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Four Times | Baron Corbin

Title: Four Times (I should’ve told him I loved him)

Pairing: Baron Corbin/ Reader

Summary: I want all that is not mine. I want him but we’re not right.

Word Count: 4,670

Warning: I don’t really think this needs a warning! (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).

Tags@calwitch | @rebelfleur22 | @xfirespritex | @blondekel77 | @abschaffer2 | @alexahood21 | @taryndibiase | @isawthesights | @swedish-strong-style | @wrasslin-rollins | @megnog | @kitkat8 | @ellothelongwaydown | @wwesensualfanficsPlease let me know if I missed anyone or if you would like to be added to the tag list.

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You're Mine (Baron Corbin x reader)

This is my first fantiction 😊. Hope you Baron Corbin lovers enjoy. Feed back is appreciated. I also take request 😉


NSFW, extreme sexual content, rough sex, unprotected sex, daddy kink, a little spanking, oral sex and I think that’s it.

I was speechless. My brain had a hard time trying to comprehend what just took place on the screen before me. I took in Baron’s irate face as he stalked around the ring after his failed MITB cash in. I wanted to slap the stupid smirk planted on Cena’s face off. He looked real proud of himself for fucking up Baron’s huge opportunity. Seeing Baron’s angry and hurt face displayed on the screen broke my heart all over again.

I quickly jumped off the crate I was sitting on, and made my way to his dressing room. I patiently waited for him to make his way back from the ring.

I don’t know when I fell for Baron. I always thought he was handsome. When I started my job as an WWE interviewer a couple of years ago, he was one of the first guys to catch my attention. His tall physique, cool tattoos, and all around bad ass aura drew me to him like a moth to a flame. We bonded over our love for metal music and the rest was history. Baron had no idea I was interested in him romantically. The farthest we had ever ventured outside of the friend zone was a drunken kiss we shared at his place one New Year’s Eve. The next day he pretended it never happened, so I followed suit. I didn’t want to lose my best friend.

I was taken out of my thoughts as I saw Baron storm his way into the dressing room. He barely glanced my way as he started throwing shit around. I hurriedly left my chair and made my way towards him.

“Baron, calm down” I started, grabbing one of his arms with my hand

“Calm down!? How the fuck you expect me to calm down after that shit?!” He questioned me, jerking his arm out of my grasp in the process.

“Look, Baron, I know what went down was fucked up, but I don’t like seeing you like this. I just want you to calm down so we can try to figure this out.” I pleaded with him. He turned around and faced me. His face red with anger, and eyes filled with bitterness. He never looked at me that way before. I was scared.

“Please tell me (y/n) what the fuck is there to figure out? I got fucking robbed out there by that son of a bitch! I’ve worked my ass off to get that briefcase only for that shit to blow up in my face! I have a right to be pissed, okay? And if you have a problem with that you can leave.” He finished off. My eyes were watering up and my throat was starting to burn.

“Look…..I didn’t mean to upset you, Baron. I only want to help…..” I muttered, my eyes trained on the floor.

“As of right now, you are no help. Just fuck off (y/n).”

My face snaps up to look at his, eyes filled with hurt by the harshness of his words. The tears that were threatening to fall now fell in little streams down my face. His eyes held no semblance of regret in them. I wordlessly turned towards the chair I was sitting in, grabbed my belongings and left the room without giving him another glance

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I thought that maybe taking a relaxing bubble bath would help ease my hurting heart and rampant thoughts, but it didn’t. I was currently laying in my hotel bed, desperately trying to fall asleep. I still couldn’t believe that Baron could speak to me the way that he did. I know he was most likely speaking out of frustration, but he should have more respect for me than that. He knows I have always been there for him.

I turn around to look at the alarm clock on the nightstand. It’s 12:43 a.m. I wonder when Baron will make his way to the hotel. We’re sharing a room together. We’ve been sharing hotel rooms together for a while now. I would’ve looked for another room to stay in, but I didn’t want to bother anyone. Hopefully, Baron would just decide to room with one the other guys tonight.

I turn back toward the window, and try to fall asleep. As I was starting to doze off I hear the hotel door open. I quickly close my eyes, and pretend to be asleep. I don’t want to talk to him or even look at him right now.

“(Y/n)?” I hear him say as he approaches my bed. I continue to act as if I were asleep.

“(Y/n)?” He continues, gently shaking my shoulder. I tensed up immediately, and then shook his hand off my shoulder. I slowly got up, hanging my legs on the side of the bed opposite of him.

“Leave me alone, Baron.” I frostily tell him.

“(Y/n), I’m so sorry for what I told you earlier. That was uncalled for, okay?” He replied. I turn around to face him, taking in his appearance. His hair is covered with one of his signature beanies. The look completed with a black shirt and skinny jeans. The look on his face was filled with regret. I wanted nothing more than to jump in his arms and accept his apology, but something was holding me back. There was a part of me that was still beyond hurt from his harsh treatment of me earlier.

“Fuck you” I tell him, while leaving the confines of my bed. I grabbed my phone as well. I was rethinking my choice of staying in this room. I’ll just have to check and see if there are any more rooms available. Before I can make it very far, I feel one of Baron’s hand grab at my arm.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He ask me, patience wearing thin.

“That’s none of your business. Now let me go!” I’m passed pissed at this point. The last thing I wanted was his hands on me, but I can’t help the pulse I feel between my legs due to his touch on my skin.

“No” he responds, turning me around to face him fully. Both of his hands are now grasping me by my arms, effectively holding me in place. “We need to work this out. I can’t have you pissed at me, (y/n).”

“Well you should’ve thought about that before you decided to treat me like shit. I was only trying to help you, Baron. Haven’t I always been there for you? Huh?” I ask, desperately searching his eyes for any signs of acknowledgment.

“Dammit, I know that (y/n). That’s why I need you, okay. If I don’t have you in my life then honestly I don’t know what the fuck I’d do. Please, (y/n), stay.” He finishes, looking deep into my eyes.

I should be estatict, but I can’t find it in myself to be. I know that I mean a lot to Baron, but not in the way I want it to be. It hurts so much to constantly be around the man you love and be unable to actually be with them. Before I know it, the tears that I burried early came rushing forward. Before I could attempt to wipe them away, Baron’s hands grasped the sides of my face. He gently brushed away my tears with his thumbs. I attempted to remove my self from his grasp, but before I could I felt his lips press against mine.

