barnaby cosplay


Acen 2017, Friday, May 19th, 2017

Photo 2: @arminizewithme and @neofi-cosplay

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I just created my FB Cos page I’m going to deck out tomorrow!

But, to commemorate, here are some awesome shots my friend got of me!

I couldn’t be more thankful for my friend and photographer Sara because honestly wearing this was suffering and all the LED wiring was acting up so I wore him for a really short time. I even felt unmotivated to ever wear him again until I got these photos back.

This cosplay was made by the very talented AeRi! There were a few things I had to change and still have to fix, but she did a great job.


Apologies for the inactivity lately! We are finished with the moving/job hunting now and we’re happily settled in. Which means we can start posting again! Yay!

Here are the photos from our Tiger and Bunny photoshoot in March 2014. This set is based on the official promotional art for the T&B cafe.These were taken in Tokyo Booty studio, Japan.

Kotetsu: リムさん
Barnaby: Shuu
Keith: Othaniel
Yuri: greyfinch

Also! We now have a facebook page, so check us out at Macaron Cosplay! ^_^


Ryan Goldsmith makeup test
Just grabbed a shitty white wig and shopped it yellow afterwards ;P
His makeup is quite a challenge. His eyebrows are really hard to grasp.
So basically I’ve tried all the blonde boys now XD

other Tiger&Bunny character makeup tests
Keith Goodman (Sky High)

Barnaby Brooks Jr.

Kaburagi T. Kotetsu