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3 ways for Barney & Robin to end up together.

So, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I think it makes sense in my head so I thought to post it to see what people think. Now, I know people still hate the finale as much as I do and for me I completely ignore that episode, I can handle the alternate ending I think it’s loads better than that original and it goes with the show, the entire show is somewhat overly comical and is sometimes way over the top but it does have the emotional dramatic parts to it. But, overall this show is a comedy and it should end as a comedy not a very emotional and uncalled for way it ended. So, here’s what I think for those who ship Barney and Robin and are still upset, angry, sad, annoyed, whatever you’re feeling I think this will help to settle some minds in their mindsets about B/R’s endgame.

There are three ways that I think works with a Barney and Robin ending. These, ways go with how the show went in the last four seasons maybe five seasons. So, here’s my idea of Barney and Robin ending up together without divorce, having divorced and what the alternate ending shows. The Good, The Bad and The Alternate.

The good ending: Without divorcing, Barney and Robin get married because that was their end goal, that was their endgame. They get married, go on their honeymoon enjoying themselves and being happily married, then they come back to New York to their ordinary lives, they go back to work, they spend time together, Robin might even decide to not accept taking the international correspondent job, therefore, she doesn’t travel for work, they don’t end up in fights, they don’t go to Argentina (because that is something from season 2, not season 9 and has nothing to do with Barney and Robin’s relationship at all). Robin, continues becoming a huge success in her career by just being in New York, she becomes so popular as a newscaster than she would ever doing international news and she gets to remain in the city. People love her so much that she does get bus ads, and more airtime on WWN than she had in the past. Barney, continues to work to end his dispute with GNB and Greg he decides to quit GNB all together and gets another job maybe with the FBI or at another corporate company, he continues doing his blog, he has many followers and then one day a publisher asks him if he wants to publish the Bro Code or The Playbook, he decides to write a whole new book and instead of those two books he writes a guide to relationships, instead of mocking them or making fun of say people like Ted. The book, let’s say it’s about a year or so later, 2016, (the doomsday year), the book goes public and becomes a big hit. Barney goes on a book tour in the states, but then they want him to take the book international, so it does go international and then he does a tour around the world as well. Robin, is fully supportive of this and is happy that this book is so popular. Barney’s blog also gets more popular all over the world, Barney decides to quit his new job at his new corporation and decides to become a book writer, a non fictional book writer. Robin, decides to go with him for a few months, taking sometime off from her job to travel with him. They start the world wide tour in Canada, in which Robin takes him around the country or well the places where he’s selling his book to take him on a tour of her own. They have a blast in their second home country, now that Barney likes Canada he no longer makes fun of it or teases Robin about it. Although, Barney still teases her on her Canadianness but does stop his hatred for the country all together. 

They, go around the world and enjoy spending time together because being apart makes them lonely and both hate being apart from each other for very long. They are extremely happy together, after the book tour is over they return to New York. They catch up with the gang on what’s going on in their lives and still are happy. They have no kids, and they keep their promise to each other that they will always no matter what be honest with each other. They do have their issues, they do fight but overall they’re happy and want to spend their lives together because they’re in love and that love is strong enough to sustain anything that comes their way.

The sad ending: Let’s say, they do end up divorcing but are still in love with each other. They split up for a while, but come back together realizing they miss each other and are lonely without each other. But, after all they can’t stay together, they get divorced but are still in love. Robin travels, Barney stays in NY and does his thing. The character development though stays in tact, Barney doesn’t start sleeping around again and Robin even though she’s a workaholic, she isn’t happy and Barney isn’t happy either. They remain apart in different countries, but they miss each other. They stay apart until 2020, in which is Ted and Tracy’s wedding, Robin doesn’t really want to go because she doesn’t want to see Barney, it has zero to do with Ted or any pining sadness on her part. It has to do with seeing Barney. But, she does end up going but barely interacts with Barney, she’s still sad and unhappy with the way they ended things. Barney, isn’t in a good or happy place himself but he doesn’t say anything to Robin even though he misses her and she misses him. By, the end of the night of the wedding, they unexpectedly end up dancing together, they have another moment where they are looking at each other like they were during the T/T ceremony, but this time they are staring at each other like they did when they danced together at Punchy’s wedding. They soon realize that they aren’t happy, neither of them truly moved on or stopped loving each other. The sad part of this is that divorcing wasn’t a good idea to do. They rushed into divorcing without realizing how much that would destroy them, not only their once legendary friendship but also it ruined what could have been for them. So, when the song they’re dancing to stops they are still staring at each other ala the end of the dance at Punchy’s wedding.

