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94 :)

I’m sorry, I know this took ages to answer, but a bunch of things came up and I didn’t have actual time to write🙈



94. “I bet I can make you scream my name.”

The music had quieted down long ago, the sun would soon start coloring the sky with shades of pink and orange and in the previously packed house only a handful of people were left. Nevertheless, your best friend’s birthday party was far from finishing. On the contrary, that was the time you were waiting for all night. Just you, her and your insanely handsome and talented trio.

Sitting on pillows in the middle of the living room with a bottle of alcohol in your hands, different for each one, picking on the left over pizza and chips, you had succumbed to a vicious game of truth or dare.

“Gianlu”, Ignazio nudged him, “your turn”.

Gianluca eyed everyone, but his gaze returned to you.

“(Y/n), truth or dare?”

You looked at him suspiciously and answered “truth”.

He took a sip from his whiskey, thinking thoroughly what to ask you.

“Of the three of us who do you think is better in bed?”

Your jaw dropped in awe, this was definitely a question you would never expect, especially from Gianluca.

“How much has he drunk all night”, you asked the other two boys, trying to avoid even thinking about the answer.

“Not enough to not be able to control what I’m saying”, he answered for them.

They were all looking at you expecting an answer, your best friend as awed and even scared as you, Piero and Ignazio goofy as always. It was Gianluca’s expression that made you feel more uncomfortable though. He had a sharp look, as if he was daring you to say his name. One thing was for sure, once you’d answer there would be too much awkwardness between you and the one you’d choose. If they remembered anything the next day, you reminded yourself.

Thankful that everyone’s bottles were nearly empty, you took a sip of your tequila and eyed the three boys carefully.

“Well, I would certainly not pick you”, you blurted out.

“Ooooo”, Ignazio and Piero exclaimed together to tease Gianluca.

Gianluca laughed to cover his surprise and uneasiness.

“I bet I can make you scream my name”, he said, glaring at you. He seemed quite sure of himself.

You bit your lip and eyed him in disbelief with a soft giggle.

“We need popcorn!!!!!”, a drunk Ignazio exclaimed.

“I don’t care who’s next, you have to dare Gian to bang (y/n)!”