Man only escapes from the laws of this world in lightning flashes. Instants when everything stands still, instants of contemplation, of pure intuition, of mental void, of acceptance of the moral void. It is through such instants that he is capable of the supernatural.

~Simone Weil (Gravity and Grace, 1952)

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Tagging: my fellow cinema bloggers, and anyone else who has seven cohesive -screencapped moments in their archives to share.

  • M: I'm so sick of everyone here treating me like a child. I can easily memorize and grasp any difficult concept you throw at me. I'm not that sheltered!
  • Barnali: what brought this on?
  • M: Every animal we pass, you and yours keep calling them dogs!
  • Barnali: Uhhhh.... well either they're playing a joke on you or those really were all dogs.
  • Barnali: Humans have like... hundreds of different kinds of dogs.
  • M, softly confused: ...........that's so many.......
  • Barnali: what makes me the leader? It should be Jo, she's the biggest and oldest AND a real dragon
  • Chance: Jo can't even lead her feet into the right shoes every morning :/
  • Jo: It's true. I needed Chance to label them.

Barnali, the timid but justice-driven leader of the Mahou Shoujo Draconic team, created by xekstrin!

This is my interpretation of her dragon form. Although xekstrin said that the “bat wing” dragons just had their wings connected to their forearms, I couldn’t get the image of a bat-like dragon out of my head, and this is the result. She turned out a little more bat than dragon, I think, but I’m quite satisfied with it!


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She can totally open jars.


cece/charles was sent to Radley because Mr. D thought her being transgender was a mental disorder

Mr. D never went to visit Cece but Mrs. D would visit

Bethaney was in Radley too and friends with Cece

Mrs. C was going up onto the roof and Cece didn’t want to be caught in a dress.

Bethany pushed Mrs. C to save her


Bethany found out Mr. D and her mom were having an affair

Bethany snuck out of Radley to go find Mrs. D and hurt her

Cece snuck out to stop Bethany

Bethany was wearing the yellow shirt and so was Ali

All of the 5 main girls were having a sleepover in the barn

Ali met a lot of people previously suspected to be A

Ali was on the front lawn and her mom was inside by the window

Cece saw Ali and thought she was Bethany so she hit her with the rock

Ali was unconscious but they thought she was dead so Mrs. D buried her to protect Cece

Mona saw Bethany in the woods and thought it was Ali

Mona hit Bethany with a shovel because she wanted revenge on Ali

Melissa saw Bethany on the ground, thought it was Ali and assumed Spencer hit her

Melissa buried Bethany thinking she was saving Spencer.

Mrs. Grunwald pulled Ali out of the ground.

Ali walked until she ran into Mona

Mona thought she killed Ali so she needed Ali out of town

Mona helped heal her head wound and then helped send her out of town to hide

At this point Mona had already been threatening Ali as A

Cece went back to Radley and Ali went missingSara either was always working for cece or had been working for cece for a few months.

Sara had been captured around that time and been held in the dollhouse for quite a while we think

I’m still confused as to the details about Sara, when she joined the A team as redcoat, and why. If you understand it please send the info to my ask box and i will add as much as spossible