baroque frames

top 10 games that should be made into anime

number 10: fatal frame series

format: each game is a 12 episode season

number 9: saya no uta

format: 3 part OVA

number 8: baroque (baroque syndrome)

format: 90 minutes movie-adding more background about the  world and characters and how they came to embody their perticular baroque

number 7:digital devil saga

format: each game is a 12 episode season

number 6: nights into dreams

format: 4 part OVA- showing more of the 2 main characters life and everyday strugles, and how to nightmares they face represent their fears and the nightmares relationship with eachother particulary nights and reala  (bonus points: more emo different main characters that are deeper and more interesting)

number 5: ib

format: 6 episodes - more information on Guertena’s life and works

( bonus- ends with the forgotten portrait ending)

number 4: asura’s wrath

format: each chapter is an episode (so its 6 episodes in total)

number 3: eternal sonata

format: 16 episodes series - switching the text parts about chopins life with actual animation of it

number 2: final fantasy 8

format: 24 episodes series ( changing the opening after the plot of each “disk” (arc?) is done)

NUMBER 1: the drakengard series + nier

format: the first game is a 8 episodes series, the second is 10, and nier and drakengard 3 are 16 episodes (revealing more about the settings is a must)

anyway thank you for reading my first list! i hope you enjoyed!

sorry if there are any spelling mistakes english is not my native language and its like 3 am

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