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Every Other Weekend pt. 11

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 2348

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating, language

A/N: well, strap in cos i got another part of this for you all. i am so so so sorry i have kept you all waiting. i hope this makes up for it. it’s a longer part so i hope that’s all right! just a small reminder that tagging is closed. HOWEVER, if you were on this list and changed your url, please let me know so i can update it.

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Part 10


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“Yes.” You nodded in excitement, your hand holding tightly onto Bucky’s. His smile was so wide, it almost seemed unreal how happy he was.

“That’s…” Steve smiled a small smile and shook his head, you assumed in disbelief. “You guys are going to make great parents.”

“Thank you.” You grinned before placing a kiss on Bucky’s cheek.

“Have you told anyone else yet?” Steve’s eyes followed your every move and then focused down on your hand holding Bucky’s.

“Just my mom so far.” You stated.

“And now you, uncle Steve.” Bucky grinned, his hand leaving the grip of yours and landing on Steve’s shoulder. Bucky was overflowing with joy, but Steve… While he looked happy, you could tell there was something else lingering inside of him, something he wasn’t going to tell you. And it didn’t matter how hard you tried to pry it loose from his lips. So you let it go.

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Stucky AU? Where SHIELD finds Bucky in cryo in an old Hydra base, he has his metal arm but the brain washing/memory wipes didn't happen because the scientists in charge of him were killed. So he sat there frozen until a few years before Steve when he's found, heartbroken and on a revenge mission to get every lingering hydra agent or base destroyed. They took his sweetheart from him. Then he gets a call "We found him, Sargeant Barbes."

Imagine Bucky’s anger - no, his rage - when he finds out what happened to Steve. He wants to rip every Hydra down right that moment. He sees red and only sees red for a long time. 

The hollow, aching feeling in his chest is too much to bare. He can barely get up some days but he always does when he has another tip from Natasha for another Hydra base to tear down. 

His rage fuels him. His rage keeps him fighting. He tears each base down, leaves hardly any survivors and when he does, he leaves them to Natasha, who is not merciful when it comes to avenging the ones she’s lost.

If he stops going on missions, then he’ll get swallowed up by the misery, depression and guilt that taints his heart. He’ll drown in his sorrow and never resurface. Sometimes, he wants to fall away. But he knows it’s not what Steve would have wanted. So, he keeps going, to keep his memory alive.

Hydra will not take Steve away from him. Not his memory or his love. 

And then the day comes, when he gets a call from Natasha. “Hey Nat,” he says, “you got another base for me - ?” 

“No. It’s something else. You’d better come in,” she says and she sounds…happy. Bucky hangs up right away, showers and throws on some clothes and boots before leaving his apartment. 

He’s at SHIELD headquarters within fifteen minutes and is led by Natasha up to the infirmary. “What is it?” he asks her, “seriously Nat?” 

She merely smiles, “we found something. Or rather, someone.” 


“Look.” Nat nods towards the hospital door. 

And there, in the room is Steve. He’s smaller than Bucky again, not by height. But muscle wise, Bucky’s larger due to Hydra’s torture and the need to feel stronger than anyone else, Bucky had made sure he was impressive in size. Steve is all refined and wrapped up in that wonderful body of his, lying there in bed, staring at the ceiling. 

His hair’s damp and his cheeks are wet. He’s been crying. He looks just like he had the day Bucky had last seen him, except he’s dressed differently, rested and confused. 

“Stevie,” Bucky whispers to himself and then rushes into the room, nearly tearing the door off it’s hinges. 

“Bucky?” Steve croaks, sitting up. In a flash, he launches himself into Bucky’s arms, sobbing loudly. “I thought I’d lost you. I thought I’d lost you forever. I’m so sorry. I let you fall. I let them take you.” 

“No, no, oh baby no,” Bucky croons, cupping Steve’s face. “No, you didn’t leave me. You didn’t. You couldn’t have known. What were you goin’ to do, eh? Jump after me, they would’ve gotten you too. The only thing that kept me alive all those years was knowin’ that they never got their hands on you.” 

They’re level in height now, but still Steve looks down so Bucky has to dip his head to meet his gaze.

