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Why was the baron so obsessed with Ciel.Was Ciel special to him?I never got it

Love at first sight?

Nah but seriously, what Kelvin felt for Ciel wasn’t love, it was such an obsession and an urge to possess him, I guess, that he didn’t really care how Ciel would feel with that. I mean, he wanted to be present when Ciel was supposed to be sacrificed in that cult and he spent three years to recreate that scene. And who knows what else he wanted…

I’m not sure why Kelvin became so obsessed with Ciel but apparently just one look at him was enough. And that he wasn’t part of their group of ‘Evil Noblemen’ and therefore couldn’t be close to Ciel made it probably even more appealing to him.

To Kelvin, the Phantomhives and those surrounding them were ‘special people’ and he wanted to be a part of that.

Since he knew that Ciel would one day be like the other ‘special people’ he wanted to become one of them himself and that’s why he underwent all these surgeries. And somewhere along that way he became more and more insane and this idea became his whole purpose of living. 


“Ever since we started school, up until now, you and Kacchan have built each other up as equals.  It has to be you that calls out to him!” 

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every time watson says he can’t tell us about a particular case, i’m pretty sure it’s just code for holmes and i went on holiday and had a ridiculous amount of very loud sex