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So many cool exclusive editions of The Dark Prophecy! The images above will show you want special item you get if you order from these retailers! The book will be out May 2.

“Star and Marco’s Guide to Every Dimension is getting a special “Stump Day” edition! Exclusively at Barnes & Noble on 9/15/17″

Unfortunately this might mean that it’s not going to be available, at least initially, outside USA (unless they include online stores as well), but I’m wondering if this means that Star’s birthday is on September 15th: Daron said both on Twitter and during a livechat that Star’s birthday is on “Stump Day” - a Mewnian date, evidently, this edition is called “Stump Day Edition”, and Star realistically turned 14 shortly before or after the beginning of the school year on Earth, thus mid September could be a possibility.

Also it’s still unknown what’s going to be different compared to the normal edition. Well, beyond the cover. New wand, Star is wearing a… hoodied onesie? And there’s a giant cake in the background.

“Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.”



anonymous asked:

I'd like to buy a copy of Romeo and Juliet! Can you please tell me what your favourite editions are?

Of course my dear!

If you want a heavily annotated edition with an exhaustive introduction, try the following:

If you are looking for an edition which will just help with basic vocabulary but which is not as overwhelming as the ones listed above, these may be good options:

If the main quality of your edition should be beauty, the options are of course numerous. Out of the editions I own, however, I find the following particularly exquisite:

Other editions worth mentioning are:

Anyway, these are the ones I either own or had the opportunity to read!