Theme - Nocturne; [preview 1] [preview 2] [code] [customisation guide] [magnusthemes]

A sleek and flexible fansite theme based on an old MagnusThemes layout. (updated)


  • Optimised for Chrome but tested on Safari and Firefox as well
  • Option for manual load infinite scroll, or you can have pagination
  • 8 custom links (hover dropdown menu)
  • 1 column 500/540px posts
  • Scroll to Top button
  • Like/reblog buttons
  • Optional post padding
  • Optional fading/monochrome images
  • Optional dashboard-style blockquotes
  • Optional captions and tags on index page
  • Optional music player with playlist (use either billy or flash)
  • Sticky navigation bar with customisable opacity
  • 9 customisable sidebar content boxes
  • 8 choices of body font type
  • Disclaimer in the footer
  • Header image 900px width
  • SIdebar image 250px width
  • Sidebar left or right
  • Search bar


Please like and/or reblog the post if you use or plan to use this theme, or just if you like it! Only message me with questions after you’ve read the Customisation Guide and the FAQ, thank you! (: