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Bucky: May I have one of your fries?
Tony: Of course. Can I have a bite of your burger?
Bucky: Absolutely not.
Clint: Some perfect couple. He won’t even share his food with him.
Bucky: It has avocado on it. He’s allergic to avocado.

The Five Things You Know, and the One You Don’t

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2567

A/N:  back for round twoooo…..I feel like we all need some Bucky fluff right now

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You lost your second out of four lives in this Nerf war, thanks to someone—someone most likely named Steve.  He’s a sneaky one. It’s pouring outside and nobody was in the mood to do anything productive, naturally the first suggestion had been a Nerf war.

“Y/N, you will be avenged!”

Pietro vaults over the couch, very action movie-esque, which would have been impressive if he hadn’t been shot right after.

“Oh. Sorry, I’m out,” he sighs.  

“It’s okay, I appreciate the backup,” you say, sending your teammate a smile. By your count, it was only Bucky and you left on your team, versus Steve, Sam and Wanda on the other.  You weren’t sure how many lives each of them had, but you all promised to be honest.

“Y/N,” Bucky hisses. He waves his Nerf gun in a complicated circle.

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Prompt: Hey can you write something fluffy with Bucky? His fiancé is starting to have doubts about things between them cause she’s just a normal girl that works in retail? She thinks he deserves better like Natasha or a shield agent. But he reassures her and gets Natasha’s help doing something cute for her?

Word count: 2975

A/N: Fluffy relationship Bucky is my favorite Bucky xx I’m hoping to get more up soon!!

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You’d met Bucky a year ago in the small cafe you worked in, the same one you’d worked at since you were sixteen and you had no reason not to love your job. You loved talking to the regulars, people whose orders you had memorized and had ready the second they walked in. You loved meeting people from all walks of life; wealthy business owners constantly on the phone debating their next deal, tired mothers who just needed a caffeine fix to get through the day, broke college students looking for a cheap food option between the expensive restaurants that New York city offered. 

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False Hate

(A/N): I needed some Bucky up in here before I do another Natasha:)

Pairings: BuckyXReader

Request: Bucky and (Y/N) don’t get along at all but one decision changes everything.

Warnings: Angst, Some Swearing

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @bigfootsiddhartamama

Bucky and (Y/N)’s relationship was different. No one knew why but they both could hardly stand each other let alone be in the same room together which caused lots of bickering and snarky comments among the two. They both don’t hold back the venomous words said towards one another and they feel no guilt when doing so. They never agreed on a single thing but if there was one thing they agreed on, it was they were to never be paired up for missions and the whole team knew it. There was one occasion they both almost were almost killed because they couldn’t agree on an exit strategy and afterward barely escaping they both proceeded to get their asses chewed out by Steve and Fury, both unable to go on a mission for the next month. The team tried different ways of getting the two to get along but nothing they tried seemed to work.

No matter how much they seemed to hate each other, there was an agreement of team comradery. Yes, they didn’t get along but they were teammates and they would always have the other’s back even if it was countered with a crude comment. It was an unspoken agreement that they knew a team needed to survive, especially a team like theirs.

“I don’t know how you deal with them, Nat. They’re so uncivil, cynical and intolerant.” Bucky spits out with disgust as soon as (Y/N) is out of sight and Natasha gives a chuckle as she sips her coffee.

“I don’t know what you’re saying. They’re one of the sweetest people I know.” Natasha says with a smirk as she leans up against the kitchen counter and Bucky stares appalled at the redhead’s comment.

“Says you. They’re only rude to me, have you heard the things they’ve said to me?” Natasha gives a sigh before setting down her coffee, looking up at Bucky with her bright green orbs.

“(Y/N) is the biggest sweetheart you’ll meet, Barnes. They have a heart of gold and they may act like they hate you but they don’t mean harm. It’s how they cope, maybe you’ll see one day.” Bucky gives a huff before crossing his arms. He didn’t believe it, (Y/N) and him would never get along as long as they both lived.

They were surrounded. What was supposed to be a simple mission quickly turned into a mission that seemed impossible to escape. Bucky and (Y/N) had somehow got separated from the rest of the team and were currently in a Hydra building on the basement level and all the exits were blocked by the incoming swarm of agents. They were battered and bruised, running low on ammo and energy and they were beginning to think that this was how it was going to end. The two of them were currently taking cover behind some boxes, shooting and fighting when Bucky’s voice is heard over the shooting. “We need to get out of here!”

“No shit, Barnes! What do you think we’ve been doing this whole time? Wanting to die?” (Y/N) yells as they continue to shoot back at the Hydra agents and Bucky gives a growl.

“Shut your mouth, (Y/L/N), I don’t need any of your shit right now!” He yells back with venom but before (Y/N) can counter, Natasha’s angry voice is heard over the comms.

“Both of you shut it! I’m done with both of ya’ll’s shit! Now, there’s a service elevator around the corner to your left, it’s your only way out. Steve and I are waiting up top for you, hurry.” They both look to their left and they both look at one another before giving a nod and they quickly run over to the elevator, shooting the oncoming agents. They shoot the majority of them and for a moment there is no gun shots but know there will be more coming. They finally make it in but when Bucky presses the button it doesn’t start. He begins to hit the button harder but to no avail. “Damn it!” He yells angrily, slamming his hands on the wall and he begins to run his fingers through his hair.

(Y/N) looks around frantically for any solutions and their eyes freeze on a blinking red button on the opposite side wall. An override button. Footsteps can be heard and (Y/N) gives a shaky deep breath before stepping out of the elevator, quickly shutting the elevator access gate and locking it from the outside. Bucky runs up to the gate, shaking it as he looks at (Y/N) with a crazed look. “What the fuck are you doing!” He screams angrily yet scared for them at the same time as he continues to shake the gate. (Y/N) gives a sad smile before pointing their gun where the agents are about to appear.

“Getting you out, making sure you don’t die… I-I’m sorry for everything. Good luck, Barnes.” (Y/N) says before running towards the flashing red button and Bucky begins to panic. He yells as they shoot at the now present agents and all he can do is watch in horror. (Y/N) hits the button and the elevator doors begins to shut but all he wants is them to be in there with him.

(Y/N) runs out of ammo and he watches helplessly as they get shot. “No!” Bucky screams as loud as he can as they fall to the ground and horror fills his body as he sees an agent ready to shoot again but as the agent points the gun at (Y/N) the elevator doors shut, blocking his view. Bucky hits the gate furiously before resting his head on it as the elevator makes its ascent. He has to go back, he has to. 

When the doors open, he rushes out ready to go down to the lower levels but is quickly stopped by Steve, Sam and Natasha. He fights, thrashing violently. “I have to go back!”

“Buck, Buck! We’ll look for them I promise but right now we have to go.” Steve begs the soldier and Bucky slowly stops moving before looking at the elevator sadly. He pulls from their grips before walking to the jet without a word.

He didn’t hate (Y/N) as much as he thought and right then, he made it his mission to get them back, no matter what it takes, no matter the conditions. 


Bucky x Reader

Summary: The risk I took was calculated but man, am I bad at math.

Warnings: angst…like to the max, character death, risking your life, all that fun stuff

Word Count: 1.3k (this is deadass the shortest thing i’ve ever written and it’s still over 1k lmao why am i like this)

Author’s Note: hi hello! guess who’s back and as angsty as ever! this is something that again was floating in my inspo tag and i can’t find the post rn but it is there so when it’s not midnight i’ll go digging through and tag it. ya’ll probably recognize the quote because it’s been through tumblr i don’t even know how many times? but i literally banged this out in like two hours so ??? idk???? anyways, feedback is always welcome (please do i love hearing what all of you have to say) and can i just say thank you so much for all of your lovely responses to Will You Stay? like, they were so beautiful they made my entire life like????? i love all of you so fucking much ???? i can’t even describe it????? anyways enough of my endless question marks, hope you enjoy!!!!

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The first time, isn’t the last time.

The first time you risk your life it’s for a puppy. Small, golden, scrappy little thing. It’s caught in the middle of the road, yelping every time a car whips by. It’s flat on the ground, trying to make itself small as possible but at the same time sticking out against the pitch black tar. You sigh and drop your coffee into the trash before you run out in the middle of traffic and scoop the dog up before crossing to the other side.