I felt myself gasp and my heart skip a beat in my chest. In that moment, it was as if time stood still. I couldn’t believe the man that I was so madly in love with was kissing me. My heart was beating so fast I thought it would burst straight through my chest.

He slowly disconnect his lips from mine. I looked up in his eyes and the look he was giving me sent a shiver down my spine and an ache between my legs.I felt his hands move from the sides of my face to my shoulders. He proceeded to push me up against the wall and attack my lips with his. I could feel all of his pent up frustration through the kiss. He easily dominated me. He roughly bit at my bottom lip, which caused me to gasp. As my lips opened, he pushed his tongue in. I felt his left hand grab my breast while his other hand trailed down to cup my ass. The sensations I was feeling at that moment were overwhelming.

Before my body spiraled into a lust induced hazed, I turned my head away from Baron’s wonderful mouth.

“Maybe this isn’t a good idea right now.” I whispered to Baron. “Let’s just go to bed, and talk about this more in the morning.” I suggested. By that time my head should be clearer because at that moment my emotions and hormones were all over the place.

“Babe, I can’t want till tomorrow…” Baron started, “I need you right fucking now.” He pushed me higher up the wall, shoving his bulging crotch against my center. I let out a small gasp, feeling the proof of his earlier said statement.

“I need to be inside you, (y/n). Have my cock buried in you, fucking you.” He hotly whispered into my ear, continuing to grind his erection into my heat. “I know you want me, (y/n). You don’t think I notice the way you look at me? The way you go out of your way to please me? I’ve never brought it up before because I didn’t think I deserved someone as good as you, but I’m way past giving a shit about that now.” He finished, forcefully placing his mouth back on mine.

I’ve never had anyone kiss me the way Baron was. It was like he was trying to draw my soul out of my body. He plundered my mouth with reckless abandon, as if it was never mine to begin with. As if it was always his and that’s all it would ever be.

I heard myself moan once I felt one of his large hands sliding down my stomach, going toward my shorts. He dipped his hand inside of them, ghosting his fingers over my drenched sex. I was mortified by the sounds I was making, but they refused to stop. His lips made their way up to my ear, leaving a trail of kisses along the way.

“Baby, you’re so fucking wet. I’m surprised a good girl like you can drip like that. It’s like you’re little pussy is just begging for my cock.”

I could feel my face flushing at his crude words, as a strangled moan left my lips. His filthy mouth was driving me crazy. Before I knew it, I felt him push one of his fingers inside me. I felt my walls grip at the invading appendage with a vice like grip. He fingered my pussy relentlessly, while grinding his palm against my clit.

“Oohhh, oh my gosh!” I breathlessly gasped as I felt his finger rub against my sweet spot. I felt myself moving closer and closer to reaching nirvana.

“You like that, (y/n)? You like the way I’m fingering your tiny little pussy? You wanna cum all over my fucking hand?” He asked, voice husky and ragged. His voice alone could’ve made me orgasm. I had a hard time trying to talk. The hand that was currently in between my legs had all my attention.

I felt Baron’s free hand reach behind my head, grabbing my hair, and pulling on it roughly to angle my face up to see his. “I asked you a question, now answer me.” He growled, with his intense eyes filled with hunger trained on my face.

“Yes, yes, ohhh please Baron, please…” I whimpered, desperately wanting to cum.

“Then cum, (y/n). Do it, baby girl!” He groaned, grinding his palm hard on my clit. I immediately felt my walls mercilessly contract around his thick digit due to his wonderful ministrations and sinful command. I heard myself shriek as I rode out my orgasm, reveling in the knowledge that it was Baron making me feel so damn good.

Once I began to come down from my orgasmic high, I slowly opened my eyes. The moment my eyes met Baron’s I felt as if the wind had been knocked out of me. The look he was giving me was so full of unrestrained lust and passion, even though I just came, I could feel pussy clenching due to his seductive stare.

Baron removed his hand from my bottoms, never breaking eye contact. He takes his cum covered finger and palm, and licks it clean, all the while staring at me. The low groan that came from his mouth sent electricity straight to my sensitive vagina.

“You taste fucking incredible, baby. I always wondered if your pussy would taste as sweet as you looked.”

Before I could respond, Baron detangled himself from me. I watched as he made his way to the closest bed, sitting on the edge of it. He motioned for me to follow him. I stopped a couple inches in front of him. I felt his eyes scan my body. “Strip” he demanded.

I slowly lifted my shirt over my head. Baron had his undivided attention on my body, palming his cock through his jeans as I stripped myself of the remaining articles of clothes, completely turned on at the scene in front of me.

“Are you still willing to help me, (y/n)?”

“Yes, Daddy-” I gasped and covered my mouth, face flushing with embarrassment. I couldn’t believe I said that. I usually referred to Baron as “Daddy” when I was touching myself thinking about him or had wet dreams centered around him. I guess I got too caught up in the moment.

When I chanced a look at him I was shocked. I didn’t think his expression could get any darker, any lustful than it was, but it did.

“You want me to be your daddy, babe? Ok, I’ll be your daddy, but you have to be a good little girl and suck daddy’s cock. Can you do that for me?” He asked, his voice husky, deep and laced with wicked promises.

I quickly nodded and walked closer to his body. Before I got on my knees, I leaned over and attached my lips to his, dying to taste them again. Once we pulled apart, he opened up his legs and signaled for me to get between them. I obediently got on my knees and immediately worked the zipper of his skinny jeans. The pants basically undid themselves due to how hard his cock was. When I started pulling his pants and underwear down, he raised his hips up to help me, and took his shirt off right after, leaving his naked body bare for my greedy eyes.

His cock was massive! I imagined him to be big, but this was insane. I was starting to wonder if it’ll even fit.

“It’s ok baby. I promise I won’t hurt you.” He said as if he were reading my mind.

