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Y'all the next marvel era is going to be so lit with Black Panther leading the pack and then for us to see Captain Marvel. And you know my man Bucky Barnes is gonna pick up Cap’s shield in Infinity War and my son Peter Parker is gonna be a smol cinnamon roll it’s gonna be so lit and amazing and I literally can not wait.

You Deserve More Than Me- Part 2

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary- You are King Stevens beloved little sister, who is hopelessly in love with his best friend High Duke James. The only problem is James refuses to see you when he gets home from battle.

Message- Yeah, so there’s going to be a part 3 to this. Sorry about that!!! Sorry if this sucks!! 

Word Count-1125

“You look beautiful, Princess.” Your handmaiden says as she puts your tiara on your head.

“Thank you.” You murmur as you take in your appearance. You and Bucky had gone to your brother the day he had proposed to you. As you predicted Steve gave his blessing, and soon plans were being made, dresses where being designed and invitations were being sent out by to your kingdoms allies. Tonight was the night before your wedding and since many of the guests had arrived today, you were having a feast with them all tonight. After you get up you hear a knock at your door, your handmaiden opens it and you see Bucky and your brother waiting in the doorway.

“You look lovely, darling.” Bucky says as he leans down do kiss your cheek. Some of his hair tickles your face.

“If you do not cut your hair soon, I will start braiding it.” You say as you grin at him.

“Whatever makes you happy.” Bucky says as he offers you his arm for you to take. You grin up at him and wrap your arm around his and the three of you start walking to the stair case.

“Where is Natasha?” You ask Steve.

“She said that she would meet me at the feast.” Steve whispers and then sighs.

“Things will improve, just give it time. Perhaps she is still adjusting.” Bucky says as he gives Steve a half smile.

“You are right, it has only been 4 months.” Steve murmurs as you all stop at the top of the stairs, waiting to be announced. Once you are the three of you make your way down the stairs. You look around the room and notice Natasha and Clint standing next to King Anthony and his wife.

“Let us all go speak to Tony, it has been so long since we have seen him.” You say to Bucky and your brother. They both nod and the three of you make your way over to the little group. “Tony!” You call, when you get closer to him.

“Y/N! I haven’t seen you since you were a child. Look at you, you really did grow up gorgeous. You really lucked out Bucky.” Tony says as he pulls you into a hug.  

“Stark.” Bucky grumbles. Then he turns to Tony’s wife, Pepper. “It’s good to see you.”

“Likewise.” Pepper says.

“So, how do the two of you know Princess Natasha?” You ask.

“Oh! We are cousins, our mothers are sisters. Did she not tell you before we arrived?” Pepper asks as her eyebrows furrow in confusion. Before you can answer another guest calls to you and Bucky, so you excuse yourselves to go say hello. You are separated from Steve and Bucky about halfway through the party and you go to find Tony. That’s when you hear.

“There customs and people here are so strange. Did you know Princess Y/N came out and just asked Clint if he and I were having an affair? They are brash and straightforward. Two things that I am not.  How am I expected to assimilate?” Natasha whispers to Pepper.

“I know it all seems strange, but that is not necessarily bad. Many of the customs in this Kingdom are shared by mine and my husbands. I know you are struggling with the idea of sharing a bed with him, but it is not so bad. I share one with Tony.” Pepper says and Natasha makes a face of disgust.

“But you and Tony learned to love one another, I do not think that will ever happen with me and King Steven.” Natasha mumbles.

“Maybe a good first step would be calling him Steve. Also get to know Y/N, they are very close and you will never truly be welcomed by the citizens of this kingdom unless you have her approval, for she is a most beloved princess. Who is about to marry a war hero, that lead his armies valiantly and bravely. From what I hear many citizens are hoping that they produce the next heir. Speaking of heirs, when was the last time you and your husband shared a bed?”  Peppers asks and Natasha blushes at the question.

“Our wedding night.” Natasha whispers.

“Natasha, you’re place here is not secured until you provide Steve with a child.” Pepper says. You were about to intervene, but before you can Tony comes and asks you to dance with him.

“You know how I feel about dancing, I have two left feet.” You joke before making your way over to your brother and Bucky.

