[TRANS] Pann - B1A4′s Character (compilation of what staffs have said about B1A4)

translations credit to b1a4est​​ @ tumblr
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source: nate pann

신하연 Shin Ha Yeon (@ssing0921) 2013 08 12
they were full of affection. no matter how hard i try to view them from an objective view and try to not give them any affection, it always never worked. the last month of preparing for the concert, the concert team were all walking  zombies, but we barely made it with their affection. the management team worked hard and thank you for thinking of us like family.
@metild87: @ssing0921 this group is so weird. every time they meet a new person, they all receive love from them..
@bboliangel: @metild87 @ssing0921 the kids are so nice (i don’t know what she says after)
@metild97: @bboliangel @ssing0921 yeah…they’re nice but also pretty (t/n: they don’t literally mean pretty as in beautiful, but they also use this term when they want to talk about how nice/caring someone is)
@ssing0921: @metild87 @bboliangel heuhhheueu.. they’re nice.. and pretty… and they wo-work hard.. on top of that.. they’re sensible.. haha..hahaha.. really… my cold exterior breaks down so easily

(music director): finished the first practice with the artists. they should have schedules early in the morning but..
“director-nim~ sorry but can we do it again?” .. and a message. why are you sorry. of course any time. an artist that works hard with sincerity ends up doing a long-run.
(message says: director-nim fighting!)

2014 01 11 @ssing0921: the kids did a video call with their manager’s phone and they said it was a pity that i couldn’t be there with them they personally greeted every staff member individually and said fighting :) with the members’ support the meeting became more serious. even though they are busy, they always ask “aren’t you tired?” to us first..  thanks to their support the staff smiled widely. the meeting for the next performance in the middle of the night was much lively after receiving the support. thank you :)

(person 1): ah, this week went by without much problems as well. ended this with a motherly smile thanks to the pretty kids who only did such pretty things : )
@person 2: @ person 1ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it’s rare to have such a smooth and comfortable filming with idols like these kidsㅋ i had a motherly smile tooㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@person 1: @ person 2 they really have the best character.

이정화 @BetweenLee 2014 03 24
B1A4′s Jinyoung had a phone call during ‘Sukira’. When DJ asked him to sing a verse of ‘Lonely’, how can he fulfill the request in 0.1 seconds with no hesitation at all. when (he’s at the studio for a photoshoot) the photographer asks him to make a pose, he responds at LTE speed. he really is a bright and passionate person with good energy. while i was in a meeting with the photographer for the may issue, the topic of the april issue came up. they were talking about how they were always thankful to jinyoung, and he’s the idol that they think about a lot. i told them “me too”; it was the first time somebody could relate to me (in general). i only talk about what happens behind the scenes once or twice but (jinyoung) makes me tweet all the time.

(ah ddal staff): all of the b1a4 members are so nice and full of manners. they must have been tired but they never got annoyed, or showed an upset face expression. the photographer kept praising them about how nice and full of manners they are, and i finally got to meet them myself. when we have time to eat, they always tell people around them to eat, and when they’re eating snacks and somebody comes up to them they stand up and tell that person “let’s eat together” and take care of people; even if they’re in an awkward situation they say “it’s okay” and laugh. i’m so happy they are the models for ah ddal~! i will make sure you guys will get sick of spicy riced cakes~!

(not sure who): b1a4 is very.. full of manners, sincerity, and have good teamwork. it’s the first time since 2NE1 that a group’s image for me has gotten so well at once. they enjoy what they’re doing, but at the same time they’re full of manners, humble, and make people watching them happy as well. you can just feel the bright energy by looking at the making video. there’s a lot of idols who just play with their phones after the camera turns off but even if they’re not filming, they’re always restlessly playing around with each other to the point i can feel their friendship is very strong. the b1a4 members give lots reactions without our request. and each member is so happy and bright~ and sincere. such innocent vibesㅋ there’s a reason they’re doing well. we all said b1a4 is the best.ㅋ when we were recording, they all discuss things with each other.. produce (songs) themselves and are very detailed. makes me think they’ll be the last group with such good teamwork.

(ah ddal staff): even though their bodies were tired, the five boys of B1A4 and the staff ate the meal so wholeheartedly, thanks to all the ah ddal staff we were able to enjoy filming and not even realize how tired we were. since we were with them the whole time, i think i have fallen for B1A4′s charms ㅎㅎ how are all of them so lovely and full of manners~ every time they come and get food they always say “thank you for the food” and when they bring empty plates they say “thank you for the food” (t/n: it’s a mannerism thing in korea to greet people who serve food) every time and always give explosive reactions “it’s so delicious it’s so delicious” so how can i not become their fan^^

(photoshoot intern): i was at a photoshoot as an assistant but the kids were really nice. when i was cleaning the props they helped me.. i was touched. they were not arrogant at all and looked so nice. at first i was like whatever but now i just want to support them. i wish they would become really popularly. just saying, they’re all handsome but gongchan looks really good.

