Moving on ft. empty room, wine and chocolate cake.

It’s that time again! 

Time to pack up my obscene coat and book collection and move onto another flat! I have moved 5 times within the last year, and to be honest I’m getting a little sick of packing up my suitcase! However, this should be the last re-shuffle in a while, as this time I’m being really picky with looking for somewhere that I can finally call home! 

To assist in packing, I called upon my darling pal Max, who brought over prawns, pinot and photobooth (oh photobooth, it’s been so long!). We cooked a delicious prawn, chilli, garlic, kale, brocolini and pine nut stir fry, which was followed with the most divine vegan chocolate cake, that I picked up at this new cafe down the road earlier in the day (I have plenty more to say on this matter!) More chatter and laugher filled the evening than sorting through my belongings, but such is life. 

OH AND P.S. I chopped my hair! I’m very fond of this length, I don’t even have to worry about all that hair-brushing business anymore; it’s glorious!