“You’re an idiot,” he grumbles as he stares at the trembling mass of fur. You pout and say you’re sorry before you offer him the reason you nearly got flattened by an eighteen wheeler. He pretends to be angry until about five minutes later when the puppy is licking at his face.

He isn’t angry anymore, especially two weeks later when the puppy has become a permanent fixture in your home.

The second time, isn’t the last time.

The second time you risk your life is on vacation in the Bahamas. A little girl gets caught in the rip tide. Her arms flail as she cries for help but is drowned by the waves. Everyone watches but no one acts. You glance at the life guards who glance at the waves apprehensively before you roll your eyes and dive in. It takes you a while but luckily you’re a strong swimmer and within minutes she’s in your arms and safely on shore.

“You’re crazy,” he mutters as he rubs your back while you cough up salt water but his eyes shine with an emotion more powerful than you have ever seen. It only seems to grow when the little girl runs up to you and hugs you, thanking you for saving her life.

The third time, isn’t the last time.

The third time you risk your life is on a mission in Johannesburg. HYDRA had hit a biotech company and managed to steal information to a bomb that could level a small country. They climb into a helicopter and are about to get away and against Steve’s orders you jump and hang onto the runner of the helicopter. You hang on for dear life until you touch down. Your arms ache but you fight until you can’t feel anything anymore. But you have the files.

It takes them two days to find you. When they do they find you collapsed in an alleyway, dehydrated and living off of scraps from the nearby flea market.

“You’re so stupid,” he shakes his head. He’s angry but he holds your head up as you drink and brushes your hair until you fall asleep on his chest.

The fourth time, isn’t the last time.

The fourth time you risk your life is in the middle of a blizzard. It’s two in the morning and the wind is howling but when your phone rings you answer within seconds. The line is silent except for the sound of heavy breathing. He doesn’t say anything but you already know as you tie on boots and don your heaviest coat.

It takes you an hour to get to him. But you do. You’re pretty sure your car isn’t even parked properly and you’re not sure if you’re on the road or on the sidewalk but it doesn’t matter. By the time you get to him he’s already half way gone. You sit with him until he comes back to you. You sit with him until his eyes are clear and his breathing is normal. You sit with him until he’s yours again.

“You’re a moron,” he growls once his eyes look outside at the storm raging. You wonder if it was worth it but you smile anyway because you don’t care.

The fifth time, isn’t the last time.

The fifth time you risk your life it’s after two months of being locked in a basement. You have bruises on top of bruises, you bleed from different places every day and you can’t remember the last time you’ve had a proper meal. They pull you out every day and tie you to a chair. They spit in your face, they hit, they bite, they scratch, they punch, they shock, they twist, they break. You beg, you scream, you cry. But you don’t give them what they want. They want him but you can’t give them that. He’s everything to you and meaningless to them.

One day you’re bleeding so bad everything is tainted red and you can’t feel part of your face and can’t hear out of one ear. When you feel hands on you, you immediately start to tense and fight but relax when you hear his voice.

“It’s just me, it’s just me идиот,” he soothes you softly as his metal hand trembles while breaking your bonds. You fall into him and can’t find it in you to cry or make a sound. And you wonder if maybe this time, maybe this time it was worth it.

The first time, is your last time.

You risk your life for him and you don’t even think. You see him in danger, you see everyone in danger. But when you see him, when you hear the metal whir breaking through the clamor around you, you don’t think. You hear nothing else. You look at the five midnight black barrels of the machine guns facing him, glinting harshly and you just go. You think you can make it. If you just take that extra step, lose that extra second, you can make it. You two can make it out, together.

But you were always bad at math.

For the second you push him down you know you miscalculated. You don’t hear the shots but you feel them, ripping and tearing through flesh and bone. You feel the blood seep into the concrete floor. But you don’t hear the strangled sob from behind you and you don’t hear the hoarse shot. You don’t hear the bodies drop around you; you don’t hear the knife splitting through Kevlar and skin.

