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im compiling a list of cornchip au trivia that we’re coming up with

  • natsu shares a flat with cana and gajeel
  • cana had him try weed for the first time (with like 16 lmao)
  • plue is an Evil Hellhound and does not live up to his role
  • lucyfer is the gentlest and worst devil ever 
  • natsu just really loves cornchips
  • “No. There is no return policy on souls.”
  • Lucy has never tried cornchips but her eyes will soon be opened
  • Cana is about to enter a commited relationship with barmaid Mira B)
  • her and Lucy get The Flirt ™ on from second one, but they become and remain great friends with a flirty vibe bc both fall hard for Significant Other People *cough* Natsu and Mira *cough*
  • Gajeel and Levy have been going out for about two years
  • they have a couch in their apartment that they call couchy and it is v soft
  • happy and pantherlily are the flat cats and natsu and gajeel are in constant competition as to who has the better cat
  • the celestial spirits are demon lords
  • devil lucy is sexy af in case u were wondering (also yes horns!!)
Random Natsu Pairings: Natsu x Juvia/Natsu x Erza - Mine (Part 1: Erza)

Erza drummed her fingers on the table as she glared holes into the back of a certain Dragon Slayer’s head. There he was again, talking animatedly with… that girl… Instead of his team. Happy was with him, of course, and it looked like the trio was planning out their next fishing expedition. A tick mark pulsated on Erza’s head as she thought about those expeditions. They’d been happening with increasing frequency over the past month, and only recently did they seriously start eating into Team Natsu’s time together.

The scarlet knight growled under her breath. She had nothing personal against the Water mage; Juvia really was a sweet girl. It’s just… Natsu was he- theirs. His first priority should be bonding with her, Gray, Lucy, and Wendy! Okay, so for the last month they might’ve been branching out a little and spending time with other people… Sometimes they just needed to change up their day-to-day lives so that they wouldn’t neglect their other friends. Jellal had been around for a bit longer than normal, and Erza had really enjoyed their time together.

But… Erza also knew these periods of branching out were hard on the Dragon Slayer. He got along just fine with everyone in Fairy Tail; it’s just that, well… there’s a reason Team Natsu formed and stuck together through thick and thin. Natsu in large doses was not recommended for the average mage; The four of them - plus Happy and Carla - were about the only people who could manage to associate with a ‘walking volcano’ so frequently, and even then, he would, at times, test their patience.

…. Then again, didn’t they all get on one another’s nerves a bit? They were like a family within the larger one that is Fairy Tail.

Except it seemed one of them had strayed from the flock, now that their time apart was dwindling down, and requests were coming in with more frequency. Who knew Natsu could get along with Juvia of all people? Their opposing elements aside, Juvia was enamored with Natsu’s rival; she was as calm and collected as the deep blue sea - you know, when she wasn’t fantasizing or draped over her “Gray-sama” - and he… he was as wild and untamable as a raging inferno. You’d think that these two wouldn’t bond very well, but it’d obviously gotten to the point that Natsu would invite Juvia to tag along on some of Team Natsu’s missions.

And the worst part was… instead of fawning over Gray, as one might think she would on those trips, Juvia had been very buddy-buddy with the Dragon Slayer. Almost as if she’d unearthed some great secret about the loveably dense Pyro that made their friendship truly blossom instead of fizzle out. She’d even blown up at Lucy a few times when the blonde criticized the Dragon Slayer.

And Natsu… Ohhh, Natsu. When he wasn’t inviting Juvia along on their missions, he was getting to know her better and “showing her the ropes” with fishing. And when he wasn’t doing that, half the things that would come out of his mouth in general would be about Juvia. Juvia, Juvia, Juvia. It made Erza’s blood boil, seeing the abundant affection twinkling in his eyes as he talked about his and Juvia’s adventures when the rest of Team Natsu wasn’t around. Juvia had really… wormed into his heart……..

“Uh-oh! Somebody’s looking a little green over here!” Mirajane giggled as she briefly stopped beside Erza’s table, balancing two trays in her arms.

Erza narrowed her eyes and raised a gauntleted hand to her cheek instinctively.

“Green…? Do I look ill?”

Mira laughed. Seemed like somebody wasn’t all there if she wasn’t registering figures of speech.

“No, silly… Well, not physically.” A mischievous smile played on her lips before she rolled her tongue playfully. “Somebody’s jealousss!”

