It’s scary because it’s true

well, maybe they aren’t all true, but plausible. The creepypastas that scare me the most are the ones that could actually happen.

A Slight Misunderstanding” narrated by Natenator credit to nibris

Barney the Dinosaur” narrated and written by creepsmcpasta

It’s Locked” narrated by themrcreepypasta written by yellavalley

Death at 423 Stockholm Street” narrated by GettinSpooky written by The_Dalek_Emperor

The Black Dahlia” narrated by ladyflautist

An Hour Ago” narrated by Palmzo

High Beams” narrated by Ace of Scares

Normal Porn For Normal People” narrated by tartaruspictures written cosbydaf

Seaweed” narrated by sociopathic-pasta written by September Derleth

We Don’t Talk About Sarah” narrated by TheSeekerAlexis written by Bellemaus


Tina Nighton: Help me. Plz.