“Hello, my love.” Bucky murmurs as he uses his arm to pull you close to his side. “I cannot wait to marry you tomorrow.

“Me too.” You whisper into his shoulder.


You are surrounded by handmaidens as they run around preparing you for your wedding day. You were sitting quietly in your seat as they tutted around you, you make small talk with them. You are all giggling like young girls when all of a sudden there is a sharp knock on your door. One of your handmaidens opens it and you see Natasha standing awkwardly in the doorway.

“Hello.” You say as you give her a small smile.

“Hello, Princess Y/N.” Natasha murmurs

“You can call me Y/N, we are sisters after all.” You say and Natasha smiles at you.

“In my kingdom we have a custom that the bride should have something blue on her for good luck. I know that it is not tradition here, but I thought–.” Natasha stammers.

“Thank you.” You say as you take the small box from her. Inside is a spall hair comb that has blue gemstones on the end. “It’s lovely.”

“Your welcome.” Natasha says. “Would you like help putting it in your hair?”

“That would be lovely, thank you.” You say back. The two of you make frivolous small talk until it is time for her to go.

You don’t remember much of the ceremony or much of the feast after. What you do remember is Bucky and you laughing as you run down the hall to your new shared chambers. When the two of you enter the chambers you kiss, it’s messy and passionate and you use both your teeth and tongue. When you go to pull Bucky’s shirt off he pulls away from you.

“I-uh think its best that the shirt stays on.” He mumbles as he looks down at his feet.

“I love you, scares and all. You are my husband now and I want to see you- all of you.” You say as you pull him in for another kiss. The rest of the night is spent bringing each other pleasure, over and over again.

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My Boys (Part 1/?)

Steve x Plus Size!Reader x Bucky

Author’s note- This is my first fic ever, so it’s going to probably need lots of work but I’ve been wanting to do this for a while so… yeah… also it’s going to be broken down into parts. This is part one its more of an introduction than anything…. Oh, and it’s not smutty… yet… Well my lovelies I hope you enjoy it!

Summary- You are best friends with the Captain and the Winter Soldier. You begin to realize your feelings for the pair of them and drunkenly tell Natasha, but who knows who else was listening in on girl’s night?
Warning- fluff, drunk reader, mentions of smut (kinda), drinking with Nat and spilling some secrets (again this is just sort of an introduction, so not much action I guess. Part 2 coming soon!)

Word count: 1382

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Sweetness for Two

Request: Could I please make a request? The reader is having a great day and just wants to get home, curl up and eat the last piece of cake. When they get home the cake is gone. They end up stealing one of Buckys hoodies and lying on the couch wallowing in their own sadness. Bucky of course will not have this and does everything in his power to cheer them up. Just make it super fluffy!

Words: 650

Warnings: None, just soooo much fluff

I am sure it looks like I haven’t been writing a lot recently however I have actually written this 4 times so far and I have lost it every time so thank you for bearing with me. Its been just as annoying for me as well as you!

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Swinging through your front door, huffing down the bags on the kitchen table and dropping the keys by the rack, you sachet over to the music player, ready to kick start your evening. It had been a good day, in fact a wonderful day, with your boss deciding you no longer had to work behind the desk at your store and you could rather waitress. It was a weird feeling because being a waitress wasn’t an all-time dream of yours, but you had always wanted to try it.

Passing the cabinets and the tins, you eyed the cake tin, the lid slightly a jar. You had made a personal note as to having one piece left for when you got home and it had only made you feel more and more ecstatic about getting home.

Lifting up the lid, admiring the empty tin, you gasped in shock as nothing but a few crumbs remained. Instantly knowing the culprit, you padded into the living room, Bucky sat playing Overwatch with an empty plate beside him. “So I’m guessing the cake was nice,” you piped up, slightly annoyed at Bucky. Bucky looked up like a rabbit in headlights as he burned bright red, turning to look at the plate.

“Aaah, I’m sorry babe,” he panicked, looking back over to you.

“No, its fine…” you answered, choosing to keep quiet than get angry. It was only cake, you shouldn’t be worried about it. “Don’t worry about it,” you added, going to leave the room.

