barney bloggers

Barney becomes a famous blogger and the author of best selling books: “The playbook”-(with “The Robin” being the end part of the book) and the bro-code so travelling around with Robin isn’t a problem for him because he can just write/blog anywhere and anytime. Robin, on the other hand, pursues her career as a successful journalist.

She travels around A LOT but she figures out a way on how to make room for her husband and her friends in her life, because they’re just as important as her job (character development yo). Lily and Marshall go to Europe with their kids so Lily could achieve her dreams, but after a year or two, she decides that it’s Marshall’s turn to achieve his so they move back to Chicago and Marshall becomes a judge. 

Tracy and Ted get married and have two kids and the reason why Ted is telling his kids how he met her is not because she’s dead but because he wants to teach his kids the most important lesson they can ever learn: spending your life with your friends will make each and every breath you take worth it.

He wanted to teach them that each and every one of his decisions, mistakes, misfortunes, sum up to make him a better person. And that each and every one of his past lovers taught him something and made him a better man, the kind of man who can love Tracy in the best way that he could.

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