“B-but - 

“No, baby boy, no,” Bucky shakes his head, “no. Look at me, sweetheart. It’s not your fault. I’m here. You’re here now. Are you okay? Oh doll, I should’ve been lookin’ for you. I did, I did and we had the best people searchin’ for you - 

Bucky,” Steve whimpers, clutching at Bucky’s shoulders, at his clothes, at his neck, “Bucky, Bucky…” He looked into Bucky’s eyes and felt himself crying even more so. “I love y-you.” 

“I love you too, darlin’,” Bucky growls, kissing Steve firmly on the mouth. A couple of the doctors look away, blushing at their public display of affection. “I’m never lettin’ you go. You’re got gettin’ out of my sight, ever again. You hear me?” 

Steve nods, nudging his nose against Bucky’s, “you too.” 

Bucky grins and laughs wetly. They had a lot to talk about and work through but right now, all Bucky wants to do is hold his sweetheart. 

And so, he does. 


“Y/N.  Y/N, please.” Bucky sobbed, wiping his tears with the sleeve of his shirt.

“Please wake up.”

He looked at your frame, small and pale, in the hospital bed.  No matter how exasperated he sounded, no matter how hard he pleaded, your eyes remained closed.  He’d give anything at this moment to see the sparkle beneath your eyelids.

He stared at your seemingly lifeless body, willing for you to wake up and say something… to say anything.   The only sounds that filled the air were Bucky’s harsh crying and the heart monitor with its slow, incessant beeping.  

He hated that thing.  He hated how it said you were alive and present next to him.  But the body lying in that hospital bed wasn’t you.  It didn’t have your beautiful voice or your vibrant expressions; all it had were wires and IV’s hooked up to it.

It had only been three days since the car accident, but it seemed like a lifetime instead.  In all his years at HYDRA and on the run, Bucky had never experienced terror like this.  The thought of losing you scared him more than losing his memories.  The idea of being deprived of the only person who saw him as human, not as some monster, terrified him beyond belief.  He couldn’t imagine life without you; much less did he want to exist in a world without you.

You were strong and beautiful; the person in that hospital bed connected to a hundred different machines just couldn’t have been the person that James Barnes fell in love with.

Bucky reached out to grab your hand, noticing how it fell limp in his grasp.  He looked at your face with watery eyes and sobbed your name once again.  “Y/N, please.”

Your eyes stayed shut, causing Bucky to squeeze your hand a little tighter.  

“I love you.”

Netflix night.

Author’s Note: Hi guys! How are you? I hope everything’s right. I bring you here a one-shot of fluffy Steve! I hope you all like it! I promise one day I’ll continue the series I have been writing, okay? Sorry!

Warnings: FLUFF. And some ass smacking 

Words: 1,126.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader.

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“You got heart, kid. Where you from?”



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Weekly Reading List #25

Hello there!

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It’s Sunday again and I’m glad to finish my Weekly Reading List for you! It’s not that short this time, especially because some fanfictions are multiparter. I hope you gonna enjoy them!

Unfortunately it’s a busy time for me right now due to work and my honorary office (is it called like that? I hope so). That means I don’t have enough time to work on my “Favorite of the Day”-series and that’s frustrating me a lot. I just hope there will be light at the end of the tunnel soon, because there are a lot of good fanfictions I like to show you! And I’m thinking about writing some fanfics on my own, but there isn’t really much time for that now. Maybe I should hurry up and find me a new job, a job with regular working time and free weekends… but even for writing a job application I need time… vicious circle.

But thanks to you and this amazing writers there are a lot of small things to cheer me up and I hope they do it to you, too! Until next week!

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Avenger’s Favorite Disney Ride

Tony Stark (Iron Man)-

Pic Credit @themagicof-wdw

Test Track

Tony loves cars and that translates into an indescribable love for the fast paced adventure that this ride gives. He has a hard time deciding if the best part is designing the small car at the beginning, racing around the outdoor track at the end, or waving to small children who are staring at him with wide eyes and open mouths. He also takes special joy in the screams of surprise he hears from friends when they face the model of a semi truck about the crush the ride car. 

