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Right Now?

We Were Married Last Christmas Outtake

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Explicit Language and Pure Smut aka Semi-Porn without Plot?

Word Count: 1.1k+ (short and filthy)

A/N: Those of you who haven’t read the series may take this as an AU, but it’s just after they completed an undercover mission early. They chose to “stay” at their home for a little while. Those of you who have read the series will enjoy this (the outtake is part of the uncut version), so have some smut.. x. T

At the sound of the door slamming and the hush of wind blowing in with the figure that stomped into the foyer, your head jerked up from the stir-fry you were tending to and you caught a glimpse of a shoulder before he disappeared behind the wall again. You turned off the heat on the burner and wiped your hands on the dishtowel, trailing to the large entryway and leaning against the framework to gaze at the dirtied soldier taking his work boots off.

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Read where someone predicts Robert has a full blown affair in the future after they have been a solid couple. If it has to happen I think it will be more interesting if it is Aaron. My idea is that the marriage is getting dull for Aaron. Robert has settled & become boring. Aaron misses the thrill of the barn sex &pub bathroom sex. Robert is now too focused on business & family. Aaron ends up with free night so goes to Bar West. Ends up in a hook-up. It was fun, easy & it goes on from there

If it HAD to happen, then yeah I’d rather it be Aaron but for Aaron to have an affair would be so out of character!

In terms of Robron though, Roberts one night stand, drunken mess I can deal with and get over however I don’t think I would ever get over an affair by either of them! Robert slept with Rebecca because he wanted to hurt Aaron for giving up on their life together. It was ALL about Aaron and Robert knew Rebecca would be easy.
If there was an affair it would be a whole different kettle of fish! They would be wanting someone else, needing someone else to satisfy them because the other one couldn’t. It would destroy everything.

Let’s hope that never happens.

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  • Bucky stressing over what to wear
  • Steve teasing him relentlessly 
  • “Look at my little Bucky all grown up! Goin out on a date like a big boy. They grow up so fast”
  • “Steve. If you don’t shut up, I will kill you”
  • “But then you’ll be all sweaty for your date with y/n…”
  • “That’s it. Get out.”
  • Him trying a bunch of different hairstyles 
  • “Do I go with ‘Polo Red’ or ‘Eternity’ cologne?”
  • “Stop hogging the bathroom Barnes!”
  • “Leave me alone Tony!”
  • Being stunned at how amazing you look
  • Bucky insisting that you choose where to go 
  • But him making lots of suggestions 
  • “We could go to a shooting range”
  • “Or Bucky, we could do something not involving automatic weapons" 
  • Taking his motorcycle to a pottery wheel class you saw an ad for
  • Calling you “doll” 
  • Him being very annoyed by the hipster wannabe pottery teacher
  • “Why does he keep saying ‘cray cray’ and ‘totes’ y/n?”
  • Bucky breaking the pottery wheel
  • Being kicked out of the pottery class
  • “He said to hit the clay to get the air bubbles out y/n!”
  • “He didn’t say to beat the clay Bucky!”
  • Him choosing the next place you go
  • Which is a shooting range 
  • Running into Steve and Sam there
  • “Oh no”
  • Steve and Sam teasing Bucky for taking you to a shooting range on a date
  • “Actually boys, this was my idea. And we’re having a very great time. So if you’d excuse us, we were just about to go make out under the streetlamp outside so…”
  • Steve and Sam watching, shocked, as you and Buck leave
  • “Are we really gonna kiss y/n…”
  • “I sure hope so”
  • Him kissing you under the streetlamp