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Starter for baroness-of-the-stygian-abyss (insert creative title)

Yet another fight between knights had broken out in the township of Oolacile. Sparks lit up the shadows as the sounds of steel against steel echoed through the ruins, waking the inhabitants from their sleep and drawing quite a bit of attention.

Aldon narrowly avoided a heavy downward swing from her opponent, feeling the impact of the greataxe shake her to her bones. The red phantom lifted his axe again and held it defensively and firmly as he tried to circle around the other.
The knightess watched closely, slowly circling with her opponent as she prepared to dodge any strikes. She had already sustained a few wounds from their duel, and couldn’t risk much more from such a heavy weapon. However, she had a plan.
The invader looked for a good opportunity to strike as they rotated around, eyes locked on one another anxiously. His eyes shot open as he realised his mistake however.
With her back to the entrance to the building they were in, Aldon turned and broke into a mad dash for the exit. As she sped down the broken walkway, having to watch her footing, Aldon could hear the invader running behind her, his heavy metal boots cracking the stone beneath. 
She rounded a nearby corner and took a single breath, firmly holding her sword as she waited…and waited…Then once the invader just rounded the corner she went for a swing, aiming to straight up decapitate her adversary. 
The invader only managed to partially dodge the swing, as the blade dug deep into the side of his neck. The phantom attempted to push the knightess back with a warning swing as he clutched his wound.
Aldon just watched as her enemy fell to his knees and began to shiver. With one final swing, the invader’s head went flying and their body left this world.

Aldon planted her greatsword into the ground, leaning against it as she tried to catch her breath. 
The sudden footsteps she heard behind her made her snap back into alert mode, however, prompting her to turn to the one approaching with her sword pointed. 
When she saw a towering pale lady standing there, her blade lowered quite a bit…either out of fear or awe…perhaps both.