barnes and noble


Barnes and Noble is selling books on their website/in their stores such as “A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality” and “Stop Autism Now! A Parent’s Guide to Preventing and Reversing Autism Spectrum Disorders” and I am pissed. Not only are these books scientifically inaccurate, but using “parenting guides” as a way to masquerade around behind the scenes with hate and bigotry is absolutely disgusting. Children of parents who read these books and employ their methodology will be at risk for a host of mental illnesses, not to mention drug use and suicidal tendencies. I will (sadly, bc I love books a lot) be boycotting Barnes and Noble until these books are pulled from their inventories, and would appriciate it if y'all would share/do the same. This hatred needs to be stopped.


When I saw this I literally screamed in my head at the same time my hand flew to grab a hold of this magazine. Rejoice my fellow fanfic writers, we are valid, our writing is valid and we should be proud of being fanfic writers.

Enjoy this reading that I’m sure will inspire and motivate you to keep writing 😉💗

When you go to Barnes and Nobles and you find yourself so immersed that it only feels like 10 minutes but then you walk out and suddenly you’ve got 50 missed calls from your mom, the teenagers that were outside are 80, the last of your friends are throwing you a funeral, and your baby sister grew up and is accepting a Nobel prize on tv as your brother you didn’t even know was born became the president

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