“Babe,” he caught your hand, stopping you from leaving. “You want my hoodie? We can cuddle and everything. I want to make it up to you, even it if is just a bit of cake,” he smiled, patting the sofa, enticing you to sit down. Sighing, you huffed down onto the sofa, taking his hoodie and already warming up in his presence. “I’ll finish this and we can watch something if you want? I know you are always down for Breaking Bad,” he laughed, teasing you as you nuzzled into the hoodie.

“You know me too well,” you smiled, watching as he finished the last game of Overwatch.

“Alright, I died, I think I’m done!” he exclaimed, turning off the PlayStation as he flicks it onto Netflix. “What season are we on?” he asked, turning to you. “Uhhh, was it 4? I can’t really remember.” You nudged him, padding through the episodes. “Or do we just start something new? You know how badly I’ve wanted to watch Sons of Anarchy!” you smiled.

“But it’s about bikers!” exclaimed Bucky, mocking you.

“You’ll like it, you know you will.”

It was past midnight and 2 episodes into Sons of Anarchy, you had passed out underneath Bucky, his arm still wrapped round you. The low luminescence of the tv glowed the room slightly but the darkness filtering outside blackened the room to virtually invisible. Lifting you up into his arms, Bucky passed you through to the bedroom, laying you down onto the mattress. Still in his hoodie, you curled up onto your side, easing into the pillow. Bucky draped the blanket over you as you nuzzled into it, warming up into the hoodie. Whipping off his shirt, Bucky slid into the space next to you, relaxing an arm around you as you slept soundly, the slow sigh of your breathing putting him into utter bliss.

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A/N: This started to become a smut but I’ve never written it before so I should practice before I write something that just reads as awkward.

Summary: Bucky sees reader with her avocado mask on.

Warnings: Strong language, Sexual situations.

Gif not mine.

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Y/N was reading her book when there came a rap at the door. “Come in!”

The door opened quickly. “Hey Y/N I need to see you about- Holy hell! What the fuck is on your face?”

She looked up at her boyfriend, startled. “Bucky calm down it’s just a face mask. It’s part of my skin care routine.”

“It’s fucking terrifying.”

“It makes my skin soft Buck don’t be mean!” She was embarrassed.

He laughed at the look on her face, then he laughed about it being green. She popped a chocolate covered almond in her mouth, and then his gut hurt with how hard he laughed. She just looked so comical he couldn’t help it. “You look like a weird green fish.”

“Bucky shut up!” She throw an almond at him, hitting his metal arm with a clank.

“I’m sorry doll. You look cute really.”

“You can’t even say that without laughing.” Y/N pouted her bottom lip out.

“Don’t stick that lip out or I’ll come over there and bite it.”

Y/N sucked her lip back into her mouth, but then she thought about it, smiled, and stuck it back out.

“Alright then you asked for it.” Bucky rushed forward. Y/N squealed when his hands gripped her waist. He pushed his lips against hers before he bit into her bottom lip. She squealed again and pushed against his chest. He let go of her lip and attacked her neck, sucking, licking, and kissing.

“Bucky,” She was laughing at how her neck tickled. “Bucky stop! You’re making my mask crack Bucky!”

The weight of his body kept her hands trapped between them as he bit her neck. She stopped laughing, feeling the pool between her thighs.

She coughed awkwardly. Shit shit shit. I still have the mask on.

Y/N shoved Bucky off of her and ran to her bathroom slamming the door. She was embarrassed before but that didn’t compare to now. 

She took a rag, wet it with warm water and washed the mask away. She was about to rush out but quickly turned around and brushed her teeth. Okay, now she’s ready.

The only problem was that Bucky wasn’t there. Y/N looked all around her room and still no super soldier. She’d have to check somewhere else.

She looked in the kitchen, living room, and the garage. His bike was still here so he was somewhere. The gym!

“Sorry Y/N, haven’t seen him. Did you try his room.”

She deadpanned. Fucking idiot. “No but thanks Steve.”

Y/N speed walked to Bucky’s bedroom door and knocked gently, then more violently, just in case.

When he opened the door she was slightly surprised to see he looked a distraught. His hair was messy like he’d been pulling at it, his smile gone, and his eyes sad.

