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coming back around

Summary: Four months later, and it starts with a phone call and a slightly more-than-absurd request. 
Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Fluff; Post Breakup AU 
Word Count: 4,738


“You want me to do what?”

Taehyung visibly winces at your tone of voice, while not over accusatory or threatening or aggressive, is just enough to make him realize the ridiculous notion of his previous request. It had been slightly absurd even before he had decided to brave towards a phone call, but now that the words are out there, it’s even more absurd. He tries to picture you now: your eyebrows knitted together and your lips jutting out into that adorable pout that he use to trace out with his finger before pulling you in for a kiss, nips and bites and anything to make your pout turn into the smile that he loved so much.

He swallows thickly as soon as he hears you humming on the other side of the phone, enough to drag him out of his trance, enough to make the statement burn itself into the back of his head: the statement that you weren’t his girlfriend anymore and he couldn’t just kiss you because he wanted to.

“Taehyung, are you still there?”

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Going to The Mall With The BatFam


(A/N I hope this is what you wanted!)

Requested by: Anonymous


Fav Stores

  • Jason -Hot Topic(al)/ Cinnabon/ Barnes and Noble
  • Dick -Disney Store/ Build-a-Bear
  • Tim -A gourmet coffee store/ some how he ended up in Forever 21 and now loves it
  • Damian -The one random pet store (he tries to free the animals)/where theres vegan Ice Cream
  • Steph -Sephora/ Aeropostale
  • Babs -Bath and Bodyworks/ Cinnabon
  • Cass -Hot Topic/ any pretzel place
  • Bruce -He doesn’t shop at/go to the mall
  • Alfred -No one knows where he shops

Actual HeadCannon of them shopping

  • Dick and Steph rent those animal cart things that the little kids drive around and start racing each other doing laps around the mall, Jason joins them later
  • Babs watches them race as she eats her cinnamon roll
  • Damian pushes Tim into the fountain
  • Steph rescues Tim from the fountain but as payment drags him into Sephora cause she’s already been in there and has run out of room on her arms to try stuff so she tests everything on him
  • Dick drags Damian into Build-a-Bear with him and gets him to make one Case somehow ends up in there as well and makes one too, they all dress them as their alter egos
  • Jason and Cass shop at Hot Topic together
  • Dick goes in the Disney Store and comes out with every single shirt that they have along with a ton of stuffed animals
  • Cass gets bamboozled into buying a bunch of makeup by a very aggressive kiosk worker
  • Eventually Tims arms are covered with makeup so Steph lets him go he leaves and goes to the coffee store and buys what would be a year’s supply for a normal person, but he’ll be back there in a month
  • Jason yells something offensive at Damian from the second floor as Damian is on the first floor  and Damian sprints up the down escalator to attack him and Jason runs away to Barnes and Noble
  • Babs goes to Bath and Bodyworks and Dick goes with her cause he likes to smell pretty too
  • Jason buys a new book then sits on a bench and eats a cinnamon roll as he reads it
  • Tim argues with one of the tech kiosk workers
  • Damian catches Jason finally because he hasn’t forgotten what Jason yelled earlier and somehow manages to drag him to the fountain to shove him in, Jason has to abandon his book on the bench so that it doesn’t get ruined 
  • They all get kicked out eventually even though they’re Bruce Wayne’s kids
  • Although being Bruce’s kids is probably the only reason the all don’t have lifetime bans from all the malls in Gotham

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anonymous asked:

Any fics where they meet at the supermarket? I just think it's supercute

Captain Fantastic and the Pineapple King by buckyfuckybarnes

In which Steve is saved from his ex in a grocery store, Bucky Barnes is Way Too Chill about absolutely everything, and Sam has had enough of all of these goddamn pineapples in his fucking house.

Or: The five times Steve received a pineapple (and one Piña Colada) and the one time he didn’t

I Was Sleepwalking Until I Met You by perfect_plan

Bucky can’t help but notice the tall blond guy who seems to frequent the 24-hour supermarket that he visits at 3am when his insomnia is at it’s worst…

Out of Place and Lost in Time by Queerily_kai

Steve is lost in the supermarket, talking to himself as he makes his way through the aisles. James thinks its adorable, and not so stealthily stalks him. And then Steve is in James’ house, brought by a mutual friend, carrying pie.

A tale of rediscovery, reinvention, and transformations. Of an author and an artist. Of train rides to the beach in winter and pie like Ma used to make. And of course, a tale of idiots in love.

The Great Turkey Tussle of 2016 by emphasisonem

In which the boys meet trying to buy the last turkey in their local grocery store.

Clean Up in Aisle 14 by hisfirstnameisagent

The au where Steve Rogers works in the local grocery store and is tormented by an—rather attractive—asshole who insists on sitting heads of lettuce in random places throughout the store.