For tomorrow!! Very excited!! I think I got every thing in there! #snowdrops #bluebells #daffodils (I couldn’t get the 3 types in 😔so to make up, I will colour each one differently (yellow/white, white/orange and orange/yellow) I’m also gonna enlarge that top one tomorrow!) #crown #barnowl #owl for an upper arm. Totally looking forward to it! #tattoo #tattoos #neotraditionaltattoo

More owl because she was a cutie. From a rescue center, I didn’t get the full story, only saw her for a few minutes before they left. #barnowl

Wow, thank you guys for all your great name suggestions on yesterday’s post. There were so many names that I’ve decided to write them all down in a big list, and ask our volunteers at ARC to vote on their favorite. Maybe it will be Gizmo, Harry or Mr. Magoo? A name is an important thing, and there were just too many for me to pick one on my own! 😅 In the meantime, this is a female Barn Owl that we just released. We know she was a female owl because of all the spots on her stomach - males will show fewer or even no spots. She is back in the wild now, and hopefully has found a safe place to roost for the day. 🐤💕 #owl #barnowl (at