I gingerly grabbed his cock with one of my hands. It felt like a steel rod encased in skin, hot and pulsating in my tiny hand. Tugging on his cock hard and slow, I lowered my mouth to the tip, licking the pre cum seeping out of it. He let out a deep moan at the contact. I continued to give his tip kitten licks while stroking him. Eventually, I worked my way down, giving him long licks up and down his shaft as if his cock were a popsicle. I kissed my way up the under skin, and encased the tip with my lips.

“Oh shit!” He exclaimed, moving my hair out of my face. I licked the tip in little circles, while apply suction to it, letting my hands jerk off the rest of his dick. He not long after grabbed my hair, wrapping it around his hand in a make shift ponytail, and started fucking my mouth with his cock.

Low grunts and a string of profanities left his lips as he continued to fuck my mouth. My eyes started to water, due to his cock gagging me. The gurgling sounds seemed to spur him on because he started thrusting in his cock rougher, faster.

“Fucking hell, (y/n), you look so good taking my cock. You like chocking on Daddy’s dick, huh?” He moaned out, tugging hard on my hair. His sentiments made me moan lewdly on his cock, which caused him to let out a loud grunt.

He quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth with a loud “pop”. “I don’t wanna cum just yet. Lay down for me, babe.” He told me, breathing heavily.

I immediately got up and climbed on the bed, crawling my way toward the headboard. Baron followed not far behind, quickly grabbing me by my hips, turning me on my back. He dove straight for my mouth with his, then trailed his way down to my breast, licking and sucking at my hard peaks. He continued to leave hot, wet kisses down my body, until he made it to my pussy. He opened my thighs enough for his head to fit in between them. I watched as he peppered my clit with multiple kisses.

“Ah!” I moaned at the contact. That devious tongue made its way to my dripping hole and dove in, drinking from it like a man dying of thirst.

He kissed his way back up my body. “I would love to have you sit on my face with that delicious pussy of yours, but I can’t wait to stick my cock in you baby.” He groaned out, while kissing my chest and neck. I moaned loudly at his words and actions.

Without any warning, he shoved his huge cock in me. I yelped at the sudden intrusion, his shaft being the biggest I’ve ever taken. No other man made me feel as full as Baron had.

He gave me no time to adjust to his size. He roughly fucked my pussy, with his forearms caging my head in on either side. I desperately grabbed at his arms, hanging on to him as he mercilessly attached my aching, hungry cunt with his cock.

Each time he pounded into my cervix wall or pushed up against my sweet spot, I saw stars behind my eyes. I was moaning and screaming so loud, the whole floor probably heard me. The harder I tried to quiet down, the harder he fucked me.

“I wanna hear you scream, (y/n)! I want this whole building to know how good I’m fucking your little pussy, how good I’m making you feel!” He growled out, driving into me so hard the headboard was banging against the wall.

“Oh Baron, oh gosh, it feels so good!” I moaned out to him, breathlessly.

My comment seemed to spur him on, because he started slamming into me faster and harder. His left arm came down to hook under my right leg, lifting it to sit over his shoulder. This position caused his cock to directly hit my g-spot every time he shoved his cock back into me. It also allowed his hips to brush against my clit.

The pleasure I was feeling was so intense, it was difficult for me to produce sounds. My mind and body was filled with Baron. He was everywhere. He took up all my senses. All I could see was his face, intense, focused, covered in pleasure. All I could taste was his body, the flavor of his cock still fresh in my mouth. All I could hear were the filthy things he whispered in my ear as he took my body. All I feel was his thick, long cock stretching my pussy to its limit, and driving me insane with uncontrollable lust.

Everything was becoming to much. I couldn’t take anymore. Everything was meshing into one big cloud of need. It felt as if I were dying, but in the best possible way. I didn’t know where I stopped and where Baron began. Far too quick for my liking, my pussy gripped at Baron’s cock so hard, I momentarily blacked out. My body convulsed into multiple spasms as I continuously, greedily clutched at his thick dick, trying to milk him dry. I was screaming things I myself didn’t understand. All I knew was that this was the most intense thing I had ever experienced in my entire life.

“Oh! Fuck!!” Baron yelled as I drowned his cock in my cum. He quickly pulled his cock out of me. His eyes scanned my body. He looked almost crazy due to way his eyes kept darting all over the place, trying to take everything in. He was slowly stroking his impressive cock as he took in my thoroughly fucked-out appearance. “Get on your hands and knees.”

I could barely move my body. “Baron, I can’t,” I started haggardly, “I don’t think I can take anymore.” I cried, hoping he would show my body some mercy.

His eyes narrowed into seething slits. “Did you just defy, Daddy?” He asked, his voice holding a dangerous undertone.

If my pussy wasn’t so numb, it would be clenching uncontrollably due to his words. “Didn’t you say you would help, Daddy?” he continued.

I nodded my head yes, always ready to please him. “Then be a good little girl, get on your hands and knees, and let Daddy fuck your pretty little pussy until I fill it up with my cum.” He growled, face set in a stony expression. My whole body lit up at his words. I quickly got up and turned around on my hand and knees.

“Grab the pillow,” he demanded grabbing my hips, “And I want your face down, ass up.” I obeyed his demands. Not long after, he slammed into my waiting heat. I screamed. My pussy was still sensitive from my other orgasm and my lower body was sore.

His pace was rough and turbulent, but not as urgent as earlier. This time it felt as if he was trying to revel in it, trying to get his cock to stroke every nook and cranny of my pussy. His cock hitting my cervix was painful, but I enjoyed it. The pain only worked to heighten my pleasure. Baron grabbed at my hips roughly. One if his hands slipped to my ass check and he left a swift slap there. I yelped at the contact. It didn’t hurt, but it did send a pulse straight to my stuffed cunt.

“Ah look at you, (y/n). Your tiny pussy can barely take my cock,” he moaned out wickedly, “But you love it, don’t you? You probably touched yourself so many times, wishing it was me dominating your little body.” His voice was cocky, daring.

“Yes, Daddy. I always wanted your cock in me!“ I yell out, wanting him to use my body anyway he saw fit.

“You are so fucking nasty, sweetheart. The only man you can ever be this slutty for is me, you got that?” He growled, yanking my head back by my hair.

“Yes, Daddy, only you. I’ll be your little slut!” I gasped, his throbbing cock pounding into me made it harder and harder to speak. I was ready for him to cum inside me. I wanted to be filled up to the brim with his cum.

