Barnali, the timid but justice-driven leader of the Mahou Shoujo Draconic team, created by xekstrin!

This is my interpretation of her dragon form. Although xekstrin said that the “bat wing” dragons just had their wings connected to their forearms, I couldn’t get the image of a bat-like dragon out of my head, and this is the result. She turned out a little more bat than dragon, I think, but I’m quite satisfied with it!


External image

She can totally open jars.


Man only escapes from the laws of this world in lightning flashes. Instants when everything stands still, instants of contemplation, of pure intuition, of mental void, of acceptance of the moral void. It is through such instants that he is capable of the supernatural.

~Simone Weil (Gravity and Grace, 1952)

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