Yet you feel his hands on your face, your chest, your stomach. You feel him fumbling for a solution. He’s whispering fast in Russian, his skin flushed a shade of pink you’ve never seen before. It’s beautiful, really.

“You…you, you stupid, crazy, idiotic, moron,” he shouts with tears in his eyes. His bottom lip trembles and you reach to soothe it. Blood smears against the soft bristles that surround his mouth but neither of you really notice. “How could you do this? How…why, why would you ever you–”

“You’re alive,” your voice is hoarse and choked and filling with something you’re not sure of. It doesn’t even sound like you but he looks at you as if you were the only thing he heard. You think he says something else but the look on his face means he understands exactly what you’re saying.

He’s breathing heavy now. You can feel it in gentle puffs against your face. He’s shaking his head as he stares at you. He keeps shaking his head until his hair forms a dark curtain around his shimmering eyes. “No,” he whispers. “Not without you, not…please–”

You shake your head in response. “You’re alive,” you whisper as darkness begins to creep into your vision. “You’re alive.”

The weight of what you’re saying seems to settle onto his skin and into his bones because he’s looking at you with disbelief and wonder and fear and an ancient sadness that you feel deep in your chest. He presses his lips to your face and a wetness leaks onto your skin and seems to slide right off. “Not without you. я люблю тебя. Not without you.”

You clutch his hand and feel the black begin to spot his face, turning him gray. “You’re alive,” you say finally before your head drops into his metal palm.

Your first time, is your last time.

But God is it worth it.




я люблю тебя

I love you

Haunting Me (Chap. 7)

Haunting Me (NSFW) - Reader is a normal young adult living in New York, but little does she know that she’s a reincarnation of the long lost Bucky Barnes’ fiance from the 1940′s. What happens when she runs into Steve in 2012? Most importantly, what happens when she runs into The Winter Soldier?

Pairings: Bucky x POC Reader

Warnings: Fluff. Memories of past lives. Slight Angst. Violence. Mentions of smut in the past (super brief). A bit smutty.

A/N: Okay guys! I’m super sorry for the long update! Chap. 8 is finally here and it’s wild as heck hehe. >;) I hope y’all don’t kill me with the ending. muahaha!

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You’re Worth The Danger.

Request from anon:Can I request a Bucky x reader? She’s a civilian but they’ve been dating for months. Some hydra agents have been watching her and try to kidnap her when she was home alone. She manages to run away and hide inside a store calling Bucky to get her. After he picks her up he has her move in with him at the tower where she’ll be safe. Tony has a soft spot for her so he gives her an all access key and welcomes her to the family.

Note: All Russian was done through Google translate so I apologise to anyone who understands it and it doesn’t actually mean what it should do!

Bucky x Reader

Words: 2,437

Warnings: Violence, intimidating behaviour, threat to life and a swear word.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

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Sometimes you wished you could stay frozen in this moment of time forever…your boyfriend’s arms wrapped protectively around you as he slept peacefully next to you and your eyes gazing upon his perfect face. Every morning for the past few months now you had been greeted with this sight and it never grew old. Not only was he ridiculously handsome but he was part of the Avengers too! Yes you, an ordinary civilian, was dating an individual that helped to save the world on pretty much a daily basis……it was like your life had suddenly turned into a script from a movie and even now as you felt his presence and you looked upon him you still couldn’t wrap your head around it all.

“Are you watching me sleep again [y/n]?”

A tired smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he slowly, and a little reluctantly, opened both of his eyes. He knew you did it every morning but until now he had never mentioned it. It amused him that rather than getting up and starting your day you would just lay there and watch him instead. He couldn’t see any fascination with him sleeping but if it kept you happy then he would live with it.

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Loved You First (Part 3)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: The reader just returned from a long trip abroad, only to discover her best friend, Peggy Carter, is engaged to none other than her heartbreakingly beautiful ex-boyfriend, Bucky Barnes. (Modern au!)

