Whoooooooooooooooooo’s super excited for Hannibal? I ammmmmmmmm!

This is an entry for @tattle-crime ‘s #BoldlyBecoming! Goat horns, bone, dragon scale, cracked mirrors (7 pieces, 7 faces of the dragon). I really didn’t mean to use this style of work but the only way I could really justify joining the competition was if I somehow related it to my studies. At the moment I’m working on a paper arguing that Baroque and Renaissance artists captured realism in a much more believable way than 3D artists of today, mainly due to the emotion their work creates. So! I tried to really link in some of Caravaggio’s (<3) influence. I’m also super into Lake Hurwitz right now and his digital oil painting techniques which is way more noticable in the sketch.

I suck at rendering but messy is all I can afford to do right now! I’ll probably neaten this up and work more on it after the competition because I had tonnes more ideas I wanted to put in. It’s killing me not to tidy this up right now. 

p.s. chiaroscuro is my favourite thing ever.


Bach | ‘Siciliano’ Sonata BWV1031 (arr. solo piano - Wilhelm Kempff)

Artists Line-up for「ROCK AND READ 060」magazine

The next issue of「ROCK AND READ 060」magazine will feature the following artists :-

<Front Cover>

Mao (Sadie)
Miku (AN CAFE)
Tohya (vistlip)
JunJun (DOG inThe Parallel World Orchestra)
Issei (BugLug)
Shogo (DIV)
Sana (UNiTE.)
Koudai (Royz)
Chiaki (DEZERT)

「ROCK AND READ 060」magazine will be released on June 24th, 2015.