“Are you ok? You left before I came back, I was worried.”

He looked around. “You just pushed me away so quickly I assumed you didn’t want me there. It’s fine though I get it.”

He tried shutting the door but she wouldn’t let him. “I’m sorry Buck I didn’t think about how you saw that. I just got shy and embarrassed to be seen with a green face. I mean you were on my neck and i looked like a witch.”

He smiled. “You could never look like a witch princess.”

She blushed at his nickname. Man did that have an effect on her.

“Thanks Bucky. I’m sorry I pushed you away.”

He pulled her into him. “Just don’t do it again.”

“Or what? You’ll bite me again?”

He smirked, and crossed his arms. “Are you asking for it?”

“If I am?” She was fidgeting. Her hands couldn’t keep still with her nerves running wild.

“I could never deny you princess,” he paused, “unless you want me to.”

That’s it. She pushed him backwards into his room and closed the door behind her. Before she could move she was pressed against the door. Bucky’s lips were on hers, while his tongue tasted her mouth

His hands held her face, but he moved back. “You’re skin is really soft.” 

“You look surprised. I told you.”
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Winter’s Coming

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Series: Part 1 of

wanda’s curse verse


After Ultron, Tony distanced himself from the team. It was hard not to, what with the muttered comments, frosty silences and threatening glares. He didn’t expect that would mean he’d get a visit from a certain soldier.

Nothing like Home : Chapter 4 (Steve x reader)

Chapter 4 (Nothing Like Home)

Steve x Reader x (Angsty Steve Rogers!)

Summary: Takes place a year after The Winter Soldier, before the emergence of Ultron. Steve is struggling with the notion of not being able to find Bucky. Reader tries to get Steve out of his depression and help him find Bucky. It doesn’t go well. Events of Ultron will feature.

A/N: Any feedback is welcomed!

Word Count: 1510

Warnings: swearing?

It had been a week since the team had left for Sokovia, they would check back in with the Tower every so often. Sam and yourself occupied your time with searching for Bucky, the clues Sam had found turned out to be dead ends but you caught a little trail somewhere over in Craiova, Romania. A wireless camera had picked up facial recognition approximating the appearance of one James Buchanan Barnes.

You sprang into action the moment you came across this information, you were sitting at one of the computers in the lab, mindlessly chewing on a pen you held when the screen lit up and Jarvis spoke.

“Miss Y/N/L, I believe we might have located sergeant Barnes” he said, you sat upright in your chair and looked intently at the footage on the screen. It was a frame where Bucky had looked at a camera for a split second before turning away. That was enough for you to go on, you grabbed your phone and ran to your room, Sam was still away in Washington looking into leads so you were in the Tower by yourself.

Hurriedly you packed a bag and grabbed what was necessary before heading off to the hangar to use a quinjet. As you reached the anteroom to the hangar, you donned your suit and strapped on black Kevlar, and took the necessary weapons, even though you knew you didn’t need any.

As you were about to leave Jarvis spoke, “Miss Y/L/N should I inform Mr Stark or Captain Rogers of your departure?”

“No Jarvis, let’s keep this between us” you respond getting into the quinjet,

“I would advise against going after The Winter Soldier alone, Miss Y/L/N” he said,

“Inform Tony and ONLY Tony where I have gone but only once I arrive” you sigh then start up the quinjet and pilot it off the hangar.

“Very well, safe returns Miss Y/L/N”.

A couple of hours later, you turn on the quinjet autopilot. Feeling sleepy you move over to one of the seats to take a nap hoping time will pass by quickly and you could reach your destination faster. The silence on the Quinjet stressed you out, you were always on one of these with the rest of the team. You always had Bruce and Tony arguing about some science thing, occasionally Thor was around making silly comments, Sam, Clint and Natasha forever making bets on their mission outcomes and Steve trying to wrangle everyone together to listen to his ‘We need a plan of attack plans’. They had in a way become your family, since you had none of your own.

You slept relatively easily on the quinjet and were alerted when you were going to make a landing at the air strip in Bucharest. After disembarking you quickly made your way through the airport and custom security escorted you with the help of one of Tony’s contacts in Bucharest which helped you get your weapons through.