Word Count: 2.2k

Wanings: none

A/n: Me actually posting something: a concept. Thank you for sticking around I love y’all :))

Tags:  @minervaem @imaginingbucky @buchananbarnestrash@illuminationunknown @aweways @aboxinthestars @marvel-fanfiction @alwayshave-faith @kapolisradomthoughts @johnmurphys-sass @captainmqmeep @iamwarrenspeace @missmalfoy1703 @allyp1023@fourtyninekirbygamzeegirl @38leticia @love-dria @archer-whovian-violinist @rockintensse @awwtommo @heytherepartner @theloveablesociopath @gerardwayisapotato @stevnsbucks @littlenerdgirl16

Part 1 | Part 2

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A week went by, and you managed to push your conflicting thoughts about Bucky to the back of your mind. You spent a lot of your time working with Peggy to plan her wedding. The two of you looked at floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, and different venues. Bucky was largely absent, as he had to fly to Chicago for a business trip.

“(Y/n), what do you think about this one?” Peggy asked, gesturing toward a tall vase with dahlias and hydrangeas peeking out of the top. You wrinkled your nose.

“It’s too tall,” you mused. “Your guests should be able to see each other over the centerpieces.” You ran your index finger over a shiny leaf. The two of you continued to walk around the shop, smelling and admiring the multitude of different centerpieces. As you rounded a corner, Peggy stopped, her hand latching onto your forearm.

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Chameleon [part 3]

Synopsis: [still in construction]
Requested: not at all
Pairing: Bucky×Reader
Warnings: none so far

Preview: Part 1; Part 2

A/N: A lovely reader contacted me last night to know if she could be part of my tag list. I didn’t have one but because of her, I thought maybe other people wanted to be tagged on the following chapters. So if you are interested in making part of my readers list, let me know. 

“Have you ever been in a fight?” Natasha tied her hair in a pony tale such thing she only did when training. Letting her hair down was her thing and everybody knew that.

“A couple of times.” you replied. “But I’ve been in several car chases, so don’t go start of thinking I’m a total inexperienced.” Natasha gave you a half smile because she knew you were being comic. It was the type of line she could imagine herself saying with the same tone you used but not everybody would get her humour. 

It was your first day at the gym with Natasha and you could consider yourself excited for what was to come. You had to admit that you were afraid of pissing her off with your lack of fighting skills. As you told Steve before, you were more of a strategist. Getting physical would be your last option in whatever situation. 

“Come on, show me what you can do.” agent Romanoff expected to see your best moves, total force and impact. She really wanted to have at least one reason to like you, to accept you. 

“What do you mean? You want me to just… like… go?” you had no more time to discuss your questions, next thing you saw was Natasha attacking you and you really did not want to get hit by her. 

You tried dodging her fists, but this woman could really take you down so easily. She was just giving you some beginners level of training and you already failed. She stopped her moves and watched as you panted with your back bent down and your hands on your knees. “What the hell?!”

You got up and Natasha waited so you could take a breath before she attacked you again. She was getting entertained, yes, but she wanted you to succeed and survive this first day like a real woman, like an avenger. 

“Are you trying to kill me?” again you came up with questions and so far this was being the longest dialogue you had since you got there. Natasha smiled. Your mind was only now questioning if tomorrow you would wake up to be alive or just have been gone to heaven after this training session. 

“Don’t be a chicken, Y/N. If you are here, if you are going to stay, there are things you must get through. This is just the beginning.” her crossed arms were now positioned as she would start round two, you got up quickly to your best posture and tried imitating her. “Ready?”

Hell no. You didn’t want to break your whole skeleton that morning but hey, you had a better plan. It would compromise the low profile you wanted to keep, but if you really wanted to blend in the group, to fit in as you had thought last night, you had to start making your moves. Sooner or later this would happen, right? Right. 

“Hell yeah.”

Natasha who was on the other side of the gym, took your last words as fuel to run towards you and do what she thought would be best, teach you how incredibly awesome were her moves and you had to at least learn one third of them until your first mission. 

But barely knew Natasha that you had other things in mind. Why learning them if you could only copy everything? Sounded weird if you wanted to say it out loud, but there was where your low profile got ruined and you used your mutant powers to copy Natasha’s DNA in mere seconds just before she threw her first punch and you dodged as if the real Natasha would do. 

“What the f-” she took a look on your face that looked just like her own. The perfect replica, better than any twin could ever look like the other. Agent Romanoff got interrupted by your grasp on her arms that made her spin around and get on her knees. She then found herself in the weirdest situation ever, having to fight against herself, it was’t Y/N anymore. 

Her legs swung to the sides dropping you in an amusing way to the floor. She got out of your grasp seeing an opportunity to go on top of you and just hold you down the way she knew you couldn’t get away. Well, at least she thought Y/N couldn’t get away. “What is that? What the hell is that, Y/N!?”

She screamed at you, she was completely confused so you decided to go back to your own skin, leaving Natasha’s DNA stored in your brain. The transformation was so fast and done kind of magically that under Natasha’s eyes, it was the most incredible thing she could have experienced. 

“Can you now let go of my arms?” you asked and so she did. She got up scared (or was it impressed?), and gave you a hand so you could get on your feet again. 

“So that… That’s what you have been hiding.” she concluded. 

“Well, it has only been a day and a few hours I got here. It isn’t the longest I kept a secrete. But yes, I did not want it to be used like that.” You said. You were pretty talkative today, it was unusual. Maybe it was happening because after so long, you had people around that you could have conversations with. 

“Tony must see this.” Natasha rushed to the door and you couldn’t let her go. 

“No! He can’t. Nobody can know about it now. Just for now…” she stopped to hear you. She wanted Tony to see what you were capable of even though it was scary and dangerous. “I guess I only showed you because we will get to spend some time here with you trying to kill me, while the only thing I have to defend myself is using other people’s skills.”

“Right.” Natasha swallowed your words still thinking about everything that just had happened. “But letting the others know about this” she pointed at you “will change things around here. They will see you as part of the team.”

“Nobody trusts a woman who can ‘change skin’. Don’t you see? They will never like having me around afraid of what I will turn into. Or what I’ll be doing in another skin.” you tried to show your point that was more than valid. Natasha understood. She looked at you, she watched your figure for silent seconds until she came up with something to say.

“Fine. But we need to talk about it. Your first mission is coming soon and we need to know what to do.” 

You nodded. Natasha had a half smile again, it was her best try of making you feel comfortable. She wanted you to trust her now that she knew about your powers, but there were still a lot of things she wanted to know about you. She knew it wouldn’t be easy because, just like herself, you had your past, your traumas, and your deepest secrets.

“How was the first day of training?” Asked Clint as you entered the living room where almost the entire team was gathered. 

“Not bad.” Answered Natasha glancing at you reminding you that she was being loyal to what you have asked her.

You didn’t know why you were there with them, and apparently there was no reason to be chilling in the living room. You remembered why Nick Fury selected you and brought you there and just by the thought of it, you shivered. Why could anyone just chill while there was a huge problem coming towards all of them sooner than they thought? But you, Y/N, thought twice and considered the next few hours your relaxing time. After all, you were tired and really wanted to just give your legs a little break. 

You didn’t know where to sit. So you looked around quickly and found a spot on the comfy couch. Right next to Bucky. You laughed to yourself hoping nobody noticed. How funny was it? He scared you, remember? But at the same time, the scary man was the first one to smile to you, and maybe the only one to give you another look that wasn’t judgmental. 

You walked over to the couch and sat without asking for permission. Nobody minded your movement around the room, but they seemed to be awaiting for something. Or someone. As you have noticed before, not all of them were present so you thought that maybe they were just expecting the others to join them. 

“How actually was your first day of training?” Bucky asked in a whisper not wanting anyone else to make part of this conversation. He saw the chance to talk to you so he took it. 

“I survived all Natasha’s attempts to kill me. I would say I did pretty good.” Your humour wasn’t hilarious, you knew already. But the choice of words and tone was what made Natasha slightly like you and unconsciously you tried to do the same with the soldier. 

He laughed came from his nose. Maybe he also liked your comic side. Maybe. You took the chance to look at him from closer, it was awesome. He went from super villain to a superhero in such short time. You certainly could go from mutant girl to superhero just like he did. That was what Nick believed. Professor Xavier too, you thought.

”What are we doing here?” You asked trying to understand the purpose of being in that room.

“We’re waiting for Steve and Tony.” He said not actually answering your question. 