“I want you to cum in me, Daddy! Please cum in my slutty little pussy. Your slutty little pussy!” I begged, desperate for it. He gripped my hips so hard, I knew I’d have bruises on them in the morning.

“You want my cum, baby?” He asked, voice ragged from him savagely fucking me. He suddenly stopped all movement. I groaned audibly, wiggling my ass, trying to get him to keep thrusting. “If you want my cum so bad, (y/n),” he hotly whispered in my ear, “Then you need to work for it.”

I knew exactly what he wanted me to do. I slowly raised my upper body to my hands, and began to fuck myself back onto his huge, thick cock. My pussy was on fire, and I felt Baron’s cock grow thicker inside me. I knew he was close. As I continued to ride his cock, my pussy started clutching uncontrollably at his thick appendage again. This time, he couldn’t hold out. As my pussy started spasming around his cock, his cock twitched inside me. I was milking his cock, drawing every drop of his seed into my hungry little cunt. All you could hear in the room was our profantities as we both rode out our origasms.

I fell to the bed, unable to support my weight. Baron pulled out of me, and fell to the left of my body. He grabbed me, pulled me to his chest, and brought our bodies under the cover.

“Was I too rough?” He asked, worriedly taking in my disheveled appearance.

“No,” I said, breathing heavily, “ that was the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced.” I finished, kissing his tattooed covered chest.

He smiled, loving stroking my left arm.

“You do know this means you’re mine now, right?” He stated, looking down at me with a raised eyebrow.

I gave him a little smirk. “Only if it means you’re mine, too.”

Everyone’s Gonna Know You’re Mine - Baron Corbin x Reader

Request by Anon - here you go love, hope you like it! 

Summary:- You and your boyfriend Baron Corbin barely get enough time together being on the road. You decide to make the most of the time tonight that you two have together, letting Baron discover some of your kinks too. 

Warnings:- Smut, Swearing, Tiniest bit of Fluff (Daddy Kink, aGAIN I AM SORRY) 

Word Count:- 1,404

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“Don’t bite that fucking lip.” - Baron Corbin

Parining: Baron Corbin x Reader

Prompt: “Don’t bite that fucking lip.”

Note: Requested by @1dnhhsmk  

You can find my other writings here: Masterlist

Baron has been away on a South America tour for five days now. It will be another four days until he’s home and you really couldn’t wait. You just got together three weeks ago and it was the longest you’ve been away from each other. It’s normal that someone’s sex drive is very high at the beginning of a relationship and the two of you are no exception to the rule.

Your body has been aching for Baron and to be honest, you don’t know if you could behave yourself once you’ll see him again.

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Four Times Part 2 | Baron Corbin

Title: Four Times (I told him I loved him) (Part 1)

Pairing: Baron Corbin/ Reader

Summary:  “I thought I fuckin’ lost you.”

Word Count: 5,324

Warning: Hospital environment, mood swings and spiraling emotions, talk of death.

Tags:  @calwitch | @rebelfleur22 | @xfirespritex | @blondekel77 | @abschaffer2 | @alexahood21 | @taryndibiase | @isawthesights | @swedish-strong-style | @wrasslin-rollins | @megnog | @kitkat8 | @ellothelongwaydown | @wwesensualfanfics | @blueblazezz | @ratedrkohardychick91 | @wweburnitdown | @1dluver13xx | @nickysmum1909 | @balorismydemonking | @ifyouarentaprowrestlerthenleave | @alexekaydus | @cfloyd776 | @bbmbabe | @finish-her | @kakakatey | @caramara3 | @haylaansmi | @heelturn-timesten | @itsnethbellins | @maryskahadeondawwe | @elizkomskairu | @unabashedwwesmut | @florenceivy Please let me know if I missed anyone or if you would like to be added to the tag list.

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Baron and sleepy morning sex?

First off I can totally see Baron sleeping with either a bun or a braid to keep it out of his face as he slept. OR you’ve complained to him about his hair tickling you while the two of you slept.

Baron would wake up first. You would be sleeping on the opposite side of the bed because he was snoring lightly and even though you love him you can’t stand when you are trying to sleep and he’s preventing that.

He rolls over to your side, watching you sleep for a few minutes, admiring your form. His big hand tracing over the skin of your back. Normally you wear a shirt of his, but sometimes you resort to just panties and a bra.

You being a heavy sleeper it takes more than his breath on your skin and his fingertips claiming over your fair skin.

Baron is 50/50 on what he sleeps in. Sometimes it was just his briefs and sometimes it was nothing. The night before was a bare kind of night.

He stirred away from the throb of his stiff cock pulsing him into consciousness. The gears in his mind already in works of what his first move would be.

Sinking down under the covers he carefully pushed your hips flush into the bed. His head peeking out from under the covers to see you still fast asleep on your back. He smiles loving the peaceful look on your face as you slumber.

He pushes your legs apart by your thighs, fitting himself between them. Pushing the covers back he feels you shiver. A soft curse passing over his lips hoping he hadn’t woken you.

Looking up again he grins to see one of your arms draped over your eyes to block out the sun.

Moving forward he hooks his fingers into the band of your underwear, dragging them down past your knees. His eyes shutting, inhaling the smell of your sex. Pushing apart your legs, even more, his head dipped down to kiss the inside of your thigh.

Still, there was no movement from you. He hovers over your center, breathing over the sensitive lips. Another shiver from you and your legs propping up to rest on his shoulders.

“Baby?” Baron asks, flicking his eyes up to see you somehow still fast asleep. A grin painted over his face, edging his face closer to your unsuspecting core.

His hands slicking up and down your sides, gripping your hips casually. His own hips grinding into the mattress. He was wanting the attention of his own but knew once his tongue plunged into your pussy he would gain the satisfaction of your sounds. You always woke when he did this to you.

Placing a kitten kiss over the bud of nerves he smirked, sticking his tongue out to drag between your folds.

“What!” You jolt awake looking around in a frenzy. Your answers coming in a flash as you looked down to see your boyfriend eating you out.

“Mmmm..babe, really?” You half whined, arching your back off the bed.

