barney thompson

Robert Carlyle - Storybrooke 3 Con
  • When they filmed the stripping scene for The Full Monty they did it over three days. They’d do the bits with the ties and then get called ‘Cut!’ and would film more and more each time so they got the right shots. He said that people would boo when they stopped and by the third day when they actually did the Full Monty they probably didn’t think they’d actually do it so all those cheers you hear in the film are very real.
  • He also said they only got a shot from the back and nobody wants to see him strip again. I nicely shouted that I do!
  • He thinks Gold always kind of knew that he was Rumple even before the curse broke for him.
  • Rumplestiltskin is an interesting character and he’s given a lot of room to create with him. 
  • But sometimes even he watches and is all ‘Rumple, stop that!’ when he does something silly.
  • He doesn’t have a bucket list and is very thankful for the life he has. Mentioned his wife and kids and how he has everything he wants in life.
  • Fave line is ‘all magic comes with a price’ but he thinks he said it wrong at first and it was meant to be ‘magic always comes with a price.
  • He’s also very partial to saying ‘Dearie’.
  • If he had to play another character on the show he would play The Evil Queen.
  • His favourite roles are ones he can have fun with and not play too safe with.
  • His favourite role to play is Begbie.
  • Summer is the film he considers to be his best work.
  • Jaime is lovely even if it’s odd to have a Mother who is younger than him.
  • He also thinks Robbie Kay is a ‘smashing lad’.
  • He’s been growing his hair out but for continuity they keep cutting his hair at work. He does love his long hair but finds it more manageable now.
  • He most enjoyed filming Plunkett and Macleane because it was the first big film he’d done. He filmed that in the Czech Republic.
  • His process for getting in to character for someone like Rumple is to sit in a dark room, spend a lot of time with himself and just get in to the headspace. No stimulus around him so he can think. He’s tried method acting, it isn’t for him and thinks all actors have their own methods so it doesn’t matter what it is so long as it works for you.
  • If he had to play a Princess he would play Belle, because he loves her.
  • “I love Belle. I have to say that, she’s my wife!”
  • If he could bring back any character from the dead it would be Neal/Baelfire. 
  • He loves working with Emilie. She makes it so easy, they have great chemistry and it’s someone he trusts. Someone who can go to that Dark Place with him to find the character. He says that they’ve always worked so well and mentioned how filming Skin Deep forged that bond. 
  • Skin Deep is still his favourite.
  • He really enjoyed working on Barney Thompson even if it was a challenge being in front of and behind the camera  He really liked the characters, he really enjoyed Barney and the humour in the movie.
  • Mr. Gold’s first name is Barbara.
  • At this point they don’t know if there will be a Season Seven.
  • He’s heard rumours that there could be a Trainspotting TV show based on their younger years and thinks that would be a mistake because those characters are their own kind of entity and that whole Trainspotting world is a heightened environment.
  • He would, however, be happy to do more Trainspotting movies.
  • Was asked advice for budding actresses and said that it’s easier for men (he  didn’t seem happy that it was!) and you have to be really strong in that business. Don’t lose yourself and maintain what you believe to be true.

A Walk in the Woods - (11th September 2015) 

Can we also talk about the fact that Emma has three other films out this year:

Survivor -  (5th June 2015)

Adam Jones - (2nd October 2015)

The Legend of Barney Thomson - (- 2015) 

and Alone in Berlin the beginning of next year! EEEEP.