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Baron x Reader

Baron saves you from an attack by Dolph Ziggler.


Walking down the hallways of the arena have been weird lately. People have been staring as I walk by making me this kind something was up but I wasn’t sure. I had been walking towards the gorilla seeing as I was suppose to have a match against Alexa Bliss.

Nodding at the tech guy, he began to play my music leaving me to walk out to Linkin Park New Divide. Doing my usual headbang to the music I got into the ring and began to jump from one foot the the other before the sound of Ziggler music went off making me stop.

“What the?”

I asked as Ziggler walked out with Bliss. Confusion went over my face as Ziggler came into the ring with Alex and began to beat on me leaving me defenceless. Of course I tried to defend myself but there is nothing that I could do being 4'11.

After what felt like hours I heard the crowd scream louder as I felt the beating stop. My nose being busted up leaving it to bleed didn’t help with how weak I looked.

“You ok?”

I heard the rough voice of someone making me look up. “Yeah.. thanks.” I said to Baron as I looked at him. Offering his hand, I gladly took it leaving him to help me get up. My nose still bleeding as I looked at saw Bliss and Dolph heading up the ramp. Leaving me with a frustrated Baron and myself.

How far will this play out? How close will we get?


“좀 더 준비해서 갔으면…TT 아쉬웠지만 다음에는 더 멋있는 모습 보여드리겠습니다ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 그리고 제가 선택한 길을 걷는 모든 과정에 후회는 없습니다!
저 진짜 나날이 행복하다는 느낌이 많이 듭니다~
우리 VAV가 모든 것을 혼자 만드는 것이 아니라 모든 스텝분들 또 팬분들이 있어야 가능하다는 것! 그렇기에 가능성은 무한대라고 생각해요 ㅎㅎ 오늘 음악 중심 화이팅입니다 :)#vav #ayno #showcase #vampz #ateament”

chez-pezeater  asked:

“A woman’s sexuality is a moving target.”-The Cat Returns, Muta about Haru at the Cat Bureau


Muta warily eyed the array of glasses Baron set across the table, his nose wrinkling in distaste. “I didn’t realise alcoholic tea was a thing.”

“I didn’t realise you even had shot glasses,” Haru said. “How alcoholic is this stuff?”

“About as alcoholic as my little toe, I’d wager,” Muta replied. “I’m not trying this.”

Baron looked faintly insulted. “Muta, the agreement was to play this game as long as I chose the drinks. As for the shot glasses… I may have borrowed them from Toto.”

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Make it all better.

Baron Corbin/OC- Reader and Baron get into an argument that leads to Baron showing her how much he was sorry.

Warnings: Arguing(like a little bit, does this need to be a warning,), smut, hair pulling, like a spank.

Shoutout to that anon who requested this. I just recently started to get into Baron so I hope this was everything you’ve ever wanted. Sorry that it was kind of short. Also shoutout to the people who want to get tagged in this stuff @the-geekgoddes @vebner37

I used to love when Baron came home. We would spend majority of the time together and never worry about anything. He always treated me like I was the greatest thing to ever happen to him, but recently everything has kind of changed.

Now when he comes home we spend maybe a day out of a week or two together. The guys are always around either hanging out at our place or him at theirs. If he isn’t doing that than he is working on his motorcycle. When he is home he never helps me out with anything like taking out the trash or laundry and it was starting to upset me.

1 week later—-

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