barnard zine library


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Fabulous talk yesterday, and video above is of the whole thing! See Mariam of MRR brilliance at 1:01:03, and then Osa of Shotgun Seamstress, group discussion, and then Mimi of threadbared at the end with more discussion!!

look into For The Birds and POC Zine Project for more ways to get involved with nyc zinesters, and email the barnard zine library to schedule private/group tours (since the archive is housed in barnard and it is a private closed campus)

Lisa Simpson, Barnard Girl

lisa doesn’t LOOK super jazzed about school starting back tomorrow but you know she’s def freaking out with excitement on the inside. see you all tomorrow bbs!!! esp. excited to say hey to all the #barnard2019 chicas we met on friday. p.s. barnard zine club sells these stickers for $2 each, hit up if you want one!

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