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Russell Westbrook Taking on Paris

The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard — and self-proclaimed shopaholic — is due to land in the City of Light today in anticipation of the launch of his collaboration with Barneys New York. The Westbrook XO Barneys New York line of sportswear and accessories will hit the retailer’s stores in August, and the association will be celebrated at a dinner Saturday night. For More

Lady Gaga’s Christmas Traditions

WWD: Do you have a particular favorite item in Gaga’s Workshop?

L.G.: The hair bows. I love the hair bows. I also very much love the cookies and the chocolate McQueen armadillo heels. And this stocking right here, I love so much. The stiletto stocking?

WWD: The black patent leather one?

L.G.: Yeah. Well, I love them all. They’re all modeled after the different shoes I wear. I mean there’s so many things for everyone. There’s press-on nails. There’s sunglasses. There’s amazing jewelry made by fans. We commissioned the fans to bring their jewelry here to sell at the store. We have boxes of Little Monsters. There’s cookies that look like my outfits. There’s magnets that are dress-up Gaga dolls. There’s all sorts of things.