“Good morning gorgeous” He winked up at you and waited no longer to really dive in.

“This is a better wake up then coffee” You giggled, reaching down to claim his hair between your fingers. “I’ll get my protein shot once you finish” You winked down at him, grinding up into his face.

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#137 Baron Corbin

#137- “Why do they behave for you?” (Baron Corbin)

From this drabble list

Originally posted by sassabarry

           Large gatherings were never Baron’s thing. To be honest, the only reason he came was for you and because he loved kids. He lagged behind, as you kept a close eye on twenty pairs of four and five year old kindergarteners in order for a class trip to the zoo. They giggled and joked amongst each other. Baron smiled, as you stood at the forefront of the medium sized group. One teaching assistant took the left side, another took the right, and he promised you that he’d keep an eye out from behind.

           Baron, himself, wished he was up front with you but his presence had already cause the young children to gape at him with a combination of curiosity and awe. As the group finally made their ways to the picnic table, the children began to grow in size around him.

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I Need You

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

Pairing: Baron Corbin x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: Smut, fluff, and swears

Rating: Explicit

A/N: I’m combining two requests, both from anons: “love your one shots ♥ could you do a Baron Corbin one? maybe make him show a softer side with his girl. something fluffy / smutty would be perfect and I’ll love you forever ♥” and “Baron Corbin smut/fluff please” This imagine is heavily inspired by Something Wrong by @wwe-smutfics and Talking Body by @violencewrites! Please go check out their work it’s all fantastic.

“Ah fuck! Jesus don’t st-…” your words trailed off into unintelligible moans of ecstasy. You tried in vain to wriggle your wrists out from under his massive hand, trying to grip his shoulders, to grab something. Baron leaned forward, his sweaty chest pressed against your back, and bit your neck painfully.

“Do you like my cock you little slut?” his deep voice only made your orgasm more intense.

“Yes! Fuck yes!” you screamed. He turned you around so you were facing him and shoved you to your knees.

“Then fucking suck it,” he growled. You did as you were told. Taking him in your mouth, you wasted no time in going as far down as you could in the first pass. He grabbed your hair and pushed you forward more. Tears rolled down your cheeks as he hit your gag reflex over and over again. He put a hand on the wall behind you, his voice growing hoarse and raspy as he got closer to his orgasm. “Fuck!” Your nails dug into his thighs as he shoved himself deeper into you, his come shooting down your throat. You sucked every last drop of him, it burned so badly that more tears came to your eyes. He pulled out of you, slowly, groaning at the long string of spit and come hanging from your lips. Turning, he grabbed his pants and pulled them on, then his shirt.

This is how it was. You and Baron had a “friends with benefits” relationship. It was actually more like a “benefits” relationship. Using the word ‘friend’ implies that you two actually speak to each other outside your sex lives. The sex between you two was completely ‘no strings attached’…or that was how it was suppose to be. Recently, you have been trying to make your sexual escapades with him last longer.

There was something about him, something so alluring. Every time he would leave you on your knees, sore and most likely having tears rolling down your cheeks, you just wanted him back. You wanted him to come back and hug you, to hold you and kiss you. He yanked on his shirt and turned to leave but faltered, his hand on the doorknob. Then he turned around and strode over to you, his hands grabbing your forearms to pull you up. He quickly brushed his lips over yours, then walked back out of the room.

He never kisses you. To him, you were nothing more that a sex toy. Something that would always be there after matches to relieve stress. Did you mind being like this to him? At first, no. Who were you to say no to sex whenever you wanted? But now, it’s getting harder and harder to accept the fact that that’s all you’ll ever be to him. Why did he kiss you then? You brushed away the tears on your cheeks, not all of them were from sucking off Baron, and walked over to your discarded clothes.

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The End of All Things | Baron Corbin

Title: The End of All Things 

Pairing: Baron Corbin/Reader, past Roman Reigns/reader

Summary: “He’s nothin’ more than the scum on the bottom of my boot, sweetheart.“

Word count: 1,565 (the fact that I thought this was shorter than 1,000 is beyond me).

Warning: Talk of adultery, manipulation, excessive drinking. (Cheating is becoming a theme, apparently).

A/N: I got the idea to write this while having Indiana Jones on in the background on Tuesday night right after getting my dose of Baron! I wrote this one rather quickly, so that’s why it’s up before my next Seth fic. Hope you all enjoy!

Tagging: @ortonaholic !! If anyone else would like to be tagged feel free to let me know <3 (I also tagged this post #baron’s bitches because I’ve seen that term floating around - I’ve also been in that tag what up)

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Make it all better.

Baron Corbin/OC- Reader and Baron get into an argument that leads to Baron showing her how much he was sorry.

Warnings: Arguing(like a little bit, does this need to be a warning,), smut, hair pulling, like a spank.

Shoutout to that anon who requested this. I just recently started to get into Baron so I hope this was everything you’ve ever wanted. Sorry that it was kind of short. Also shoutout to the people who want to get tagged in this stuff @the-geekgoddes @vebner37

I used to love when Baron came home. We would spend majority of the time together and never worry about anything. He always treated me like I was the greatest thing to ever happen to him, but recently everything has kind of changed.

Now when he comes home we spend maybe a day out of a week or two together. The guys are always around either hanging out at our place or him at theirs. If he isn’t doing that than he is working on his motorcycle. When he is home he never helps me out with anything like taking out the trash or laundry and it was starting to upset me.

1 week later—-

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Master List ~ Send In A Request

DEAN AMBROSE: He’s a Robber & You’re a cop.

ROMAN REIGNS: You’re a Flapper Girl & He’s a Gangster.


FINN BALOR: You’re an Angel & He’s a Devil.

BARON CORBIN: You’re Little Red Riding Hood & He’s the Big Bad Wolf.

JEFF HARDY: He’s Evil Jester & You’re Jesterina.

DREW MCINTYRE: Vixen Pirates.
Mr & Mrs Smith.

JEY USO: Circus Master Couple.
He’s a Doctor & You’re a Nurse.
You’re Mario & He’s Luigi.

TRIPLE H: Mobster Couple.

ELIAS SAMSON:  He’s Hugh Heffner & You’re a Playboy Bunny.  

ALEISTER BLACK: Blood-Sucking Vampires.

