barney rubbles


“When you’re 5 ft. 5 in., have a round Jewish face and wear glasses and refuse to wear contacts, you’re going to get offered certain parts. People thought of me as the nerdy guy, even in non-nerdy parts like ‘Parenthood.’ I didn’t feel the need to change anything I was doing - I embraced it.” - Rick Moranis


The Flintstones and The Jetsons Vol. 1

Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty are at it again, and this time they brought some friends: George, Jane, Elroy and Judy Jetson! These two families animated prime-time television more than fifty years ago, but their loveable, bumbling antics are as timeless as the ages they live in.

This collection includes some of the greatest comic hits from rock stars of animation, including:

Big Baby Spacely
Dodo A-Go-Go

The First Purple Dinosaur on TV! Collects THE FLINTSTONES AND THE JETSONS #1-6. - $10.99

had a dream once where i was on some old 90s website called “flintstone in repose” and it was a pic of barney rubbles hair and body turning into this fucked up design with weird avant garde music playing

i had a dream last night that the entirety of the flinstones was set in philadelphia and barney rubble had a brother named dan rubble who was a caveman lawyer and drove a stone equivalent of a nineties corolla