barons in the attic


“Albany Hop” live in Albany. What will we do next? “Hudson Valley Top Doctor” live in the Hudson Valley?  “Upstate Song” upstate? “London” live in London? “Blue York City” live in BYC? “The Man From Susquehanna” live on the river?

Maybe a better question: why do we write so many songs about places?

As we said last week, we’ll be posting new videos consistently on our vimeo page ( and our youtube channel (um, youtube “barons in the attic”.)

Who knows? Maybe we’ll hit you with “Rat on the Tracks” live from the subway (I heard that the ACE isn’t running this weekend…) or “Cemetery of Ex-Girlfriends” in a cemetery. “Farmer’s Daughter” on a farm(ers daughter)? “Wine and Dine” in a restaurant? “Honeybee Time Machine” in 1982? “In a Nutshell” in a nutshell?

Alright. We’ll stop. But we will keep uploaded new videos so its your job to keep checking back.

We’re also actually playing live (like, in real-life, live) in a few very special spots. First up: Trash Bar, Friday. Check out our previous post for details.

Usher, if you’re watching, we can dance too.