barnes and noble collection

I have been searching for the Barnes & Noble Signature Edition of Northanger Abbey to complete my set for a couple of years and YAY!!! Today a copy finally arrived :)

Aside from Magic, I also bought two books from Barnes and Noble’s leather bound collection - complete collection of the Cthulhu mythos and The Divine Comedy and I can’t stop holding them and looking at them.

Tag Game

Got tagged by @jasonblossomsghost thank uuuuu

A: Age: 20′s!
B: Where I’m From: Generally? Illinois.
C: Where I Would Like To Live: Anywhere but here
D: Favourite Food: Garlic bread
E: Religion: I believe in the afterlife…….
F: Sexual Orientation: Gray-ace
G: Single/Taken: It’s possibly in the works??
H: Favourite Book: rn it’s my horror collection i got at Barnes & Noble
I: Eye Colour: Green hazel hazel green w/e it wants to do today
J: Favourite Movie: rn it’s Moana
K: Favourite TV Show: rn it’s Black Sails
L: Favourite Band/Singer: rn it’s Emilie Autumn
M: Random Fact About Me: i’m allergic to sunscreen
N: Favourite Day of the Year: I AGREE WITH HALLOWEEN
O: Favourite Color: O R A N G E 
P: If I Have Any Pets; If So, Their Names: Zero, my bichon frise puppy!
Q: What I’m Listening to Right Now: Drop It Like It’s Hot - Snoop Dogg
R: Last Movie I’ve Watched: CINDERELLA 2015 WHAT A MASTERPIECE
S: What’s My Ringtone: no idea i think it’s the GOT theme
T: Favourite Male Character from a TV Show: Captain Flint from Black Sails
U: Favourite Female Character from a TV Show: Max from Black Sails
V: What My Name Means: “strength, valiant”
W: Favourite Superhero: Tim Drake or Bruce Wayne.
X: Celebrity Crush: Katie Mcgrath???
Y: Birthday: June 18th
Z: Ever Self-harmed?: Yes.

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