ALEXA BLISS: She’s Harley Quinn & Your Poison Ivy.

SASHA BANKS: Zombie Cheerleaders.


BECKY LYNCH: She’s Kim & You’re Shego.

BILLIE KAY: She’s Cat Woman & You’re Wonder Woman.

PEYTON ROYCE: She’s a Dark Angel & You’re an Angel.

WWE Song Imagine (Men)

Spotify Playlist


Seth Rollins: 11:11 -Waterparks

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Elias Samson: Finding You -Kesha

Originally posted by nerdbrose

Baron Corbin: Apocalyptic -Halestorm

Originally posted by nerdbrose

Finn Balor: Wires -The Neigbourhood

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

Sami Zayn: Only Wanna Dance With You -Kesha

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Pete Dunne: Brightside-Icona Pop

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Tyler Bate: Hearts Dont Break Around Here -Ed Sheeran

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Andre Cien Almas: Im Yours -Alessia Cara

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baron corbin | ❝HOLY FUCK - YOU’RE TALL.❞

(not a reader insert, I tried to write it like that but I couldn’t and it sucked)

I don’t own wwe or any or the superstars/divas. i do own veronica

Originally posted by mith-gifs-wrestling

Mouth dry and covered in sweat, Veronica couldn’t wrap her head around just where she was. Her head spun with the disbelief that she finally been pulled up and debuted on Smackdown, after years of being thrown about rings all over the world, she had kicked arse in front of thousands of people.

All the nerves and anxiety she’d felt before running down the ramp had slipped from her mind the second she slipped into the ring. Carmella hadn’t expected a thing before Veronica pulled her into a devistating DDT and planted her face first into the mat, she was left laying on the mat as Veronica held the bright blue Money in the Bank briefcase over her head.

Veronica was buzzing, her entire body shook with excitement - from her now frizzy hair to her fidgeting toes Veronica body hummed with electricity. She skipped into the cafeteria, smiled at the waiting divas and threw herself into the outstretched arms of AJ Styles.

She and AJ had wrestled together on the New Japan circuit, she’d been married at that time and so had he. Naturally, they’d bonded when the rest of the Bullet Club dragged them out to celebrate after shows.

Now here they were, he already a champ and Veronica freshly debuted, except his marriage lasted and hers went down the drain, but that doesn’t matter right now, Ron.

AJ laughed as she attached herself to his side and ruffled her hair, “Well, look who we have here…” He nudged her softly, “I thought the pro circuit was too good for you.”

“I sold out, sue me.” She pulled away and took and swig of his water bottle. She pulled herself on top of an equipment case and settled again the wall next to him. “Pays better than NXT.”

“It’s good to see you again, kid.” AJ huffed and pinched his bottle put of her hand, “…even though you keep drinking my water.”

“You missed me annoying you.” She teased, laughing when AJ rolled his eyes. “You did! Don’t deny it, I’m pretty much your other child.”

She grinned triumphantly when AJ crossed his arms and ignored her with a snort, she knew she was right anyway. She shuffled into a more comfortable position but, given that she was leaning against a wall, she gave up and slouched uncomfortably, too lazy to move.

Divas and Superstars milled around the room, sitting around table eating or just resting. She didn’t know what to expect behind the scenes of WWE, a tenser atmosphere or maybe techs running around frantically, but all the drama that happened on screen stayed on screen. The atmosphere was so warm and welcoming that Veronica never wanted to leave.

“I like this.” AJ shifted next to her and raised an eyebrow at her, she smiled and spoke again. “I like this, the atmosphere - its amazing.”

AJ hummed and ran a hand through his long hair, “I know - considering how tense it was at NXT, this is nicer.”

Her eyes followed a blonde head as it entered the room, Carmella smiled at Veronica and gripped the briefcase under her arm, she called out with a laugh, “Better watch your back, Ronnie!”

“Keep talking shit and I’ll hit you with another Act of Violence,” Carmella laughed and hugged Veronica tightly. She pulled back and fixed her with a level stare, “I’m coming for the number one contenders spot.”

“Take it, I’ve got my briefcase.” She patted the blue case lightly. She stuck it back under her arm, pinched AJ’s apple and walked backwards out of the room, “That’s a wicked finisher name too, I have to admit. I’ll see you tonight at the bar!”

Veronica waved her away with a laugh and laid her head on AJ’s shoulder, the adrenalin from her debut finally running out. He patted her head softly, “You gonna’ be able to watch my match?”

Veronica groaned and fake frowned as she pulled herself up, “I guess I should,” She ducked and narrowly avoided being decked in the head by AJ by slipping off the crate with a laugh, “I will, I will! Geez, calm down soccer mom.

He glared and Veronica threw up her hands in innocence, “I’ll have a shower and I’ll meet you as handy the gorilla, alright?” He nodded and laid his head back against the wall, closing his eyes with a sigh.

She turned around and quickly sidestepped, narrowly avoiding a large body only to topple over a lone chair with with a loud crash. She swore quietly and quickly tried to pull herself off off the ground at the same time at large hand pulled her up, sending her crashing into the same chest she tried to avoid.

Veronica steppes back to stare wide eyed at the tall wrester, her eye height only just reached his chest and she glanced up to realise that he towered over her. Baron Corbin’s seven foot height easily made her look tiny.

(She was tiny, but still.)

“Holy fuck - you’re tall.” She met his brown eyes, briefly noticing the long hair that hung around his face, and felt her cheeks burn red. “I - shit, I’m so sorry. I had no idea you were standing there, I uh. Sorry.”

He laughed lowly, it deep and warm and Veronica toes curled when she heard it. “It’s all good, you didn’t hurt yourself, did you?”

She coughed, “Uh - no.”

“Good, don’t wanna have you hurt yourself falling for me.” Veronica could have down she heard his voice get deeper, but with half the eyes in the room on her and her scarlet red face, she just wanted to bolt.

“I - uh, okay.” She coughed again and shuffled back, “I gotta shower.” She spun without a good bye and practically sprinted from the room, ignoring the hot gaze on her back and AJ’S raised eyebrow.

“I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE that you managed to embarrass yourself on your first day,” Carmella leant against the bar with her glass in hand and snorted loudly, “Actually, I can believe it.”