You got a cab and headed to your hotel, you wanted to draw the least amount of attention while in Bucharest for fear Bucky saw you or worse someone else. Once at your hotel room, you quickly dump all your items and dress in your gear, you had to get out and try find Bucky before night fell or you would be wasting precious time. He could have moved on already.

You headed out of the room with your weapons and the only form of communication you took was your phone. Hailing a cab to the area Bucky had been spotted, you ask around about him showing vendors and shop owners his photo, a young boy comes up to you speaking Romanian. You didn’t understand what he was saying but he beckoned towards you then begun to walk away, you followed him assuming that’s what he meant.

A few blocks after following the child, he pointed you to a large apartment complex. It wasn’t anything fancy, simple red and cream building a little run down. The kid points to the photo in your hand and then at the building and says “Soldat” in a thick Romanian accent, your heart begins to thump as you look at the building, could you have finally found The Winter solider.

You hurriedly walk up the stairs of the building, taking every caution not to be seen and made your way into the building and walked around for a bit taking note of the exits and floors of the building. You have no idea how you are going to find Bucky in this large building but your best bet was to linger around until you spotted him.

It wasn’t even twenty minutes into you surveying the building when you spotted him. There was no

mistaking him, his long black hair beneath the baseball cap, the hulking size of his arms beneath the

black jacket and the unmistakable black leather glove that he wore covering up his bionic metal arm.

Y/N would never forget that face, not after he tried to kill you several times during the Battle of Triskelion. He had put bullet in your back and thankfully Tony and Bruce had saved your life. You watched Bucky go into the building, waited a few moments then followed him in.

He walked up the stairs, with you quietly following him. You followed him up nine flights of stairs and then he stopped at one of the doors, and looked around almost like he knew he was being watched then hastily unlocked it and went in.

Your heart was hammering, as you approached the door. You had finally found him and he looked as normal as ever. You stood outside the door to Bucky’s apartment, and just froze up. you didn’t know whether to knock or break the door down. As you raised your hand to knock on the door, it suddenly flew open and a metal arm came flying towards your face, you tried to agilely dodge it but it was too fast and within seconds a cold metal fist closed around your neck dragging you into the dark apartment.

Bucky slammed you into the wall, winding you. Your instincts are all screaming for you to fight back but you don’t, knowing it will only make it worse for one of you, you needed him to know you had come as a friend not a foe.

“How did you find me?!” he snarled at you tightening his grip on your already fragile neck,

“You know me Bucky” you gasped against his grip, “You know me!”

He lifted you up, your feet dangling in the air as he held you suspended by the vice grip of his metal arm. “How did you find me” he repeated, by now you are chocking and a ringing in your ears has begun as your air supply is being entirely cut off, you can feel the blood pumping rapidly to your brain.

“I-I-I can-n-n-t br-e-a” you choke out,

A sudden flash of guilt flits across Bucky’s face and he drops you, releasing your neck. You fall to the ground gasping and coughing for air, Bucky picked up his gun and aimed it at you, “Why have you come?” he said in a dark voice,

You looked up at the Winter Soldier, he looked tired, dark cirlces around his eyes, he almost looked gaunt like he was being haunted by something.

“For Steve,” you say, “Steve Rogers”

A look of recognition at the name but Bucky doesn’t say anything, “You know me Bucky,” you repeat,

“You made a mistake coming here” he said quietly, “you shouldn’t have come.”

You stood up slowly, raising your hand in surrender as he still points his hand gun at you. “Bucky, Steve can help you, just meet with him he knows people who can help you against what Hydra did to you.” You say, hoping he would lower his weapon.

“I can’t … I can’t go back there, I have done things, horrible things.” He stammered, your heart went out to him, you could hear the pain in his voice as the memories of his atrocities came back. Bucky did lower his weapon and rubbed his metal arm tiredly across his face, “I can’t be helped”

“I know you can” you said softly, “Because I have been there, I know what it’s like, the darkness that they put in you, it envelopes you, you feel like you can’t escape it but trust me Bucky, I escaped it and you can too”.

Bucky looked at you, “You …You were a Hydra agent?”

You nodded, “And Steve saved me, Bucky”.