Erza adopted a frustrated blank face.

“Jealous? Of what?” Mira waited, never dropping her playful smirk for a second. Erza didn’t need it spelled out. And indeed, after about a minute, Erza’s eyes connected Mira’s line of sight with the bluenette listening to her Dragon Slayer with such rapt attention, and she spluttered as her face became the same color as her hair. “M-M-M-ME?! Jealous of Juvia?! That’s absurd!”

Erza roared this at the top of her lungs, and only belatedly did she realize that at least half the Guild was looking over at her and Mira now. Even the Dragon Slayer stopped in his engaging storytelling to stare at her, along with Juvia. Putting on the sternest expression that she could, she glowered at her “audience”.

Is there a problem…?” After receiving many hurried 'no’s’, and the Guild went about its day again, Erza glared scathingly at the barmaid. “Damn Demon…”

Mira tilted her head and offered a serene smile.

“Guilty as charged!” She giggled before offering one piece of advice. “If you want my opinion, just go and be blunt with him! The longer you put it off, the more you’ll regret it, y'know.”

Erza turned her face away from the Takeover mage, though she could still see Erza’s cheeks redden.

“I… I don’t know what you’re talking about… I just think Natsu has been neglecting his team lately, that’s all.”

Mira appeared unimpressed.

“… Uh-huh. And who was it again that was off gallivanting with Crime Sorciere for the past month?” Mira rolled her eyes as the redhead opened her mouth to protest; she cut off her rival before she could butt in. “Gray, Lucy, and even Wendy I can understand; Wendy doesn’t want to turn anyone down when they ask her to go on a mission with them, and Lucy can get a bit carried away when she’s going on jobs without losing any serious reward money. And of course Gray likes to get away from his rival from time-to-time… But you… What’s your excuse? Y'know Natsu’s been moaning about wanting to go on S-Class Quests with you.”

Erza opened her mouth to refute the fact that she would take Natsu on something as dangerous as S-Class Quests, but…. she closed her mouth within seconds as she also knew that he and Gray were about the only ones she would take on those missions. Lucy and Wendy were strong, but they hadn’t bonded with her like Natsu and Gray had; and with Gray wanting to take a “break” from his rival, as Mira put it, Erza knew Natsu would be the only one she’d be “gallivanting” around with.

For some reason, that made Erza’s blush intensify…

“W-Well… he should’ve said… something… sooner…” Erza weakly, albeit stubbornly argued, arms crossed over her chest and her cheeks puffed out.

Riiiiiiight. Like Natsu is going to interrupt your alone time with you-know-who.” Mira rolled her eyes and waved off the scarlet knight as she tried to refute her again. “You have to know by now that loveable Pyro places your happiness above everything else. If you wanna hang around with Crime Sorciere, that’s none of his business, as far as he’s concerned. And because you so insist he be the one to break the ice, that's why you’re gonna lose him, at this rate. So I’ll repeat it one more time… go be blunt with Natsu. We both know it’s the best way to get through to him. Unless… You want Juvia-chan to win his heart?”

Having spoken her peace, Mira turned on her heel with a serene smile on her face, leaving Erza there at the table, opening and closing her mouth repeatedly, like a fish on dry land. It wasn’t like Tincan to hold herself back from something she wanted; but then again, her rival was probably wrestling through her emotions, and was unsure that what she was feeling was burning jealousy for the Water mage that had apparently swooped in while the gallant knight’s back was turned.

It was enough to send Mira into another fit of giggles, really. Tincan could be so much like her pet dragon in so many ways, it was so cute.

While Mira was finding amusement in the whole situation, Erza was slowly coming to grips with the fact that she really was jealous of Juvia. Natsu and Gray would always be the most special people in her life, but it was unsurprisingly the Fire Dragon Slayer that she’d grown more attached to. That she got more physical with. That she admired out of everyone else in the Guild.

Damn it! Natsu Dragneel was hers! She’d staked her claim long ago! And it was about time she reminded… everyone…. of that….


Note: hehe. I was gonna make this a single “Nervia” post, but then my mind stuck to Erza-chan for a while, so I’m making this a mini-series. The next part obviously centers around Juvia-chan, and the part after that, Natsu-boy. From there…. I dunno if there’ll be a fourth part yet. Part Three might be the initial conclusion, at least. Let’s see where this harem takes me. I’m looking forward to it. XD

Underestimating a Gorgeous Woman

Miraxus Week Day 2 Entry: AU/ Crossover

Pirate AU (no, not a One Piece crossover like you might expect, just a straight up pirate AU).

