Some of many The Land Of Stories artworks I made. 

It’s safe to say this book wonderful book series has taken over my life. can you see how my style developed over the past year? :)

DEEZ NUTS FOR PRESIDENT FISHBOWL! Once Deez Nuts entered the presidential race we knew we had to create a drink for him. Click on the link in my bio and watch us make it.

Post your original recipe and photo on Instagram using#TipsyBartender and we will repost the best ones. Each month, the pics with most likes wins $300, 2nd Place $200, 3rd Place: $100.

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One of my favourite things about Raimundo is how he occasionally just drops into frame. I mean look at this:

He just drops down like ‘Hello friends, I am ready to fight!’. That and what was he even doing up there. The squirrels were on the ground Rai. Were you just floating around chilling and occasionally punting a fire breathing squirrel out of a tree?

Also when he scares the shit out of Clay.

Just background Rai kinda just dropping in to give his pal a heart attack.

Here, have another one.

Good Morning from Scotland 

Duffus Castle, Scotland by Andrew Watson
Via Flickr:
Duffus Castle, Scottish Highlands, served as a fortress-residence for over five hundred years. During that time the place underwent great changes, none more radical than the replacement of the original earth-and-timber castle by one of stone and lime. When the first castle was built about AD 1150, it was among the foremost defensible strongholds in Scotland. By the time of its abandonment in 1705, the once mighty medieval castle was little more than a decaying fragment of history, completely unsuited as a residence of nobility.

In my experience, there is a difference between 'spoiled' and 'spoiled rotten'.

If you’re spoiled, you acknowledge the fact that you typically get what you want, and while sometimes you may come off a little snobbish, you can acknowledge for the most part that most people don’t get things handed to them the way you do.

People who are spoiled rotten are so used to being fed with a silver spoon that they’re completely oblivious to the fact that they’re spoiled. They’re usually selfish and entitled and get super defensive if accused of being spoiled.

Spoiled people I can handle. Spoiled rotten people I cannot stand.


By the time I got back, they were pulling him out of the water.
I… I knew exactly what to do. I… I pumped his chest.
He… he spit out so much water. And then he… he sat up and he hugged me.
I just… wanted to get him away from there.
Away from everyone else. Calm him down.
But while I was carrying him back… he wet himself. First time in years.
And I thought about calling you. I did, but… it was your granddaughter’s wedding and I didn’t want to interrupt you.
And he just… he seemed so tired. He was falling asleep on my shoulder.
And I just… I thought… he’s just had such a long day. I’ll let him sleep and then if he is feeling bad the next morning, I’ll take him to the…
So I gave him a bath and I… I put him to bed.