Sunday, 10th July 2016

We started off the day a bit tired after the movie night, but Alex woke us up with the daily energizers.

After breakfast, the facilitators asigned us into different groups whom we worked with to do community service within the camp. Some of us cleaned the pool, others cleaned the rooms, picked up trash, organized the chairs and tables, or barnished the furniture. While working, we discussed that  it´s important to be aware of the short and long term effects that social service has on us and the community. 

During the second session, we talked about awareness and fundraising, which greatly helped us improve our social projects. Lu showed us examples of awareness campaigns that she had organized in the past. These campaigns included posters, videos, and social experiments. Lu also explained ways to grab others´ attention to eventually reach the goal. Later on, we talked about budget, fundraising, and how to get sponsors for our projects. We finished off by meeting up with our project groups to further discuss our ideas.

The third session consisted in a role play game: we were divided in different groups (green, yellow and red) which represented the different social classes. Additionally, each group got different resources depending on their social class, but had to complete the same task. There were more inequality factors such as the banker and the policemen treating each group differentely and unfairly, that led to a revolution. Overall, the game was set up as a representation of how society and the government works. Afterwards, we had a discussion about the pros and cons of the capitalist system. We concluded that behaviour generates society’s system and viceversa, which is the circle of life. 

During the reflection time, we shared our opinions and feelings about our future. We realised that even though we came from different countries, we are able to empathize with each other. Most of us became very emotional and cried a lot because of terrorism, self esteem issues and fear of leaving the camp. This experience united us even more. 

During the late night activities we had free time. Some of us watched the match. Most of us watched the stars while listening to acoustic music played and sang by ourselves. Most importantly, during this intense day, we realised the power of empathy united us.


Ekin Fergan (Istanbul, Turkey), Paola Lupi (Naples, Italy), Cynthia Desmet Villar (Dallas,TX, USA), Claudia Perucha (Madrid, Spain)