Veronica groaned loudly, threw her shot back and grimaced when the burn hit her throat. “I made a complete fool of myself, Carm.”

“I don’t blame you, honey,” Carmella signaled the bartender for another round and smiled brightly when she shoved the drink in Veronicas hand, “It’s not like you haven’t had a thing for him since he debuted.”

“Don’t remind me, please.” She shot a look over at the table where the other wrestlers that had come out sat, Baron was shoved into the corner talking happily to Xavier Woods. She hadn’t spoken to him other than a quiet hello and shy smile, but she could feel a stare on the back of her head when she wasn’t looking. “I don’t know why I told you that.”

“Blame the alcohol.” Carmella laughed and slipped off the stool to rejoin the group, dragging Veronica by the hand. She dropped in the seat next to Big-E and left Veronica to sit next to Baron, because only she had that luck.

She slid in quietly and smiled shyly at Xaviers grin, jumping softly when Barons large arm dropped on to the chair behind her. He leant in with and smile and whispered in her ear, “How are you feeling now?”

Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was Barons large thumb brushing her back or maybe it was just the fact that he was so close and smelt so good, but Veronica smiled back brightly with not one trace of shyness. “Better, a lot better. You guys are really cool to hang out with.”

He smiled back, maybe brighter than her, and leant back into his seat. “We are pretty cool.”

Xavier snorted loudly and pocked Baron hard on the chest, “I heard that! We are cool, you are not! You never came out before tonight,”

It was a struggle to hear Carmella over the loud music, but Veronica heard her all the same, “I wonder why that was-”

Xavier interrupted again and shot a wink at Veronica, “It’s not like there was a cute new diva on the roster that was coming out-”

“Okay, that’s enough of that.” His cheeks were red, Veronica noticed, not red enough to pass as blushing but the tinge of red was there. She pretended not to notice as Baron turned back to face her.

“Cute new diva, huh?” She was teasing, but it was nice to see him try to think of an excuse - she cpuld practically see the gears turning. She met his eyes and smiled innocently, the red on his cheeks grew brighter and she still didn’t point it out. “It’s okay, I think your pretty cute - for someone who’s so bloody tall.”

A smirk settled on his lips and Veronicas heart thudded in her chest, he looked downright sexy with a smirk. Her breath caught in her throat when he leant in and curled his hand around her waist, before he whispered lowly, “Does somebody have a height kink?”

He drew away but Veronica caught his shirt and brought her lips up to his ear, “I might do, I like them tall.”

She say back with a smirk and watched as Baron licked his lips quickly, he swallowed harshly and took a swig of his drink before his arm slid back around her waist, “Dinner, me and you tomorrow night?”

She smiled and leant back into his arm, “That sounds great.”

“Great.” He grinned and curled his fingers into her side, diving back into his conversation with Xavier. Carmella smiled from over the table at her friends starry eyed look and pulled her into a conversation with the rest of the wrestlers.

The arm never left her waist for the rest of the night, Veronica laughed and celebrated her main roster debut and she never pointed out Barons red cheeks until two days later when he’d pulled away from their first kiss.

Baron Corbin x Reader requested by anon (This is fine art, you illiterate fuck + You look like hell)

“This is fine art, you illiterate fuck” + “You look like Hell” + Baron Corbin

Pairing: Baron Corbin x Reader

Word Count: 1,252

A/N: in which the reader takes her best friend Baron Corbin to an art show while in New York for Summerslam 2017 week. Baron is unimpressed, fluff ensues.

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

“Baron! Baron! Baron! Papa Bear! Wolfman! Big Daddy Cheese curl!”

“What the hell did you just call me?” Said the near-seven-footer as his hotel door I was banging on swung in, and I smiled up at him cheerfully.

“You look like hell,” I remarked, brushing past him into his room, setting down the tray of drinks and handing him his bag of McDonalds, plopping down on the side of his bed, opening my bag as he walked in.

“Thanks, but you look way too cheerful, what are you planning.”

I grinned and tried to hide my blush, maybe I’m cheerful because I get to spend time with you, I thought to myself, but didn’t say anything. Rather just shrugged and waited for Baron to get a mouthful in before exclaiming excitedly, “There’s an art show! It’s right across the road!”

Baron choked, before coughing a few times and calming himself, looking over at me incredulously, “(Y/N), I am not going to an art show with you. I am hung over and bright lights are not gonna go over well for me. I know you’re pretty far below them, but I, unfortunately, am not, and my head is pounding louder than you were hitting my door.”

I crossed my arms, “Baron, you promised today we could do something I wanted to do. I went with you to see The Amity Affliction last night, it’s my turn. You promised.”


“You promised.”

“Anything but that, how about a movie? Where it’s dark?”

“Baron!” I snapped, before softening and giving him puppy eyes. I stuck my bottom lip out, even made it quiver a little, hard as it was not to smile.

“(Y/N) put that thing away I am not giving in on this one,” He grunted, taking another bite of his big mac, and I sighed, disappointed.

I stood, dusting myself off, “Okay,” I murmured, trying to mask my real disappointment by overdoing it, “I guess I can always ask Sami or Kevin to go with me instead,” I said, walking to the door, but when I heard a frustrated groan and then, “(Y/N), fine. You win, I’ll go.” I couldn’t help but smile.

It took us almost an hour and a half to even get out of the hotel, Baron was moving so slow. He refused to take off his hood or sunglasses, and would only walk at his own pace, saying that those were his stipulations since he was being forcibly punished for drinking.

I rolled my eyes as he grumbled, “Baron, it’s not my fault you polished off 17 shots and a four loco in two hours last night. You were the one who was mad because you lost to Cena. Everybody else was just having fun, you were pissed.”

He scowled, and I could picture his eyes despite the dark glasses. I felt my stomach drop, hoping I hadn’t made him mad.

God you’re an idiot, (Y/N) I thought to myself, biting my lips, how do you expect him to like you when you say shit like that?

But before I could overthink too much, we were there, paying our admissions and walking amongst the white washed walls and paintings, surrounded by snooty rich people who glowered at Baron and I, in our T-shirts and hoodies and jeans.

We stopped at a few paintings, and finally Baron broke the silent spell, “That literally is a can of soup. Seriously?”

“This is fine art, you illiterate fuck,” You tried to deadpan, but looking at Baron’s ‘I know you’re bullshitting me’ face broke me and I laughed aloud, turning a few heads, but they quickly stopped staring when Baron dropped his sunglasses to glare, and then put them back on. He turned back to me, smiling at my loss of composure. God, Baron could level anyone with those dangerous brown eyes. It was one of the things I loved about him.

Shut up (Y/N)! You can’t be thinking those things, what if he doesn’t feel the same?

“Penny for your thoughts?” Baron’s voice spoke beside me, gently, and I jerked, but not enough for him to notice, as I turned to look up at him.

“Let’s go somewhere else.”

Baron was much too happy to oblige. We practically levitated out of the art show, and for a while, we just walked and talked, until we reached the cobblestone courtyard of Barclay’s center, where a street performer was drumming on various kitchen supplies.

He was definitely impressive, and Baron and I both dropped 50s into his donation hat (I mean it wasn’t like we didn’t have any to spare), knowing he needed it. The man didn’t seem to notice how much we had given him, and I couldn’t wait for him to get home and have that little surprise waiting for him.

As we started to walk back towards the hotel, Baron seemed to be deep in thought.

I had noticed him casting me these weird looks all night, and his little smiles when I laughed or said something dumb and caught myself.

“Penny for your thoughts?” I mimicked, and he stopped on the sidewalk, making me stop as well. He turned to me, and looked at me for a second before he took a deep breath and mumbled something about wishing he was drunk right now.

“Baron?” I asked, concerned, had I done something wrong? Was he mad at me?

He sighed, “Look, you know I’m not very good with this stuff, so I’m just gonna come out and say it, okay? Look, since the very first time you gave me a haircut at one of my matches, I fell in love with you. Your smile is like moonlight, and your eyes are like the stars, and you know how much I love the night. Look, (Y/N), I’ve been trying to figure out how to tell you all this for nine months, and then today, when you laughed in the art show, and all those snobs looked at us but you didn’t care, I knew it had to be today. I knew I had to tell you, so this is me, bearing my soul to you, okay? And…(Y/N)? Do…do you want me to go?”

I had started to cry, and Baron rubbed the back of his neck, “Oh god, (Y/N), please don’t cry, I’m so sorry, I understand if you don’t feel the sa-“

But he was cut off when I did nothing short of a complete leap to reach his shoulders and yank him down to kiss me, right there in the middle of the New York sidewalks.

He smiled into the kiss, dropping his arms around my waist, and I smiled too, squeezing him tightly. He was purring, doing that rumbling thing he did when he was happy or when I played with his hair, I always teased him about being a cat.

He tasted like cinnamon and ice cream and home, and when I let him go and looked up at him from the ground, his grin reinforced the home part.

“I’m so thankful for you,” He said, resting his forehead against mine, and I giggled.

“I’m thankful for you too, big daddy cheese curl.”

“Okay seriously what the fuck.”

Late Night Call

Baron Corbin Drabble-One-Shot

  • Genre: Fluff/Smut/Angst
  • Warnings: Language, daddy kink, masturbation, slight manhandling
  • Style: Reader!Me
  • OC: Kitty, blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair, tiny, sassy and a little shy, golden heart

Plot: I couldn’t believe it when I first started to talk with Baron Corbin online. As we become closer with texting and phoning… the wish to meet grows.


Special thanks to @roman-the-rat who gave me this idea. And thanks to Baron Corbin himself, who replied to my tweet in the most daddy way.

Artwork by: @wrestling-edits-af

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Dating Baron Corbin Would Include

Originally posted by barcncorbin

Requested by the amazing @soulofaravenheartofawolf  

Master list  Send in a request

  • Being possessive over you, especially when guys flirt with you.
  • “Flirt with her one more time and my fist will be the last thing you see.”
  • A lot of making out.
  • Cheek kisses.
  • Baron putting his arm around your waist when he gets jealous.
  • “You’re mine.”
  • Baron finding it cute when you get jealous.
  • “I’m not jealous, I just don’t like it when people flirt with you.”
  • “You are so jealous.”
  • Baron showing you his gentle side.
  • Wearing his merch.
  • Stealing his shirts/ jumpers.
  • A lot of hugging.
  • Wearing his beanies.
  • Riding with baron on his motorbike.
  • Movie marathons.
  • Going on cute dates
  • Cheering him on at his matches
  • Baron cheering you on at your matches.
  • Going to concerts together.
  • Tracing his tattoos.
  • Getting matching tattoos.
  • Baron playing with your hair.
  • Twirling his hair.
  • Though he insists he doesn’t like it when you play with his hair, he secretly likes it.
  • Calling a babe.
  • Working out together.
  • Baron getting turned on when you work out.
  • Sharing a hotel together.
  • Neck kisses.
  • Baron wearing your merch.
  • Baron being the big spoon.
  • Baron being extremely overprotective of you.
  • Meeting each other’s family.
  • Your parents taking a while to warm up to him.
  • Always cheering each other up when one of you is sad/or/mad.
  • Baron touching/ groping your ass a lot.
  • Baron kissing your forehead.
  • Baron kissing your nose.
  • Patching each other’s wounds up.

Sex with Baron would include:

  • Rough sex.
  • A lot of sex.
  • A lot of biting, scratching and a lot of hickeys.
  • Mind-blowing orgasms.
  • Baron eating you out.
  • Giving Baron a blowjob.
  • Leaving bite marks/scratches on each other.
  • Baron groping your boobs.
  • Baron kissing your belly/thighs.
  • Trying a lot of different sex positions.
  • Having sex at work.
( lose control ) - Baron Corbin


You wind up sharing a hotel room with Baron Corbin when you get stuck in a town for a few extra days.. You’ve had a thing for the Lone Wolf for a while now and you’d pretty much all but given up on admitting it. But then you walk in on a personal moment between baron and his hand… You wind up losing your virginity to Baron that night.


Baron Corbin


Mature obviously

Word Count:



Inspired by this post / ASK for Thirst party Saturday. Enjoy everybody.. Oh and this might become a mini series thing too.

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