barnaby and kotetsu


For those who have not seen the Sound of Tiger & Bunny short, “Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth” is up on YouTube.

I still encourage everyone to purchase the blu-ray release for the short and the fabulous live orchestral music of the series.


So we went to the Tiger and Bunny cafe in Ikebukuro and it was amazing! This sweet lady LOVES Antonio and was super happy when I voted for him on the rankings machine (all her buttons are him too haha)

We had a Super Rookie and Crusher for Justice cocktail each, and then Emi got the Kotetsu set and I got the Barnaby dessert.

They span the wheel and Kotetsu won! So we got to see a special The Rising compilation of him on the TVs too. It’s closing some time in January (citation?) so if you get the chance to go before then, I fully recommend it!

T&B E01-E13 Rewatch - Fave Kotetsu x Barnaby Scenes:

  • Bunny’s small smile when Kotetsu wouldn’t leave him alone while he took care of the bomb
  • (when Bunny joked that he wanted that 6-million Stern dollar diamond and Kotetsu sorta delivered; also Kotetsu giving Bunny his bday present)
    Pauly: Why are you smiling?
    Bunny: I’m not smiling.
  • when Kotetsu said HE was Bunny’s bday present
  • when we find out Kotetsu asks about what Bunny eats
  • Kotetsu protecting Bunny from Lunatic’s attack
  • Bunny secretly keeping Kotetsu’s burnt sash
  • Bunny thinking about Kotetsu risking his life for him
  • Bunny looking at Kotetsu before and after confirming his past to the public
  • injured Kotetsu risking his life to help Bunny defeat Jake
  • Kotetsu catching Bunny from behind and talking too close to his ear!!! (damn helmet)
  • Bunny finally calling Kotetsu by his name
  • EVERY TIME Kotetsu calls him BUNNY
  • TRUST™
  • the fricking ED; Bunny and Kotetsu’s hands clasping around the little couple pin Kotetsu got for both of them (also they could’ve just clapped their hands together BUT they had to fill in the gaps of each other’s fingers ya feel im so bye)

BONUS: English dub

  • Nathan calling them an old married couple when they argue
  • Karina calling them out on their lovers’ spat
  • Bunny calling Kotetsu ‘Papa Bear’