Title: Underestimating a Gorgeous Woman
Pairing: Mirajane Strauss x Laxus Dreyar
Genre: Romance/ Drama
Rating: M (some minor adult content)
Word Length: 2002

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or the characters, they belong to Hiro Mashima.

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One Shot: The Not-So-Horrible First Date

My friend gave me a prompt and this is what came out of it. Enjoy!

Summary: He was nervous, beyond nervous. He was asking the girl he liked for two years now out. On a date. Now he just had to hope nothing would ruin it..

Natsu POV

He was nervously pacing in front of her door. Holy crap this was harder than it looks. How was he, Natsu Dragneel, going to be able to ask Lucy Heartfillia out on a date? She was gorgeous, smart, kind, and one of the strongest mages he knew. He just destroyed things.  With fire and enemies. Not exactly great date material.

He had been in front of her door for the last thirty minutes trying to find the courage to just knock on her door.

“You wimp!!! Just knock on her freaking door and ask her out already!!”

“But what if she says no?”

“But what if she says yes. Knock!”

“This was a bad idea. I should just go back to the guild beat Gray.”

“Gray will just hold it over your head that you chickened out.”

His internal battle with his thoughts wasn’t going so well.

He raised his slightly shaking fist to the door and rapped on it three times. “Coming!” he heard the angelic voice from inside yell. “I should leave this isn’t going to end well I should–” His internal debate was cut off by the door swinging open and the very beautiful girl he was debating asking out stood in the doorway.

“Natsu! You normally don’t use the door..?” she sounded confused which she had every right to be. He normally just jumped through her window and slept on her bed until she showed up to just kick him right out.

“Um yeah. Can I talk to you for a second?” he was shaking, barely able to keep from stuttering.

“Sure. Are you ok? You’re shaking.” She noticed, crap she noticed. Just shake it off and keep your cool.

Lucy turned around and walked back into her apartment while gesturing for him to follow. He walked in, shut the door behind him, and glanced around. It smelled like her, vanilla with a hint of strawberries. He walked further into her apartment. Books were on the small coffee table she had in her living room and a cup of something sat next to them. She had been cooking while reading it seemed. The steaming plate of chocolate and doughy goodness sat on her kitchen counter.

“Cookies!!” he was glad for the distraction. Anything to take his mind off the looming question lingering in his mind he knew he had to ask. Natsu shoved three cookies into his mouth and grabbed about five in his other hands.

“Hey those were for me!” Lucy sounded annoyed but the slight smile on her lips gave her away. She wasn’t really mad, otherwise he’d never be allowed in her apartment after day one. He’s stolen more food from her house than he’s probably bought for his own house.

“So what did you want to talk about?” ah crap. The moment he’d been dreading the most. This would either fail and destroy all hope for his life or succeed and pass every expectation. Natsu swallowed the giant lump of cookie, it was now or never.

“Um.. I was wondering if you wanted to possibly go on a date with me tonight?” Well now there was no taking it back. The words were hanging between them and time seemed to stretch on and on. Mini victory party for not loosing all of his dignity as a man. Now the more terrifying part, waiting for her answer. He watched as her face went from softly smiling to shocked and bright red. Was that a good sign or was it a bad one? Crap it was probably a bad one. Shit shit shit..

“I’m sorry that was stupid of me. I mean we’re best friends, best friends don’t go out on dates. They date other people more qualified for them. Or someone new that they haven’t spent years with formulating a significant bond with that could possibly be seriously damaged right now. Ha ha forget I said anything this was a stupid idea dammit Natsu..” he was rambling and she still looked shocked. Oh great, bloody fantastic. He just ruined quite possibly the best friendship he’s ever had.

“Di..did you just ask me out on a date?” Lucy asked softly, still looking shocked and her face red.

“Yeah?” It came out as more of a question than a statement. Dammit Natsu get your shit together. It’s Lucy, your best friend. Relax. His hand was scratching the back of his head while the other still gripped three cookies. Breathe just breathe. It’s going to be ok.. I hope. His thoughts were getting more and more frantic as he desperately looked for an exit strategy.