They look at each other and say in unison “I miss you” they soon pull apart from each other’s arms and it takes some more time to compose themselves and understand what just happened. They aren’t happy, they are miserable, they have been thinking about each other this whole time, they then end up talking as the night winds down and realize that they’re still in love. They never moved on therefore Robin never pines over Ted who she doesn’t love and there is no regret in her life when it comes to the decisions she’s made, she doesn’t regret one minute of her relationship with Barney or loving him or marrying him the only regret is that they gave up too soon without a fight to try to keep them together. But, it was too late, they divorced. Robin wasn’t pining over her wrong decisions she was pining over losing Barney and losing her anchor, her soulmate, her true love so they talk and realize they want to try again  because neither are those people they used to be because they need each other. There is no baby, no Ellie, no playbook 2, none of that god awful shit in the finale, they realize they were stupid giving up too soon without talking things through. They take their reunion/relationship slow, they don’t really get back together, together they take things slow, they don’t even sleep together until months later when they both decide to give their relationship another go. After, she went on to continue doing her international correspondent gig but she found herself truly really missing being in a relationship but most importantly she missed being with Barney. So, she decides to stop her international gig to settle down in NY, she remains with WWN and works on her relationship with Barney. It takes, sometime but they finally get their relationship right, they marry again sometime after she comes back to NY. The relationship, the gang and everything else stays in tact and both  Barney and Robin are happy.

The alternate ending: The look, this look was in both the original finale and the alternate so I’m taking this as a really serious cannon look. Let’s say, the things before this scene happens, Barney does go back to sleeping around, womanizing and using the playbook and then has Ellie (no matter how much this is extremely stupid or how much I hate this part of Barney’s ending), he settles down as a father but he isn’t truly happy because there’s something missing in his life… Robin, she travels, she likes her job but doesn’t love it. Being away from her friends makes her lonely and homesick, but she stays working and traveling. She, does maybe starts to  pine over Ted, but it isn’t about Ted, it’s about missing her friends, it’s about missing her home, it’s about missing Barney. There is something missing in her life and that’s a relationship, because she is ready for that serious commitment and she had that but gave it up too soon and didn’t realize how much it meant to her to be with her best friend, to have that support system, to have him by her side even when he wasn’t happy. She could’ve been selfish and stayed married without saying anything to Barney, but she was and she realizes her selfishness is her being selfish about herself, not letting herself be happy and satisfied, but she was happy and satisfied because Barney was always her true happiness.

Barney and Robin aren’t happy and they both realize that there is something missing in their lives, there’s a hole in their lives. They don’t say anything to each other during the four year period of being apart, but they’re missing each other and missing that companionship, that comfort, that someone they want to come home to and vent about a bad day at work or whatever. So, 2020 comes around and Tracy invites Robin to the wedding, Robin was hesitant about going because she doesn’t want to see Barney and be reminded of something she couldn’t give him (A baby), but she ends up going to be supportive of her friends getting married. So, she goes to the wedding and B/R share that look (Barney never says she doesn’t think of her in that way anymore) and, they start talking about that look they shared at the ceremony and realized it was true, they are missing each other, they haven’t been happy, they don’t like being single anymore, they don’t like how their lives turned out and they are missing something: each other, in their lives.

They decide to try again, even though Barney has his daughter and Robin is a bit envious that another woman gave him what she couldn’t. It saddens her but she slowly starts to bond with Ellie, because she’s very important to Barney, sure she’s just a infant but she already likes her and Ellie seems to like Robin because every time Robin was around her or holds her or plays with her Ellie smiles and giggles in her own baby way, she takes a liking to Robin and they are already bonding as a real mother does with her child. Robin, is now much more easy going with kids and likes them just fine, but Ellie’s different she thinks of her as her own daughter even though she isn’t biologically her daughter. Barney and Robin marry again, because they regret getting that divorce, they make more promises to each other and one of them is to always no matter what talk to each other and have better communication that’s what broke them up both times they broke up. They’re in love and Robin gets the real family she’s always wanted with Barney.

If you want a real twist then Robin ends up pregnant sometime around 2021 and 2022, they have a son. They decide to buy a house near Barney’s father’s house in White Plains and they raise their family there. Barney and Robin are happy and get what they both wanted which is each other.

There is one more endgame but that’s really the worst one and the longest way for them to get back together. The original ending, Robin does end up with Ted (gees I hate this) but she decides to date him, but only date him. They don’t work out cause (if you really think that Ted and Robin will ever last as a couple they you’re stupid, it’s not going to trust me). Robin is once again single, I don’t know when they would breakup but they will, she’s single and feels like going back to the past (i.e ted) was the wrong thing to do, it was nasaga, she wasn’t actually in love with Ted she was in love with the past and in her own advice she realizes it will never work out with Ted, he doesn’t make her truly happy. Her happiness was with Barney, that’s when she was truly happiest and she stupidly gave that up. She realizes it was the worst thing that ever happened to her, losing Barney. So, she realizes she is just not in love with Ted, they break up and she realizes that Barney really is the one she wants to be with, the one she really loves and never stopped because he’s her soulmate and Tracy was Ted’s. She can never compete with Tracy but she doesn’t want to because she isn’t in love with Ted she’s in love with Barney.

She goes to Barney’s apartment (he still lives there) they talk and they realize they still love each other, even if it was years after their divorce they still not once stopped thinking or loving each other. They get back together and Ellie get’s a mother because her real mother is not in her life at all. Boom, there you have it, Barney & Robin’s happy ending that actually makes sense.

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