Best Friend 707

“If Jaehee wants to only be my ‘friend’ then I’ll be friends with the others as well.”
That was the thought process that leads me to this.

Zen | Yoosung | Jumin | V

  • You didn’t know when it started
  • but when you became besties with the one and only
  • Your life changed whether you liked it or not
  • Pranksters who never stop pranking
  • When you two are with the RFA, they know that if you of you are present
  • the other half can’t be too far away
  • You two are a duo now
  • and often make jokes about being the same person
  • maybe you are the same person???
  • You can almost swear Saeran is shooting daggers at you for being so close to his brother all the time
  • then again he’s probably grateful for taking him away
  • now he has two idiots to deal with
  • You and Seven are just dorks
  • the dorkiest of dorks who are always on the same page
  • like seriously
  • you didn’t know people could begin making the same joke THIS MANY TIMES
  • You two could honestly sing ‘love is an open door’ and actually be in as much sync as Anna and Han supposedly were
  • You two are both the funniest duo
  • and the most annoying
  • when on group outings
  • the RFA always find a way to ditch you
  • because they honestly can’t stand you both
  • and also you two are ALWAYS in your own world together
  • Sometimes you two pretend to be the gossiping aunties in all the dramas
  • talking about anybody you comes to mind
  • “Did you hear about (name)’s brother’s wife’s nephew??”
  • “Apparently he played games for an entire two hours.”
  • People do walk by you two and wonder if you’re alright
  • but the two of you know
  • you two are feeling great
  • You thought wingman Zen was pretty smooth
  • this boy will waltz up to anybody at a bar
  • not drunk of course (BLESS)
  • and TALK THEM UP
  • just for you
  • of course you would do the same for him
  • if you found the personification of honey buddha chips
  • but then again the two of you are probably destined to be dorks forever
  • together
  • helping each other out
  • You can bet that either you or Seven will be playing with those children as if they were your own
  • Just be careful that Seven doesn’t take your children ‘on a playdate’ somewhere on a deserted island
  • “You said you were going to take them to an escape room simulator place??”
  • “Yeah, they have to escape an island!”
  • “Don’t worry I have the boat ready just in case the monkeys get mad.”
  • Let’s just say, this friendship between you and Seven is the most unique and crazy out of the RFA
Tell me

she says

with the husk of love

still deepening her voice

tell me of you

your wants




fears & joys

& you want to give

be part of this

giving small details


bite sized pieces

of you

hoping that next time

when the rage takes her

they will not come spewing back

but they do

& later she will share

your shames


hopes & dreams

with the mediocre

to snicker over

as she works

from bore to bore

bar to bar

not caring

she has killed

neil benbow

So this is kinda specific to history since I’ve only taken textbook notes for history?? and I’ve only used this system with 1 textbook so idk how it works with other ones??

Finding the system that works for you is really just a ton of experimenting. This system is 1 ½ years of changing and a lot of using the wrong pen. 

  • Color Code: 
    • Pink=Dates
    • Blue=People
    • Red=Main Header
    • Black=Sub-Header
    • For AP Euro we had People&Terms we had to know (and were supposed to be tested on but my teacher sucked) so I highlighted that in Green
    • I also put banners around headers 
    • I do this bc I legit cannot look at a whole page of text without  my eyes zoning out on their own plus I’m a visual learner and aesthetically pleasing notes motivates me to actually use them to study and wanting to do this makes it so that I can actually read them
  • I usually read over a paragraph and then make a summary sentence as a main bullet point and any important details as sub bullet        
  • So I use the Cornell Method and after a year I finally found a way to properly use the side bar
    • Notes of things to look up so that you don’t lose focus 
    • Connections to other events
      • how this event lead/caused another event or was caused by a past event
    • Why it’s important/the significance 
    • Questions that will help you study
    • Things that will help you remember it
      • Like mnemonic  devices or writing down the part in the History of Japan meme about WWI (and yes I really did that and I would have also done WWII but I didn’t get that far in the notes and my teacher didn’t even get to that unit b4 the AP test but more importantly if you haven’t seen it go watch it on youtube pls)
    • If your teacher actually teaches at all then they’ll at least go over something in the textbook and if they do you can add it in the sidebar