(long time vocal trainer) Kim 9hyun @9hyun: today was the first time b1a4 got 1st placeㅠ after i first met baro in 2009 and then jinyoung, cnu, sandeul, and gongchan and when they first debuted and had their first debut performance.. and when they received the rookie award and the day they had their first concert and today, the first time they got 1st place went by like a film.. when i first met b1a4 and taught them, i thought “wow there are kids who actually work this hard!?” whenever i say something or teach them something, they all received everything and tried to keep it in their memory. i think that’s why they improved so quickly too! that’s why when i taught b1a4, i think i was able to enjoy myself while teaching them. also one thing i liked was that they’re all so nice!! they only practiced with no freedom and lived the dorm life so they could have lots of complaints but they didn’t have any of that and just quietly, no, happily practiced. i thought i could do that too if i was a trainee and i thought that there are kids who can do that too but i’ve seen so many people leave because they couldn’t take it anymore… even now b1a4 make me the proudest and not because they’re famous!! i know better than anybody how hard they worked and how much they love music. and today b1a4 has finally gotten 1st place i almost teared up because i was so happy!!! to be honest my heart is still beating quickly… because i’m so gladㅎㅎ congrats kids!!! i love you!!!!!!! let’s fly b1a4 forever~!!

(from 3 different people): “jinyoung is always happily greeting people. in the movie, jinyoung is basically the same age as all of the other actors and actresses’ kids. so it was hard for him. was that why? he was especially greeting people so happily, and it didn’t matter if it was a senior actor/actress, a staff, or director he was so polite and full of manners. he had such deep thoughts unlike his age and i thought he was really nice.” 

“i don’t know since when but from a certain time, i was in the middle range (within age). there’s a lot of times when i naturally focus on the atmosphere of the set and if there are any rude juniors i tell them off. if jinyoung was rude, i would have told him off too. this is kind of a joke but i wouldn’t let him be. but there was no reason for me to be like that to him (laughs).”

“jinyoung is the leader of b1a4. he really is multi-talented. he is good at acting, smart, and has such deep thoughts. i heard that he produced the title song himself. i didn’t know he was that popular but when i looked him up, he is a really smart kid. it depends on how much i know b1a4 or not to say how much i know idols or not, but i think because there was this smart and multi-talented person in b1a4 they became popular in comparison to their debut date. i think he is very polite and knows how to work hard in various fields so i like him a lot. i hope i can be in another work with him soon.”

BANA 4th Anniversary
August polyglot challenge - Day 1

I love languages because there are so many of them and they’re all so beautiful and unique in their own way. I love languages because by learning them, you also learn about other countries, cultures and nations, and even about yourself and your very own mother tongue. I love languages because they allow you to communicate with other people and make new friends, possibly find the love of your life and feel closer to your ancestors. I love languages because they’re something that come so naturally to me, unlike subjects like mathematics. And as someone who suffers from depression, I love languages because they make me happy and give me a reason to keep going. 

Many Questions

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Answer these questions

General Appearance
1. how tall are you? - about 5'9"

2. what colour and style is your hair? - it’s long and brown. Sometimes it’s naturally ombré (it was up until I got a haircut just recently, and now I’m sad ;-;)

3. what colour are your eyes? - brown

4. do you wear glasses/contacts? - Yeah, I have glasses but I always forget to wear them XD speaking of which… *puts on glasses* thanks for reminding me.

5. do you wear braces? - Nah, although I wish I had got them earlier on in life. My teeth are perfectly straight, but I have a gap that annoys me -_-

6. what is your fashion style? - I don’t do fashion lol. Most of the time it’s sporty. Occasionally I’ll get dressed up in a nice top and jeans. Jeans are my life.

You in general
7. what is your full name? Erm… Not gonna say this bc INTERNET SAFETY EVERYONE lol but my first two names are Mary Louise. Technically, you could call me by both, or call me Mary Lou, but that’s too girly/formal in my opinion.

8. when were you born? - Febuary 3rd, 2000

9. how old are you? - 15

10. where are you from/live now? - I’m from Canada, and have remained in Canada all my life. I don’t plan to, however.

11. do you have siblings and what are their names? - I have an older brother named James. He’s pretty cool. Which means that he’s actually really lame but I think he’s cool so y'know.

12. what school/college do you go to? - I’m in high school at the moment. Not gonna say the name, but it’s REALLY old, and it’s likely closing down before I graduate :’(

13. what kind of a student are you? - I’m a pretty good student. I try pretty hard lol most of my marks are above an 85 which isn’t spectacular, but I think it’s good.

14. do you even like school? - I used to dislike it, but high school has been pretty fun. I’ve met lots of new people and I’m starting to explore my interests a little more. I adore English class, though.

15. what are your favourite school subjects? - Oh, haha English and French, actually ^^^^

16. what are your favourite shows? - Mmhmm, okay. K-Dramas: Pinocchio, Boys Over Flowers, High School Love On. Anime: Death Note, Attack on Titan, Ouran High School Host Club. Stuff that’s actually on tv: Tosh.0, The Simpsons, Cops, The Stand

17. what are your favourite movies? - Guardians of the Galaxy, Mad Max Fury Road, 71: Into the Fire, No Breathing, Unbreakable

18. what are your favourite books? - Stephen King’s The Stand, The Hobbit, The Fault In Our Stars, To Kill A Mockingbird

19. what is your favourite past time? - Tumblr, YouTube, Kpop, Drawing

20. do you have any regrets? - um… Yeah… Plenty

21. what is your dream job? - still not sure. I want to write and travel. Meh.

22. would you like to get married one day and where? - yeah, I wanna get married. Wherever life takes me, I suppose.

23. would you like to have kids one day and how many? - I think so. The most I could do would probably be two.

24. are you a girly girl, a regular girl or more of a tomboy? - I’m more of a tomboy, really. Not the exact definition, but close enough. I don’t do girly.

25. do you like shopping? - I don’t mind it. I’m terrible with money though. I have a thing against spending it.

26. what countries have you visited so far? - Literally only the USA. I want to travel the world someday, though.

27. what is the scariest nightmare you have ever had? - Um, I’ve had a few where family members have died. Also, a really creepy one about being followed. Don’t remember how that one ended though.

28. do you have enemies? - I like to think that I have none. That is, I hope I have none.

29. who are your best friends? - Cam, Shafagh, Kenzie <3333

30. do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and what is their name? - Nope. I’m riding solo. *B1A4’s Lonely starts playing in bg*

Your Music
Put your phone on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come up without skipping!
2PM - Go Crazy!
SPEED - Look At Me Now
Xia feat. Tablo - Flower
Eric Nam - Melt My Heart
Boyfriend - Witch
Rap Monster & Jin - Trouble
G-Dragon - Crooked
BTS - Danger
EXO-K - Moonlight
BTS - We Are Bulletproof

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BABIES ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3


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The bisexual baroness is willing to fite with the agender queer queen for the hand of the pansexual princess &gt;:))))

!!!! im not that gr8 of a princess to be fought over

Bias tag

Rules: Pick your top 10 biases and write them on a pieces of paper, fold them and put them in a bowl. Pull two out for each round and choose.
1. Bias vs. Bias
Baro vs CNU
OHH B1A4 BATTLE RAPPER VS LEADER *cries* I’m gonna have to pick Baro cause he stole my heart first
2. Who would you rescue from a fire?
Nickhun VS Onew
3. Stuck on a desert island with?
Taeyang vs Chandoong
ugh why do I have to pick one??……THUNDER ALL THE WAY!!CHANDOONG❤️ cause I’m sure he’ll be calm and collected…meanwhile Taeyang: *screaming*
4. Bias vs. Bias
G.O vs Chanyeol
5. Who to pull the plug on?
Minho vs D.O

now I want shinee-eyebrow-game-strong youremyexodus shinees-back undertheexosphere gotta-love-that-baozi and yehetanotherexoblog to sufre with me…..IM SO SORRY

Inside Out Book Tag

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Joy - a book that made you happy or made you laugh

The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Emmuska Orczy, The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, Lysbeth by Henry Rider Haggard, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Samuel Clemens, etc…

Sadness - a book that made you really sad or broke your heart

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak or Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

Fear - a book that made you scared or nervous

I don’t normally read scary books, but I remember feeling quite nervous at times reading Mara by Eloise Jarvis McGraw.

Disgust - a book that you started to read it disgusted you so much (or you lost intrest in) that you had to put it down

I finished it anyway because I had to read it for school, but I loathed The Scarlett Letter.

Fury - a book that made you rage

The ending of The Diary of Anne Frank made me really mad. Even though I knew what was coming.

*Bonus* Bing Bong - a book that you love from childhood or the one that made you love reading

So many! The Mandie series by Lois Gladys Leppard is probably what really got me into reading when I was little. Some of my favorite childhood books are The Chronicles of Narnia and The Five Little Peppers serieses by C. S. Lewis and Margaret Sidney, respectively.

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