the only acceptable endgame to steven universe now is that peridot, lapis and jasper form the crystal gems asshole division operating out of the barn

by season 5, steven garnet pearl and amethyst are in space fighting homeworld and the diamond authority, and every three or four episodes we get one focusing on the barn gems completely failing to do domestic tasks like figure out where to put the furniture and how to arrange the garden

greg shows up and gets pulled into being the steven of the asshole division, and spends every episode extremely confused

later they put yellow diamond in the barn too


lot download - rustic wedding barn

by popular demand, here is the wedding venue i made for ebony and cohen. it’s a converted barn turned into a bar, all set up for your sims’ wedding. there’s a dancefloor, dj setup, wedding arch, kitchen, bathrooms and of course, the romantic outdoor bar. the lot is classified as a bar and should work as one - but be aware that your sims may (rudely) leave the wedding to watch the tv in the kitchen. also, the arbor interferes with the functionality of the dancefloor, so make sure you remove it if you want your sims to dance.

lot size: 20x20
price: $62,316
lot type: bar

cc list:
wallswindowsdoorbarstring of lightsoutdoor lamphorseshoes etcberries signswingbrown cartsaddle, trougharbor and lightstree stump

indoors - general
walls and floorshanging lightsstring of lights - brownstring of lights - blackbeamsrugs / plants here, here, here, and heredeer headpianoarrow shelf medicine bottlessuitcasescandle bucketbirdcagelarge chalkboardwheel lamphand signladdercrate shelfclear bottlesstepladdertableschairs / bride & groom chairs

platesmenus, napkins / wine here, here and herecakeslarge candlessmall candlessalt & shakersmistercanisterspearsmilk jugsbouquet / plants here, here, here and here

bathrooms and kitchen (not shown)
countersfridgesinkstoolstilesbathroom sinks / mirror

how to download:

  1. search for my origin id mrssippysims on the gallery (make sure you have the ‘custom content’ box ticked under advanced options) OR
  2. download at dropbox and extract the files to your tray folder (my documents > electronic arts > the sims 4 > tray)

enjoy and please tag me in any pictures if you use this lot in your game!


Thom Yorke was raised in a barn

by Brian Gilbert



here you go anon 


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