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Hi! I'm a new witch, and I was wondering where do you find your spells? Or alternatively do you have a link about creating spells and different materials/their effects?

You can find a lot of spells on tumblr (I have a bunch tagged here), although I personally use my own or create my own the majority of the time. You can also find spellbooks on amazon or in Barnes & Noble as well too (or whatever other bookstore you please). As far as making your own, there are a bunch of resources for that here! <3

My thoughts on the HP world

I don’t think people fully understand the feeling it is to have been born after the Harry Potter magic was going on. After all the books had been published, after all the movies had been made, after everything, and then discovering it and falling in love with it but never having that experience of waiting until midnight in your costumes for Barnes & Noble to start selling the next book, or waiting in a line for hours just to get a ticket to see the next movie. Never having that excitement, that memory. And then to have Cursed Child be written, and Fantastic Beasts to come out, and finally having that experience. To watch the most amazing thing you could ever imagine come true. I cried after seeing Fantastic Beasts. I felt that excitement, the majesty of seeing something new and unheard of. It’s even more difficult because no one in my grade has read it. They all think it’s some stupid kid’s story, but it’s not. It’s everything to me. And point at me for crying after watching an HP movie, laugh at me for getting excited over a script for a play, but I love it with all my heart; it is literally my whole life now. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

i have recently come into possession of a barnes & noble gift card

rec me the last book that made your heart go boom, regardless of what you think the actual quality of the book was. just boom factor. that’s all i’m looking for. 

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…Captive Prince. It’s sort of fucked up romance between sort of fucked up people and basically published fanfiction. I have best heard it described as “extremely hot slowburn geopolitical porn.”

I have read Captive Prince! My feelings on it were a little uneven, but @fahye‘s cp fic is a constant delight. (if you aren’t keeping up with the Unreal AU, you are missing out.) 


When I saw this I literally screamed in my head at the same time my hand flew to grab a hold of this magazine. Rejoice my fellow fanfic writers, we are valid, our writing is valid and we should be proud of being fanfic writers.

Enjoy this reading that I’m sure will inspire and motivate you to keep writing 😉💗