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Why Baron Praxis is the greatest J&D villain ever.
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I talked about this in another post I made, but the blog that post is on is no longer there.  As such, I feel it is necessary to reiterate this point, and in greater detail.  One of the reasons Jak 2 is my favorite game in the series is because Baron Praxis is the greatest villain in the franchise.  In this post, I plan to back that claim up, so here we go.

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after the Damas post I got curious about some of the other names in JnD (disclaimer that these are just the result of quick googling and I didn’t confirm the sources so there may be some inaccuracies).

- Acheron is the river the dead cross to enter Hades (and it’s also an actual river in Greece).
- Maia is one of the Pleiades in Greek mythology.
- Hagai is an Israeli name (possibly an alternate spelling of Haggai, a Hebrew prophet).
- Samos is an island in Greece.
- Erol is a Turkish name meaning ‘brave’ (while Errol is an English name meaning 'earl’).
- Praxis means 'practice’ or 'action’ (from a Greek root) and it’s also the genus of several moth species.
- Mar is a Syriac title of respect meaning 'lord’; it also means 'ocean’ in Spanish and 'to damage or disfigure’ in English.

There’s also a lot of names that are either English words (Torn, Seem, Jinx) or alternate spellings of English words (Krew, Rayn, Kleiver, Razer) and I didn’t include those.

krocatoo replied to your post: someone geek with me about what a surprisingly…

Good gravy yes, his character was pretty well established.

I really wish they’d gone more into the mental hoops he must jump to justify what he’s done to Haven City and why he felt he deserved the throne and not Damas. I mean its clear he’s a self-centered bully who really doesn’t care about anything but his own pride. 



I LOVE THAT YOU’RE A HUGE JERK PRAXIS BUT WHY. And am I wrong to think you would’ve been a good owner if Jak had stayed on his leash? That because you’re so convinced you created him, your twisted sense of ownership could shift towards parental care in certain situations???


stratoc  asked:

I noticed that you guys were open for asks! Do you think the dark eco could still destroy Jak // from the inside// in the long term or is the light eco keeping Jak in a state of fragile balance from now on? Light eco only appears in the third game (apart from TPL), and I'm not sure if that's because it's more abundant around the desert OR because Jak has simply developed a new affinity to it and is therefore able to absorb it from the environment? Kind of 2 questions in one here lol

ooh, good questions!

I don’t think Jak is in danger of the dark eco destroying him from the inside at this point, but I don’t think it’s necessarily the light eco or being ‘balanced’ that prevents it from happening. Rather, I think he’s developed a sort of resistance to it.

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Is…. is Erol afraid of the Baron?

I was just watching the “JND trilogy movie dvd” thing, and when the Baron walking towards him, not even looking at him, Erol’s eyes go wide, he backs up. Erol is… scared of the Baron. 

Erol who is dispassionate as fuck watching this 17 year old kid get tortured in front of him with Dark eco, is terrified when the baron makes a movement in his general direction while sounding annoyed.