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Three, In It To Win It~ 3

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Part 2

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“ Are you going to tell me where your taking me?” Baron had blindfolded you and was leading you somewhere. He didn’t say where, he just said,” I’m taking you somewhere.”

“ Better not let me trip giraffe” He laughed at your new nickname for him before tugging you your hands. “ Loosen the grip Wolf, you’re killing me with your grip”

“ Sorry” He brushed his finger over you knuckles before he placed his hands on your shoulders. “ Stay here” You heard him walking then rustling before you felt his breath on your neck making the hairs stand up. 

He removed your blindfold, then you heard, “ Surprise!”

Looking around you saw your family, friends, Cesaro, Dean, AJ and bunch of others smiling your way. A hand was placed over your mouth, today was your birthday. 

“ Oh my god, all this for me. Who planned this?”

“ My idea thought the boys helped” Sasha said coming through the crowd throwing her arms around your neck hugging you. “ Thank you love, this is amazing” hugging her back as you couldn’t stop smiling. 

Looking up at Baron, “ Did you help?” He nodded. “ Thanks” you pulled him into a hug, arms wrapped around your waist. “ No problem squirt” 

“ Let’s party!” Hearing Enzo yell, you laughed running over to him jumping on his back. 

Sitting around everyone, it was present time and you couldn’t wait what to see what everyone got you.

“ Mine first” Baron said moving the blue ribbon box to you. “ What’s this?” Shaking the box in your hands, it wasn’t heavy but something was in there. They didn’t know you for that long but Baron knew you the best out of everyone. 

Opening the box, you gasped looking at him. “ You didn’t” He smirked, shrugging as you pull out a signed drum sticks from your favorite band. 

“ Thanks so much for this” Leaning over the table, you kissed his cheek as he smiled leaning back into his chair. While AJ glared over Baron seeing you kissing his cheek . Dean grumbled in his seat while Cesaro rolled his eyes looking away. All three of them were jealous. 

“ Oooo me next!” Sasha yelled out passing her gift to you. You unwrapped it, searching in the box fishing out a cup that says Oh! for, a picture of a fox and then sakes. You laughed reading it, “ Thanks S.” 

Underneath was a box of jewelry with dream catcher earrings, a necklace to go along with it and a ring. “ I love it” 

A gift was shoved in front of you, glancing up seeing Enzo glaring at Cesaro who was glaring at him. Looked like the two were fighting over who gives their gift next. 

You took the bag from Enzo glancing inside seeing a notebook engraved in it was your name. “ Thanks for this Zo, I needed a new journal to write. How did you know?”

“ You told me when we went out drinking with everyone” You nodded before it was Cesaro’s turn. “ Let’s see”

There was a small mirror but the message on it is what threw you off, “ This is  to see how beautiful you are everyday”

“ Antonio” you gasped looking up at him. He motioned for you to continue, searching for more, a spa coupon and scented candles. He was being romantic and sweet. He took notice of how much you need a message telling him about your shoulder after your matches, no one helped you to work on it. 

“ Thank you so much . I love it and will use this” motioning towards the spa coupon before hugging him. He wrapped his arms around you burying his neck into the crook of your neck placing a kiss there before letting go.

AJ pushed his gift next, “ Eager are?” He shrugged but his blue eyes got wide wanting to see your reaction to his gifts. 

You took out three frames from the bag, one was the one where you won your debut match against Becky. She was hugging you at the end, both your faces had big smiles. How did AJ get this?

“ Look Becks” showing her the picture, she smiled seeing the happy moment between you two. “ Thank you” 

Another was you with Sasha, Sami, Becky and Baron together sitting at catering, it was black and white. Your friends. 

The next one was you and AJ doing funny faces with Karl and Luke behind you two pretending to eat you. You laughed at that one remembering the moment. 

“ Thanks, I will put this somewhere in my house” Getting up you pulled him into a hug, he kissed your forehead whispering, “ Anything to make you smile darlin.” 

Sami was next as he placed a big box in front of you, “ Woah, Sami what is this?” He shrugged nibbling on his thumb waiting for you to open it. It looked like a guitar case.

