barney hughes

The Glasses

(This little drabble was inspired by an episode of Barney Miller.)

Hugh came into the office as Jack put down his briefcase and hung up his coat and hat. 

“Here is the file you requested, Sir.”

“Thank you, Collins.” Jack took the file and reached into his inside pocket pulling out his new reading glasses.  He sat down, put on his glasses and started to read the new file.

“Sir, you have glasses?”


“They are very nice, Sir.  They look like my Great Uncle Peter’s…”

Jack tilted his head and glared at the younger man, “And how old is your Great Uncle Peter?”

“He is 62, Sir.  Not that you look that old, sir.  You don’t.  You’re very young for your age…I mean… you’re well preserved…I mean…”

“Dismissed Collins!”

Hugh slunk out of the room and Miss Fisher glided in. 

“Good Morning, Jack.”

“Miss Fisher.”

“You look dashing…”

“For a man my age in glasses…”

“No, you look dashing in your of glasses…”  She went closer to him and whispered in his ear,”in or out of your clothes.”

Jack swallowed twice and blushed.  Phryne chuckled, “Despite what your thinking you are not old and the glasses do not make you old, they help you to see.  That is the purpose of them or I wouldn’t have suggested them.”