through-space-and-chaos said: Are you still doing TnB prompts? If so, could you do one of Kotetsu offering Barnaby a space under his umbrella in the rain? Thanks!!

Ahahahaha wow, this totally got away from me. I just thought it was so cute. I rushed it through because I am getting ready to move temporarily back to the States next week, so I have a lot on my plate. You can keep sending me prompts, but I doubt it will be anything as elaborate as this I say and jinx myself into sleepness nights.

So first I was just gonna make a picture and upload it for the sake of uploading, because NOT doing something for the sake of perfection is never better than putting up something you aren’t completely comfortable with. Action almost always trumps inaction.

That being said, I’ve been having a tough time lately, and these dorks are almost literally the only thing that calms me down, so I have been drawing immense amounts of fanart.

This is how I always see them, constantly reaching for eachother but kept apart BY SUNRISE,