“ You didn’t” He cheekily winked before you opened  the case seeing a vintage gibson guitar. It was the same guitar your father had given you but this one had your name engraved in it.

“ Oh my god” you picked it up from the case, admiring it. “ You shouldn’t have, this must cost a fortune, I can’t..” Sliding the guitar over to him, he shook his head sliding it back.

“ It’s yours, your dad helped me”

“ Dad” He smiled coming over to you, “ Only the best for you Y/N/” Tears were in your eyes, this was Sami’s and your fathers gift. He made the guitar and Sami engraved it. Pulling him into you before opening the other arm for Sami as he made his way over to you.

“ Thank you both” They both kissed each side of your cheek before letting go. Wiping your eyes, you chuckled, “ Sorry about that. Who’s next?”

Dean made his way over to you handing you a small bag, putting his hands in his pockets as he swayed on his feet back and forth. He was nervous to see what you thought about his gift. 

Inside the bag was a necklace, “ Dean..” you gasped. Dean would never buy something like this for anyone. “ Wow” He nodded his head. “ Open it”

Brushing over the heart, you opened it seeing writing inside, “ I’ll keep you safe, just have faith me.” 

Glancing at him as you read it, he was looking down at the ground. You placed the necklace on the table before making your way over to him hugging him. He wanted a chance with you and all he was asking was to have faith in him that one day he’d drop everything for you.

“ I will” You whispered against his ear letting him go. He threw you his dimple smile before Enzo ruined the moment. 

“ It’s time for cake!” 

Everyone laughed as Cass gave him a playful push. 

“ Which one these are your boyfriends sweetheart?” Your mom asked as she stood next to you, a drink in her hand.

“ Mama, don’t start. I’m enjoying my birthday. “ You have been single for a long time and your parents wanted you to settle down with someone. But wrestling was your dream, your job and your life. Settling down was not there yet. 

“ Is it that southern sweetheart or that Swizz boy?” She had forgotten to add Dean into that. “ None of them”

“ Why not? Your beautiful women around these men, how can you not?” 

“ Mom! I’m trying-”

Sami had made his way over to you swinging an arm around your shoulder, “ I’m sorry Mrs. Y/L/N ( your last name) but I have to get Y/N for a sec. Hope you don’t mind” 

“ Of course not” Sami dragged you away. “Thank you” you whispered to him before you started to dance with him, laughing having a great time. 

“ Do you think I stand a chance with her?” Dean asked Baron who was  watching you dance. He turned his attention to Dean, chuckling. 

“ I don’t think so”

“ Do you think they do?” 

“ No” Baron gritted his teeth, he didn’t need to be bothered by Dean. “ Excuse me “ Baron left Dean standing there as Baron made his way to you, dancing behind you. He whispered something in your ear making you laugh harder as  you turn to face Baron. 

It was time for everyone to go, you had a good time and loved every gift you gotten. 

“ Thanks for coming” You waved to everyone before slipping off your shoes, Baron had made you were heels and your feet were killing you. 

Baron stood in the middle of the room cleaning up some streamers, he had a bun on his head, a black shirt, some jeans on. He looked good.

“ You don’t have to do that, you know” He glanced your way seeing you sitting in a chair rubbing your feet. He threw them back on the ground, “ Oh nice.” you laughed. 

He made his way over to you taking your feet placing them on his lap, beginning to massage them. 

“ That feel so good” His fingers were working their magic as they glided up your foot back to your feet rubbing them.

“ Thanks for tonight” He smiled before placing a kiss on your foot. Glancing down at him, his eyes caught yours. What was he doing?

His nose glided up your foot over your pants,his eyes kept with yours before his face was inches away from yours.

“ Your beautiful..” He whispered putting some of the hairs behind your ear before his fingers glided over your cheeks to your bottom lip. His thumb running over your bottom lip. eyes locked. 

You leaned in making the first move placing your lips on his. They were gentle and tasted like root beer. His lips moved against your cupping your face with both of his hands. 

He pulled away after a few moments, standing up before he started to clean. What was that? 

Your eyes kept on him as he walked around picking things up throwing them away.

You just kissed your best friend and he liked it.