“Tony doesn’t like me.” But neither did Sam. Bucky had his attention fixed on your face. He watched you frown with the affirmation. 

Tony didn’t like anybody at first sight. He always had the worst impressions of the people until you proved him wrong. But Bucky couldn’t give you any advise since his history with Stark was much more delicate than yours. You knew everything about this drama, part came from the media that couldn’t stop talking about Bucky and his past, and other information came from what you heard at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. 

Tony and Steve finally showed up in the living room and their presence made you pay attention to what was to come. You were curious to know what all of you were there for. It was when Steve held up a dvd case and from afar your couldn’t recognize the cover.

“We’re watching The Great Gatsby.”

A/N: This ending! I kinda hate it but I can also imagine Steve Rogers being all excited to watch a movie.

About Y/N’s powers, guys, you will more details soon. Don’t give up on me! 

Tell me what do you think about Y/N’s superpowers, and what do you think is going to happen from now on. There is still a lot to come. 

-Pearl Writer

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Two Ghosts

Bucky Barnes vs. Grant Ward

I’ve seen a lot of people justifying what Ward has done throughout his arch on AoS by comparing him to Bucky Barnes. I don’t know how this came about, but it’s about time I wrote my feelings about it down ‘cause boy are there a lot of them.

Grant Ward has never been a good man; he himself admits it. As a kid/teen, he hurt his brother and burned down his family home. As an adult, he became loyal to an evil man and, in turn, an evil organization. When HYDRA “fell,” he started rebuilding it. He killed innocent people, hurt others, and made life miserable for people who happened to cross paths with him. He constantly blamed his actions on others by claiming he didn’t know anything different.

Now, most people will justify this by saying he was an abuse victim. I agree… a bit. His parents may have been abusive and what Christian coerced him into doing to Thomas was awful. Garrett was very emotionally suppressive; Ward was taught not to care about people. And sure, maybe the team was a little rough on him when they captured him. But through all of this, Ward always had a choice. He could’ve ran away from Garrett, he could have betrayed HYDRA instead of SHIELD (when in his life had he been so happy? He loved Skye, Fitzsimmons were his friends, May *cough*, Coulson was the first non-abusive father-type figure he ever had; why didn’t he stay?), he could have reformed himself after he escaped SHIELD custody. But no. He chose to restart HYDRA after escaping SHIELD, he killed innocent people, and spent all his time trying to get revenge on others. He constantly blames others for his actions. He hurts other people because he was hurt and, instead of breaking the cycle, he makes it oh so much worse for the next people down the line. His life revolves around his vendetta against Coulson… all because he blames them for inadvertently tricking him into killing Kara. That was 100% his fault, but he shoves the blame onto someone else.

Look, Ward is a compelling character. To say I was shocked by the twist in 1x17 would be an understatement. I enjoyed when he worked with the team post-season 1; it was interesting to watch the dynamics. But he just became a nuisance after Kara died and I was happy when the Hive plot was over. Brett is hilarious and talented, so I’ll miss him, but not Ward.

Now Bucky Barnes is a different story. He wasn’t a childhood abuse victim and he certainly had a stable life until he joined the army. But when his unit, the 107th, was captured and Zola tested Hydra’s super soldier serum on him, his life took an unfortunate turn. While on a mission two years later, he was blasted out of a train, fell into a ravine, and was rediscovered by his Hydra captors. He spent 70+ years under the mind control of evil Hydra leaders. When he finally escaped, he went underground. He had every right to go out and find those horrible people and get revenge on them, but he didn’t. If it wasn’t for Zemo, he would’ve stayed in hiding, peacefully minding his own business and staying under the radar. And you know the worst thing? He personally takes responsibility for all of the people Hydra forced him to kill. (“What you did all those years… it wasn’t you.” “I know. But I did it.”)

See, the difference between these two characters is that one had a choice and the other did not. Ward chose to do all the things he did, while Bucky did not. And the other difference is that one actually takes the blame for the destruction he caused, even though he absolutely did not want to cause it. The other just plain enjoys hurting people.

So please stop justifying Grant Ward’s actions by saying he is like a brain-washed Bucky Barnes. By no means was someone forcing him to hurt people; that was his decision and the consequences rest on his shoulders.

