordoba. Spain

6.Killaloe Church, Ireland

7. Leon Cathedral, Spain

8. Saint Gudula, Brussels

9. St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica,USA

10. Sevile Cathedral, Spain

Vintage photo of a woman posed beside the Mirror of San Sebastián, which, instead of reflecting back her youthful beauty, reveals the hideous skull beneath the skin.

Its origin unknown, the first written reference to the mirror places it in the possession of the Hermitage of El Rocío in 1486, where it was locked away to keep it from distressing visitors.

Though falling more into the category of “accursed object” than “practical medical imaging tool,” the Mirror of San Sebastián (also known as Satan’s Looking Glass) was employed by the Hospital de la Santa Creu in Barcelona, Spain from 1601 to 1773 to the benefit of tens of thousands of patients with skull injuries.

Purchased at auction in 1983, Baby Gruenwald keeps the mirror in the bathroom off his baroque dining room to totally mess with people.