four elements presented in as many movements

act i: water
what the water gave me  florence + the machine  |  après moi  regina spektor  |  riverside  agnes obel  |  harbor  vienna teng  |   the water  feist  |  dead in the water  ellie goulding  |  the cold, the dark & the silence  sea wolf  |  the ocean  dar williams  |  the water  johnny flynn feat. laura marling  |  the diver  gravenhurst  |  lost at sea  eisley  |  lighthouse  the hush sound  |  bottom of the river  delta rae  |  everything floats  dessa feat. cecil otter

act ii: air
into the spin  dessa  |  float on  modest mouse  |  break the sky  the hush sound  |  take to the sky  tori amos  |  devils don’t fly  natalia kills  |  planes fly  angel haze  |  dernière danse  indila  |  falling  florence + the machine  |  landsailor  vienna teng  |  girl in the cage  barnaby bright  |  icarus  the staves  |  breathe  telepopmusik  |  breathe in  frou frou  |  two birds  regina spektor  |  keep breathing  ingrid michaelson

act iii: fire
dark doo wop  ms mr  |  burning pile  mother mother  |  matches to paper dolls  dessa  |  yellow flicker beat  lorde  |  your ex-lover is dead  stars  |  streets of fire  the new pornographers  |  grapevine fires  death cab for cutie  |  this fire  franz ferdinand  |  my songs know what you did in the dark  fall out boy  |  mirrors  natalia kills  |  burn  ellie goulding  |  fire n gold  bea miller  |  burning gold  christina perry  |  fire fire  flyleaf  |  fire meet gasoline  sia

act iv: earth
pressure  my brightest diamond  |  the sticks  mother mother  |  under the earth  yeah yeah yeahs  |  my boy builds coffins  florence + the machine  |  when i grow up  fever ray  |  follow you down to the red oak tree  james vincent mcmorrow  |  metal & dust  london grammar  |  in keeping secrets of silent earth: 3  coheed and cambria  |  black dirt  sea wolf  |  teeth in the grass  iron & wine  |  dune buggy  the presidents of the united states of america  |  tunnels  johnny flynn  |  down to earth  peter gabriel  |  new slang  the shins


  • Louder than Thunder by The Devil Wears Prada
  • King by Lauren Aquilina
  • Running Up That Hill (If Only I Could)
  • Eyes Wide Open by Goyte
  • In My Arms (You Are Never All Alone) by Plumb
  • Lose You by Pete Yorn
  • Enemy by Chris Cornell
  • Save Me by Goyte
  • Demons by Imagine Dragons
  • Comes and Goes (In Waves) by Greg Laswell
  • Don’t Let Me Get Me by Pink
  • The Draw by Bastille
  • Ever The Same by Rob Thomas
  • Coursing Through My Veins
  • On the Way Down by Ryan Cabrera
  • Fix You by Cold Play
  • If I Lose Myself by Alesso vs OneRepublic
  • Sail by  Barnaby Bright
  • What If by Safety Suit
  • Somewhere Only We Know by Lily Allen
  • Say Something by A Great Big World
  • Clarity by Zedd
  • Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine
  • You Can’t Take Me from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron 
  • No Way Out from Brother Bear


  • Whiteout from Frozen
  • Hurt from 2cellos
  • My Secret Weapon from The Lego Movie(I HAD TO THROW IT IN)
  • Myotis from Batman Begins
  • Macrotus from Batman Begins
  • Buying the Space Farm from Star Trek Into Darkness
  • Tegami from Summer Wars
  • Cybug Invasion / No One I’d Rather Be from Wreck It Ralph
  • Fixing Wall-E from Wall-E
  • No Prisoners, Only Trophies from Transformers: Dark of The Moon
  • The Tear Heals from Tangled
  • War from Avatar
  • Before Legend of Korra
  • The Other Promise Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix
  • Kairi III - Kingdom Hearts
  • Jen Says Goodbye from Marley and Me



Yellow Moon
Barnaby Bright
Yellow Moon

Tell me something, yellow moon,
when you find me in my room,
tucked beneath my downy sheets, 
is he out somewhere dreaming of me too?

Weeping willow, lovely tree,
now I know your tears are shed for me.


Darling, tonight the moon is yellow, and snow is on the ground.
My heart if full of yearning for days when the earth is warm, and you’re in my arms.


Here is my newest animation– created from handmade ink drawings and Adobe Photoshop. Music by Nathan Bliss of Barnaby Bright.

Made Up Of
Barnaby Bright
Made Up Of

Made Up Of by Barnaby Bright

“I’m not that girl you think I am
all those records in my room it belong to him
soft spot in the bed where you laid your head
but it’s cold now.
and I drank all your gin
wasting it is a sin
it’s all without a doubt

and I know where I echo
of the man I used to know
even though that was long ago
he’s all I’m made up of

I saved a bunch of clothes you wore
people say throw it all away but I can’t bear open up the drawer.
in someone else’s life mine could lie with mine
but I’m too unsteady

there’s so much left to do
to rid this house of you but I’m just not ready

and I know where I echo
of a man I used to know
even though that was long ago
he’s all I’m made up of

only a matter of time they say
to get myself together once again
I only got to be some on the way
feel like I did back then

and I know where I echo
of a man I used to know
even though that was long ago
he’s all I’m made up of
he’s all I’m made up of
he’s all I’m made up of ”


Highway 9 (by BarnabyBrightMusic)

I’ve been inside a prison cell
close as you’ll ever get to hell
and I won’t go back this time

and god has a funny way
I was driving home from church that day,

and I’ve played it back a thousand times
like a movie in my mind
lost my soul on highway 9 


Barnaby Bright is an amazing husband and wife music making duo. I have seen them perform live and have met them as well. They are lovely human beings to go along with the awe inspiring music that they create. However, they are also normal people like you and me and creating a record costs tons of money. Please help them by donating money to them. If you give them just ten dollars now to help them make their cd they will send you a copy when it is done.

Listen to their music and find out more about them at

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Barnaby Bright - Castle Rock