Second Chances: CH 1


bucky barnes x reader

fic summary: Your life in DC quickly went to shit, so you took all of your money from your old husband and ran to live far far away from it all. One night, you hear a knock at the door and a certain soldier from your past needs a second chance at life. 

Everyone in their lifetime manages to get into some sort of trouble, and most of the time it’s something that could be swept under the rug. You’d had run ins with miniscule trouble, however this time it was different; you knew there was no second chances being given out. Fleeing the state was the only option left for you, and you barely had time to grab your dog and some clothes, plus the wad of cash that had been tucked away in a safe in case this situation ever occurred. After a month or so on the road, you’d finally found a little piece of heaven to call your own. There’d been a worn down farmhouse for sale that needed some work, just outside of Portland, Maine. There was a dense forest surrounding the edges of the cornfields that marked the end of your property. A sweet little town was just a mile down the road, where you were able to get all the groceries and supplies you’d needed.

Finally having your own spot to call home once again was enough to bring you immense joy, that and being away from everything you’d endured in your past. The only exception to your solitude was your puppy, who you’d picked out from the pound before you left the town you had lived in all those years.

The daily routine was something of a dream for you, now that you were only selling goods from your garden, and eggs at the farmers market on Saturdays. Since it was Friday evening, you were making your rounds about the farm to prep for the next morning. Picking some of the tomatoes that had just finished growing, and the basil looked fresher than ever. The chickens finally cooperated and laid eggs, just in time for the upcoming market. You were more than happy with your bounty as you headed into the sun porch where your labrador was waiting patiently for you. After a ruffle to his ears, you walked into the kitchen and locked the door leading to the porch in preparation for bedtime. It was leftovers day so you found yourself on the couch, watching Parks and Rec, and eating some day-old chicken.

Your bed was practically calling your name after the long day you had volunteering to work at the local fair that was going on. It was just selling tickets and earning a small amount of cash, but you certainly had a good time seeing your new friends come out with their loved ones, and kids. Money wasn’t an issue since you had sold your old house, and it was a big one. So instead of worrying about money and mortgage payments, you paid for your house in cash the day you bought it and concentrated on making money for the fixes. Plus, you got some free stuff from the man who worked in the mom-and-pop tool shop down the road. He quickly came to see you as a daughter to him, and he slipped you some free paint and wrenches.

Everything was going just as planned for your Friday night, until you heard a knock at your door at 9 pm.

You shot a quick glance at your phone, and there were no messages indicating that any of the few friends you had were coming over. Sure, it was Friday and everyone could be out and about. But you still lived in the middle of the woods, with a giant field surrounding your house. But you figured if anything it was Gregory who ran the tool shop, and since he didn’t know how to work a cell phone it could’ve very easily been him outside. But as you approached the front door, you noticed that the porch lights weren’t even on, and that’s when you knew something was off. Either you had a ghost on your porch, or someone snuck up sound enough to not set off any motion detector.

But then, a husky voice cut through the deafening silence ringing in your ears, “Please… Help me.”

You made the brass decision to swing the door open, and your jaw went slack as you recognized a bruised, and bloody Bucky Barnes leaning on your door frame.

So just imagine that Natasha and Bucky find it to be a fun idea to spy on Steve and Sharon during one of their dates, so they basically hide behind their menus or something, and like anonymously send drinks to Steve and Sharon’s table.

But Steve and Sharon notice who it is and are like “ha ha nice one guys.” But Natasha and Bucky find this to be disproportionality hilarious and for Steve and Sharon’s next date they decide that they need to be slightly more elaborate, maybe like wear fake wigs or something. They still let Steve and Sharon know that they are spying though by sending drinks over, which leads to a very confused couple looking around the room and scrutinizing every face until they find Natasha and Bucky.

Then it essentially keeps going on and becomes this giant escalation of disguises spying on the other, where you get lines like “look Steve, I know you think that they are the two teens on their first date but I’m 110% SURE THAT IT’S THE TWO COLLEGE BROS AT THE BAR!”

But they are both wrong because it’s actually the two little old ladies knitting scarves in the booth behind them.