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SPIRIT WORK 101 on 4/21 with BARON BONES

Hello, witchlings!  As some you may or may not know, on my Discord server, we host classes periodically throughout the week.  So far, since opening, we have covered Witchcraft 101, spirit work for beginners, and the history of Voodoo.  This Friday, @baron-bones will be giving a beginner’s lesson on spirit work!

Class will be held on Friday, April 21st, at 8 PM EST.  For those of you planning on attending, we ask that if you are wanting to speak and ask questions on the voice channel, that you have a headset available.

Everyone is invited to participate (as long as you agree to the rules of the Discord server.) We will be covering a broad range of topics, including  the morality and reasoning of spirit work, misconceptions of spirit workers, warding, the different types of spirits, and a guided meditation.

Those that participate on Tuesday will receive: a PDF packet itinerary/workbook with loads of information designed specifically for this class AND a participation gift, which you will receive at the end of class.

If you are new and planning on joining us, we have a set of rules we follow on the server, one being that we require you to use a headset/headphones when in the voice channel.  It is simply to ensure that everyone can hear what is going on.  You can read more the full set of Witch Haven rules down below or learn more about the server over here.  

Once again, class starts at 8 PM EST sharp! Make sure to message one of the mods with your Tumblr name and age so we can properly categorize you in chat.  Hope to see everyone there!  Click here to join the server!

Quiet; Prologue

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Baron Corbin/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Happy Thirst Party Saturday, everyone! Been working on this prologue for a little bit. Tagging our usual suspects, @tox-moxley, @oraclegazes, @hardcorewwetrash and @writergrrrl29. Enjoy!

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So last week I went to a class on Discord. I’ve been in the Witch Haven server for around a month or more now, and honestly the people I’ve met on there were more than just “pretty great” and I’m glad about that! The mods were really nice and friendly, and everyone else were really pleasant to talk to. And the classes were so open to discussions and so engaging, not to mention it didn’t make me feel stressed at all like a normal school class would.

Personally I’d like to thank @saltwaterwitchery for hosting a great class, and to @baron-bones who also taught a different one - who sadly couldn’t procure an awesome pic like Salt did (jk) I also wanna thank @aquariwitchmom @wattle-and-witchcraft and @talamh-criostal and the rest of the server (jeez, if I tagged all the new friends I made the post would be damn annoyingly long) you all get a generic “I love you kbye thanks” <3

Just a shout-out...

In the last two months, I have been so blessed.  I am honestly speechless right now at all of the wonderful events that have taken place in my life that have included my path and my growing relationship with the witchcraft community.  If you know me, you know that it is rare that I am without words, but I have been moved so deeply that I just knew that I needed to share my thanks.

First and foremost, to all my followers and my new friends I have made because of my blog, thank you.  Thank you for subscribing to my daily nonsense, my personally crafted spells and rituals, and my stories about my craft, and my magical journey.  I never thought my experiences would be shared with so many people and I want you all to know that I am humbled by your friendship and encouragement.  I will continue to stay the course and try to be the best I can for all of you.  You all inspire me and for that I am eternally grateful.

To Witch Haven: I am daily honored by your presence on my server–our server.  You have truly become a second family to me.  I love each of you and I love being able to watch you start on and walk your journeys of witchcraft.  I never anticipated that our witchy family–our wamily–would grow to this size. Again, crones and witch babies, I love all of you! #witchhavenwamily always!

To my Witch Haven moderators, I cannot sing your praises enough.  @aquariwitchmom, your protectiveness and unchecked opinions keep me on my toes, ready for anything.  @talamh-criostal, your unwavering loyalty and our instant kinship keep me centered and absolutely focused on the path ahead.  @wattle-and-witchcraft, your insatiable curiosity and genuine positivity remind me to always keep searching, to keep discovering.  @baron-bones, the balance struck in you between old soul and unrelenting movement forward remind me the celebrate my past, but to also charge headlong, passionately into the future.  You four have my deepest respect and I owe the success of our server to each of you.

For all those who have attended my classes: I just want to give praise and thanks to you who have taken Witchcraft 101 on Witch Haven.  To say that I was not shocked to see how many of you arrived to learn would be a bold-faced lie.  It is because so many of you have participated in my class that I continue to persevere, research, grow, learn, and put all of the strength my sea hag soul into this community.  You honor me.  There will be more to come!

Lastly, to the Vassage family:  You know who you are.  You know what we do.  Nothing can be said other than DEI GRATIA.


I am blessed, I am humbled, and I bow to the purpose residing in me.

I’ve had this drawing sitting around on my computer for too long so I finally decided to color the darn thing. Laelan Royce and Baron, best pals. Laelan is a quiet princess made out of glass and the sister of Gatsby Royce and Baron is her guard, dorky uncle-type figure and random dad joke generator.

Laelan also sometimes goes by the nickname Egg so collectively I just call them Bacon and Eggs; an important meal of the day.