He glanced back towards Lucy who was gazing right back at him, almost as if she was trying to find something in his eyes. He nervously grinned, “Lucy..?”

Suddenly she smiled, her thousand watt smile that could brighten anyone’s day. She walked around the island in the kitchen that was blocking them from each other. Still smiling, wider if possible, she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered one word into his ear, “Yes.”

Natsu POV

Holy shit she said yes! SHE SAID YES!!! Natsu was on top of the world and nothing was going to bring him down. The girl of his dreams had agreed to go on a date with him. Only thing now was he had to actually plan the date.

Fancy restaraunt? No too many people and he didn’t know if he had the extra cash at the moment.. Picnic by the lake where he and Happy went fishing? Too many mosquitos this time of year. He didn’t want them to be eaten alive on their first date. What about the.. yes. He knew the perfect place for their date. Now he just needed to bring the right supplies.

He walked into the guild and practically beelined for the white-haired bartender.

“Mira! Mira!” said barmaid looked up from her conversation with Erza when she heard her name being called. “Natsu your fire chicken is out of stock for today I already told you this earlier.”

“Forget about the chicken, This is important. I need your help. What food should I bring for my date with Lucy tonight?” he eagerly asked.

The sound of a glass shattering filled the guild and suddenly it was completely quiet.

“Did you say date with LUCY?!” the barmaid all but shrieked.

“Yeah now can you help me with food or not?” he was growing impatient. He only had a few hours before he was supposed to pick up Lucy from her apartment and this was taking longer than he wanted it to.

A roar of “FINALLY” went up throughout the guild. Natsu looked around him, confused. Gray came up to him and smacked him on the shoulder, “Finally grow a pair flame-breath? Congrats.”

Natsu nodded at him, still slightly confused. He spun around back to Mira when the tip of a sword stopped him. He looked up into Erza’s eyes and gulped. Uh oh.

“If you hurt Lucy in any way you won’t be able to walk for weeks.” she was in her overprotective mode. He nodded quickly and the sword dropped. “Congrats though. It’s about time the two of you realized your feelings.”

“Thanks I think?” the dragon slayer was a little overwhelmed as more and more member of the guild came to congratulate him.

“Mira? Can you please help me now?” he looked at the barmaid who was off in la-la land. “MIRA!”

“THIRTY NALU BABIES! Oh right your food. Where are you taking her?” Mira snapped out of her daydream and gave her full attention the the nervous and overwhelmed fire dragon slayer.

“Well I was thinking of taking her…”

Natsu POV

Everything was in place and now he just had to pick up the celestial mage from her apartment. He was even more nervous than this morning when he asked her. He walked up the stairs leading to Lucy’s apartment. He knocked and waited anxiously for her to open the door. When the door opened and revealed the beauty it had hid before.

She was breathtakingly gorgeous. A soft blue sundress clung to her in all the right places but still managed to be flowy. It ended at mid thigh and she was wearing a pair of silver sandals on her feet. A small charm rested just above her breasts on a simple chain. Her hair was down curling at the end; her normal side pony tailed ditched. A nervous smile graced her lips and her eyes were glittering.

“You look beautiful.” he managed to say and handed her the single rose he was carrying. A cute blush covered her cheeks and she whispered a “Thank you” while shutting the door behind her.

“Shall we?” he asked, holding out his arm for her to take.

“We shall.” she grabbed it and smiled up at him, sniffing the rose.

They walked to their destination, just a little ways past the guild. Lucy gasped and broke away from Natsu’s arm, “The cherry blossom trees?” She spun around, and grinned. “Nice touch with the lanterns.”

The dragon slayer had managed to light about one hundred or so mini lanterns and place them in the tree and along the ground. It lit up the area with a soft glow and provided enough light for them to see each other. It was a clear night, so if they looked up they could see the millions of stars glittering in the sky. A small blanket was laid out underneath one of the trees, lanterns outlining parts of the blanket and a picnic basket in the middle.

“Come on Luce, there’s food.” he guided her over to the blanket and opened the basket. “A sandwich for the lady.” Lucy giggled, amused at his behavior.

Giggles and “aww"ing filled the small area. Suddenly a small, blue hair solid script mage tumbled out from one of the surrounding bushes. "Mira! Why’d you push me? Oh, hi Lu-chan! Hope you’re having fun on your date!”

