Everything has changed. Because once upon a time I was just a child. Today I’m still just a child, but this time I’ve got an iron will and two fists made of steel and I’ve aged fifty years. Now I finally have a clue. I’ve finally figured out that I’m strong enough, that maybe I’m a touch brave enough, that maybe this time I can do what I was meant to do. This time I am a force. A deviation of human nature. I am living, breathing proof that nature is officially screwed, afraid of what it’s done, what it’s become. And I’m stronger. I’m angrier. I’m ready to do something I’ll definitely regret and this time I don’t care. I’m done being nice. I’m done being nervous. I’m not afraid of anything anymore. Mass chaos is in my future. And I’m leaving my gloves behind.


This I’m almost at the finish line of “The Intern” I think it’s time to announce what I’ve been mentally working on for the past few weeks. It’s a new Whouffaldi AU that I will start writing when I return from London and that I will probably start posting in the second week of October. Here the summary as a little teaser:

It’s 1946 and the Doctor, the best private detective there is, receives a call from a young gentleman. Danny, who has just returned from war, came home to find his fiancé Mabel has disappeared and he offers the Doctor a great sum to find her. The first thing the Doctor finds out about the vanished girl: her name is actually Clara and her story is more than fascinating. The longer he follows her the bigger his dilemma grows: give in to his feelings or help Danny reunite with Clara?

Prisionera de un pánico invencible,
y aunque sé de la inutilidad de todo sueño,
desde esa cárcel torturante que es la vida,
pido la autonomía total del hombre
y el derecho a no justificar para nada
su existencia.
No conozco la astucia,
no soy como la hoja del chopo
que en oruga se oculta y arracima
antes de dar su tierno cuerpo al viento,
soy clara y sin pudor,
soy entera y tajante,
y no sé seducir.

Clara Janés

Birthday time! It seems like Chiana and Gaius’s toddler stage went by much faster than infant, but I just had a glance at their tags and they’ve been toddlers for two months now, soooo.

Chiana: Pretty fire! >:D

Boom! Check out those new big-kid-sized hands!

A+ clothing choice, Gaius. I dunno where you’re going swimming in the dead of winter here, but you’re definitely all set.

hermitinthetardis  asked:

Clara x Rose; truth or dare

this also fulfills @a-king-named-lear’s prompt of Clara and Rose uni roommates AU

The party was winding down. The only people left in the flat Rose and Clara shared were a couple of people from Clara’s education classes and one of Rose’s art class friends.

“Mmm, we should play a game,” Clara’s friend, Liz, said, words slurring together slightly.

“Uh-huh, I don’t think you’re coordinated enough for a game,” Clara said.

“I’m down for a quick game,” Rose’s friend chimed in. “Truth or Dare.”

Rose flopped down on the couch, new bottle of cider in her hand. “Yeah, alright. Couple of rounds and then we’re kicking all of you out so we can get some sleep.”

It went around a few times with mostly everyone choosing dares which had resulted in multiple people being licked.

Liz was still wiping the saliva from her neck and giggling when she set her sights on Clara. “Truth or dare, Miss Oswald?”

“Truth,” Clara said, leaning forward with a small smile, hair swinging to frame her face.

“Have you ever thought about kissing your flatmate? Because she’s hot.”

Clara’s cheeks flushed pink and she shot a sideways look at Rose to see her blushing as well. “Um, I’m not sure…”

“Answer the question, Clara!” her other friend insisted as she started dithering.

“Yeah, guess I have. Rose is gorgeous,” Clara explained over the hoots of her friends before burying her face in her hands.

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The Intern, Chapter 16

The lock clicked and Clara immediately jumped up to greet Malcolm at the door. He instantly dropped his suitcase and jacket to the floor before he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer for a passionate kiss that Clara thought would never end. She opened here mouth to him and his tongue plunged hungrily inside of her, reminding her of what exactly she had missed during the last week.

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