Snow on the beach near Barnstaple, North Devon, England - December 2010

Being Australian, beaches mean hot weather, getting sunburnt, lying on a beach pretending to tan. So visiting a beach in the UK in one of their worst winters in years, and finding the beach covered in not rocks - not sand - but SNOW, was quite an eye opener. It was also 3pm. In the UK, that is sunset.


Holly’s Makeover shoot

Life is Beautiful and people are beautiful and the best thing I can do as a photographer is to help a person feel beautiful about themselves. I have taken pictures of ladies nearly every day for the last 4 years either at one of my theme park franchises or at my professional portrait studio in Newport, Barnstaple and nine out of ten ladies have always had something negative about how they look.

Apart from thirteen years of continuous study and experience in art, design and photography it is a desire to help people feel great about themselves that drives me to pursue beautiful images.

My journey into portraits started when I took a photo of a lady and she said “I don’t know how you’ve done it but that’s the first photo I have ever liked of me!”

I felt humbled and privileged to have been able to do this for her and drove me to try and create opportunities to do the same for others.

I don’t just take photos….I capture people….with care!

Blossom poses in front of the Heirtage History Centre with a statue of Queen Anne on it.

In Barnstaple, in Devon, England.

There’s a local story that sometimes, at midday (noon), the stone statue of Queen Anne (that you see there in the photo) will casually lob the golden orb in her left hand up into the air and then catch it again. But I admit I have never witnessed this slightly odd event. It’s one of the more unusual sort-of-ghost-story I’ve heard.