barnes and noble the grove


Here’s David’s answer to @2momsmakearight‘s question.  He makes a cute little face at West in the very beginning of the video.  Liz, how did it feel to have David looking directly at you for almost 80 seconds?  Was it like looking into the sun?  How are your retinas?  Scorched?


I was in Barnes and Noble at The Grove in LA today, when I saw Dan and Phil coming up the stairs. My immediate reaction was OH MY GOD and I started to speed walk towards them. They disappeared into a door that said ‘Employees Only’ before I could get to them, so I started to thumb through the books around the door in order to not look like a stalker. A member of staff told us that they had left the building through a staff exit and I thought that I’d missed my chance to meet them, so was (as you’d expect) rather sad. I looked out the window hoping to see them and after a few tense minutes, lo and behold, they were walking down the street. I just said ‘THAT’S THEM’ and ran down the three flights of stairs to the street and ran after them. I caught up to them and said ‘Phil?’ in a voice which I was surprised he could hear, and he turned around. I must have been doing a fangirl face because he was like ‘Dan get over here’ before I even said anything. They started saying things like were like ‘Hello! Would you like a picture?’ So I got out my phone and they started laughing and asked if I had their case (I have the ‘phansplosion’ case) Dan said 'I have really long arms so I can take the pic’ and then he stopped and said 'Wait I’ve gotta fix my hair’ and they simultaneously said 'Fringe check!’ and laughed. They took 2 photos and were about to leave, but I said 'Would it be awkward if I ask for your signatures?’ (which is an awkward way of saying can I have your autograph) So they were like 'Yeah of course’ but then I couldn’t find a pen in my bag, and this really pretty lady who was with them let me borrow her pen. I put my shopping bag full of books down to get my journal out of my bag and it started to fall over, but Dan straightened it up while I was rootling through my bag. I got out my journal and some leaves started to fall out and I said 'Oh no I’m pressing leaves sorry’, and Phil asked where I was from and I replied England, and they said that they’d thought so. Dan asked if I had gone to Vidcon, but I said that I hadn’t because the tickets had sold out. He proceeded to tell me that he was glad that he’d met me then. Phil checked that he was spelling my name correctly and said 'So it’s Natasha with an a-s-h-a?’ and I said yeah. He signed it then gave it to Dan and they were laughing and saying 'Ah no we wrote Phil and Dan! It’s the wrong way round!’ We said our goodbyes and I returned the pen, and returned myself shaking to the bookshop. They were so wonderful to me and I haven’t stopped smiling since! Thank you danisnotonfire and amazingphil, I couldn’t have chosen any better people to look up to!

Hey LA pals!

Tomorrow at the Barnes & Noble located in The Grove in Los Angeles, we’ll be presenting a rad panel featuring some truly amazing creators! If you’re in the area and want to meet these fine folks, hear what they have to say about the role of graphic novels, and get some of their books signed, stop on by!