Doodle Time

This really didn’t turn out how I wanted it to but I always feel like when I try to draw in more of a kingdom hearts style it starts out real good and then by then end it doesn’t look like it anymore LOL. BUT I TRIED AT LEAST.

Here’s me an ol’ @lousysharkbutt if we were chilling in Twilight Town 

Also J.R. Cambrian told me to tell you guys he drew 330 dogs today at barnes n noble, lol he can’t be stopped I Love My Love (9781519547224): Reyna Mays: Books I Love My Love (9781519547224): Reyna Mays: Books

“I Love My Love” by Reyna Biddy Available on Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes n Nobles. <3

I look at so many artists for inspiration to draw…. they best thing I can actually draw is ponies…. trying with humans but I need books to help me out but I can’t get to Barnes n noble to find the right books I need that might actually help me :(

I still can’t drive and am too fucking scared to do so cause there are so many reckless drivers out there and I don’t want to get into an accident, so my mom drives me everywhere, I go with her to walmart mainly, a lot…. I can’t take care of myself so she is still my caretaker ^^; … but driving is the only way to get to Barnes n noble…. also no money, I can’t work cause I’m mentally disabled so I got no money…. ;A;

Why must life hate me? Why must life hate all of us?

mamaabeee  asked:

Do you ever get to have social outings? With my little one I'm going stir crazy he's only a little over a week old and I'm so board sitting around did you go through that? And if so what helps how did you not lose it?!

It was definitely hard! But honestly, it gets easier! I tried focusing on all of the simple, beautiful things. Baby cuddles and cooking yummy meals for myself, taking frequent naps whenever Jade did, reading and creating. I also tried to take her outside at least once a day. I live in a really rural place so if it wasn;t warm enough to take walks or have little picnics I would bring her to Barnes n Noble, cafes, etc. Just getting out of the house and breathing in some ffresh air, changing your surroundings can do SO much! I know how difficult and lonely it can be- I highly suggest reaching out to friends and family, finding local mom groups (or even ones on fb), and really just building yourself a support system/tribe.

True Story

I’m on vacation and met up with an old friend from high school. I gave him a copy of my book Jokes For ALKYNES Of Scientists the day before. The next day he and I went to a big shopping mall and stopped at a Barnes & Noble for some drinks at the Starbucks inside. Before we did that I showed him on the B&N catalog that the book was there. It was pretty neat seeing my name on their site! So we walk over to starbucks and order our drinks. The barista then asks me if I have a B&N card, so I can save a bit on my drink order. I tell him no and say “But my book is in the B&N catalog over there, does that get me the discount since I’m a published author?” My friend starts laughing and I chat with the barista for a moment about my book. He said he will follow me (Hi!) and continued ringing up the order. He told me to swipe my card. I didn’t get a discount.

B&N cares more about their cardholders than their actual authors. Or maybe that dude just didn’t want to give me a discount. Either way I looked like an idiot. 

I usually do but again that’s beside the point.