“It’s not exactly a date when someone else is here.” Lucy grumbled, not thrilled with the appearance of her friend. The blue haired mage waved and disappeared back into the bushes where the other females were waiting.

She looked over at Natsu and they both laughed. “Should’ve known someone was bound to show up sooner or later. It is Fairy Tail after all.” Natsu said while chuckling.

“Yeah, I’m surprised it wasn’t Erza or Gray.” she giggled. The dragon slayer paled at the thought of the redhead.

“She already threatened me if I hurt you in anyway.” He shivered, not so pleasant images of Erza beating the life out of him. “You don’t have to worry about me hurting you though.” he smiled at her, and her breath hitched. The soft glow of the fire made him look even more handsome than normal. She smiled back, “Good. Otherwise it wouldn’t be just Erza on your ass.”

He laughed and the two dug into their sandwiches when a bright flash caught them both off guard.

“Princess how I wish to make you my bride. Let us run away and fulfil the promises of our love!”

“Loke!? What are you doing here?” Lucy was shocked to see her stellar spirit kneeling in front of her. She had left her keys back at her apartment believing she didn’t need them for a date with Natsu.

“I’m here to take you away my love.” Now she was getting annoyed. This was her first real date and as far as she knew dates didn’t go like this!

“Go away Loke. I’m not in the mood for your jokes. I’m on a date.” Lucy huffed. The spirit seemed to then take in his surroundings. He saw the lanterns, the picnic basket and the annoyed fire dragon slayer sitting next to her.

“Forgive me my love. Enjoy your date.” He bowed, kissed the back of Lucy’s hand and then looked over at Natsu. “Break her heart and I break your face.” With that he was gone. More friends stopped by to say hello, even though they were iin a secluded area.

“I knew shouldn’t have gone to guild for help.  Anyone else going to pop in and say hi?” Natsu asked.

“Well flame-brain since you asked I might as well.”

“That wasn’t a serious question ice-princess!” He had enough with this bullshit. “FIRE DRAGON FIST!” the attack effectively shot Gray back to the guild as well as lighting the blanket and remaining food on fire. Shit. Lucy shrieked and leapt up to avoid being burned by the flames. She glanced over at Natsu and saw him shaking his head and rubbing his hand over his forehead as if he had a headache.

“Well this has been a rather eventful evening hasn’t?” Lucy sighed while gigling slightly. “Never a dull moment with you.”  

“I’m sorry Luce, I know this isn’t what you dreamed of as a first date.” Natsu apologized as he glared at the ground wishing that somehow this night would just end and put him out of his embarrassment. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed. “This was a disaster.”

“Not a traditional first date no but I still had fun. We could try again tomorrow maybe?” The dragon slayer looked over at the celestial mage who had a slight blush and was smiling.

“You serious? You want to try again?” He could hardly believe his ears. She didn’t hate him and she wanted to go on a second date.

Lucy walked closer to Natsu and stopped so that their chests were almost touched. “What? you think one date ruined by our friends is going to keep me away? Keep on dreaming dragon slayer cause I’m here to stay.” She smiled and bit her bottom lip. Looking up at him as he tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

“Glad to hear that Luce because there’s no way you’re getting rid of me now.” He grinned and then leaned down and pressed his lips softly against hers. Her eyes slipped shut as she kissed him back, leaning up on her tiptoes to kiss him better. Her hands gripped his scarf and vest while his cupped her head.

The kiss didn’t last very long but to them it was perfect. He broke away first, opened his eyes to gaze down at her. Resting his forehead against hers as a shy smile found its way on her lips. “Not such a bad date huh?” He grinned.

“Not at all.” she leaned up and kissed him again, pulled back and said “We should probably get back, it’s getting late.”

He nodded and they started on their way back only this time his arm was securely around her shoulders and hers around his waist.

Not a bad first date at all.



Part I 

Summary: Juvia, Erza, Lucy and Levy decided to take a mission. They return from the mission only to get this odd feeling. Once the girl step into the guild they are covered in smoke. What happened to the girls and what are four babies doing sitting where the girls once were….


The Mission


The girls had decided to take a mission on their own since the guys thought it would be nice to have a guys only mission quest. The mission was pretty easy break a curse on a village that was placed by a dark guild. 

“Juvia thinks this mission is going to be easy,” Juvia smiled walking along with the girls.