Bruce Banner (The Hulk)-

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Spaceship Earth 

Bruce loves Disney because of its bright colors and the happiness that seeps from the place. It’s a nice break from the stress and anxiety that he often feels in his every day life. He can’t go on any of the more exciting rides because the increase in his heart rate could be dangerous, so he finds himself hanging around Epcot the most. He always makes sure to ride Spaceship Earth at least once. It’s a calm ride with enough of a story to make it interesting. Plus it’s an indoor ride with AC so it’s a nice place to go when it’s really hot. 

Steve Rogers (Captain America)-

Gif Credit: @jessejamesandthegiantpeach

The Great Movie Ride

Steve missed a lot of movies while he was asleep so the Great Movie Ride fascinates him. He recognizes that the ride isn’t great. The animatronics are old and it shows and overall it’s a boring ride, but it’s quaint. The ride isn’t incredibly overplayed like many of the other rides and attractions at Disney and it introduced him to a lot of movies that his friends may not have thought about showing him. 

Clint Barton (Hawkeye)-

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Toy Story Mania

Clint makes a lot of money off of this ride. He tries to tell people that he has the highest score of anyone who has ever ridden the ride, and that he could beat anyone, but everyone he ever tells think that he’s joking around or lying. So of course the only way to settle the argument is to visit Disney and show off his skills. He wins every single time. Outside of his personal gain he truly enjoys the fast paced game aspects of the ride and finds it even more enjoyable if he’s with a friend or a SO that he’s spending time with. 

Natasha Romanov (Black Widow)-

Pic credit: Disney

Walt Disney World Railroad

Natasha doesn’t need any more excitement in her life. She’d much rather sit back and watch the scenery pass by than sit in line for a 2 minute long ride that’s supposed to make her scream, but never quite does. That’s why she enjoys the railroad. She can sit comfortably on one of the cars and watch the diverse people walk through the parks. She sometimes sits on the train all day, just leaning against the side and enjoying nice weather. 

Thor Odinson-

Pic credit: Disney

Kilimanjaro Safari

Thor spends so much time protecting Earth that he’s never really had the chance to learn about it’s complex ecosystems and the creatures that live in them.That’s why he loves safaris. Just watching the animals go about their daily business is fascinating to Thor and he even enjoys the times when the animals do nothing but lie around and sleep the day away. Thor is also one of the most engaged members of the safaris. He loves to ask questions about the animals that he sees.  

Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier)-

Pic credit: @neverland-dreamland


Bucky used to enjoy the adrenaline fueled rides that he and Steve rarely visited back in the day. But after the amount of action he’s been forced to endure he doesn’t feel the need to subject himself to artificial adrenaline. But Soarin’ to Bucky is the perfect mixture of exciting and relaxing. Being suspended high above the ground was a little nerve wracking for the soldier at first, but the security of the ride allowed him to enjoy the beautiful scenery. He enjoys himself immensely every time he rides.

T’Challa (Black Panther)-

Pic credit: Disney

Mission: Space

There’s no concrete reason why T’Challa loves this ride. He just does. Maybe it’s the fact that being surrounded by technology reminds him of home, even if the space ship looks clunky in comparison. For some reason the idea of space exploration is thrilling to T’Challa and it the experience is only made even better because he visits the parks with his SO during his first visit. The ride is the perfect blend of a story and a thrill ride. 

Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)-

Pic credit: Joe Burbank

Living with the Land

Wanda recognizes that for most people this ride is incredibly boring. After all it’s just an automated tour through an expansive greenhouse. But there’s something about the calm sound track and the surrounding greenery that enchants Wanda. She feels at peace as the boat floats calmly through the plants. The first time she visits Disney World she rides the ride three times throughout the day. She also loves that some of the food throughout the park is made using the food that they grow in the greenhouse. 

Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)-

Pic credit: Disney

Rockin’ Roller Coaster

Pietro is a speedster and he has been even before he was given his powers. He doesn’t enjoy any of the slower paced rides at Disney so he ends up spending most of his time in line for the faster rides. And inevitably he loves the fastest ride the most. The combination of rock and roll music and the blur of neon lights just does something for him. It’s not as satisfying as running at his own speed, but it’s a way to have the thrill without being responsible. 

“Expectations really fuck you up. It’s OK to have dreams, it’s OK to have goals, in my opinion. But I really think it’s much more about the climb and the work you do on the way up. The climb is really hard and really rough, but it’s also the best part because there are still places to climb up to.”