“Yes indeed plus the reward is good,” Erza said as they continued their way to the village.

“I’m just glad the guys didn’t come or else the reward would be cut from all the damages,” Lucy sighed.

It didn’t take them long to get to the village. When they arrived they were shocked to see the village covered in a rune spell that cast a spell on anyone that walks into the village.

“Levy what does it say,” Erza asked looking at the rune.

“Hold up, um it says that anyone that enters will be turned into a creature of the night and will never be able to leave the village ever again,” Levy said her pen in her hand ready to break the spell.

“How long will it take you to break it Levy-san,” Juvia asked concerned.

“It will take a while why don’t you and Erza go take care of the Dark Guild while Lu-chan and I stay and try to break the spell,” Levy answered taking out spell books from her bag along with her gale glasses.

“Alright Lucy make sure to protect Levy while she breaks the curse,” Erza ordered as she and Juvia ran to where the Guild was suppose to be at.

It didn’t take Levy long to break the spell and not long before some of the members from the dark guild came to attack them. Lucy and Levy where running threw the forest trying to get away from the people following them as well as trying to find Erza and Juvia.

“Open Gate of the Bull Taurus,” Lucy called out summoning the bull spirit.

“MOOOO Lucy you look beautiful like always,” Taurus commented swinging his axe.

“Taurus take care of these guys," 

Levy quickly did a rune spell while Taurus held them back. Once they were stuck in the rune Erza and Juvia joined them. 

"I see you caught two of them. We managed to destroy the guild as well as take in all the members. The council has arrived to take them away,” Erza said. 

“Haha you Fairy Tail girls will never take us alive,” one of the guys said.

“Funny, but we aren’t the ones stuck in a rune trap,” Lucy smirked.

“Not for long,” the other one smirked as a magic circle appeared over the girls causing a smoke to appear. 

Once the smoke was gone the runes were broken and the two guild members were gone.

“Huh what was that,” Levy asked rubbing her eyes.

“I don’t know, Anyways lets collect the reward and then head back to the guild,” Erza commanded making her way to the village.

The village thanked the girls and even rewarded them with more than what was on the request flier. The girls were making their way back to the guild when each one of them started to feel weird. Once the guild doors were open a bright light covered the girls and slowly disappeared. Once the light was gone four little girls stood where they once were. 

“Huh who are you,” Mira the barmaid asked looking at the 4 little girls.

“I’m Erza,” Erza smiled shyly.

“Juvia is Juvia,” Juvia said shyly.

“I’m Levy,” the tiny blunette said shyly.

“I’m Lucy,” the blonde child smiled sweetly.

“Oh my…hold up,” she said before walking away.

The little girls stood where they were and looked shyly around the loud guild. Mira walked back to the little girls with four guys following behind her.

“Why are we standing in front of some little girls,” The dark haired male asked annoyed.

“Gray, Natsu, Jellal, Gajeel we have a problem you see the girls were turned into little kids,” Mira said pointing at the little girls.

“Huh Luce,” Natsu said confused looking at the small blonde.

She looked up to see the pink haired guy. She could feel her cheeks redden as the guy approached her.

“How old are you,” he asked.

Lucy and the other girls looked at each other before saying their age. “I’m twee,” she said holding up three fingers.

“Boys you will need to take care of them for the mean time while I talk to Freed and try to find a way to turn them back to normal,” Mira said.

“Well I’m taking Lucy since she is my teammate,” Natsu said picking up the blonde child.

“Gajeel you take Levy, Gray you take Juvia and Jellal you can take Erza,” Mira smiled handing them the little girls.

“Why do I get the shrimp,” Gajeel said annoyed and the small blunette played with his hair happily amazed. 

“Because Levy seems to like you more than anyone else,” Mira said.

“And why do I get Juvia, Gajeel could take care of her,” Gray said annoyed as the blunette slept soundly on his shoulder her small arms wrapped softly around his neck. 

“Because Gajeel already has Levy to worry about plus Gray you are her nakama you are suppose to take care of her,” Mira said sternly.

“Well I will be taking Erza back to my apartment she seems tired,” Jellal said holding the tired girl in his arms softly. 

“Come on Luce let’s go get something to eat then go back home,” Natsu cheered holding the blonde on his shoulders with her head lay on his. 

The boys each took one of the girls and headed back to their apartment wondering how long it would take for the girls to go back to normal.