So I’m doing an online social test on a kids game

One of my favorite games, known as animal jam, is an online kids game where you play as an animal, so after seeing someone else do this, I decided to try it out for myself. (Here are some past tests by other wonderful players!)

So I have two alt accounts, both of which will be played by me.

The setting will be in the pillow room, full of random players, in Jamaa Township.

Barksy, the LGBTQA+ one in this case, is a in a quiet uncommon look for a male on this game, since I wanted him to stand out a bit more, sexuality used for this character is Homoromantic, Bisexual (ive actually met people who are both of these so i decided to make him this part of the spectrum :). )

Infandous (The user is actually a word), is a straight character, will respect Barksy’s opinion in liking other guys, since both of the accounts will be played by me, and I prefer not to really say anything homophobic, since I’m pan.

The point is to pay attention to the backround, and what the players say, not what Barksy or Infandous say. 

I will tally up the people who agree and don’t agree. Remember, these are children giving their opinions, ages 6-13. Though you see usernames in the background now, i will turn them off when I record, as to protect them from spam and such.


Infan: Hey bark, quick question

Bark: ?

Infan: Have you found any girls

Infan: Cute?

Bark: no…

Bark: I dont like girls..

Bark: I like other guys…

Infan: OH! bark, its okay!

Infan: dont be ashamed!

Then, I’ll record two testings of this, and post the video on Youtube.

I’m not sure if you guys will care or not, but I thought some of you might be interested in me doing this.

It will be posted on my channel.

I’ll also post if on tumblr aswell.

Günter Grass, 2002 -by Jim Rakete

der Fotografin Renate Höllerer gewidmet

Alle  Köpfe im Ausschnitt gewinnen.
Wenn ein Hai im  Profil durch das Bild schwimmt.
Oder auch Haare extra bei Gegenwind.
Nimm dich zusammen: Postkartengröße.

In meinem Motivsucher stellte sich ein:
ich, die Iinke gefällige Seite
ausgeleuchtet nach der Rasur
und straff, weil geohrfeigt.

Wenn immer mein Hündchen bellt,
mache ich knips und belichte:
Dich und den Hintergrund.
Meine Geliebte ertrinkt im Entwickler.

Schwarz. Das sind wir auf zwei Stühlen,
wenn wir schweigen, dem Auslöser lauschen:
breit im Format, bei angehaltenem Atem
und verdeckter Blende.


Double Portrait 
dedicated to the photographer Renate Höllerer

Every head gains by being cut out.
If a shark in profile swims through the picture.
Or hair, too, as an extra, against the wind.
Pull yourself together:  postcard size.

In my motive finder there appeared:
myself, the left, affable side
photo-flooded after shaving
and taut, because it had been slapped.

Whenever my little dog barks
I go click and use the flash:
on you and the background.
In the developer my loved one drowns.

Black. That’s us on our two chairs,
when we’re silent, listening to the release:
wide in format, with our breath held
and the  diaphragm covered.

– Günter Grass, from Ausgefragt 1967. In Novemberland - Selected poems (1956-1993). Transl. by Michael Hamburger, (Harcourt Brace & Company, 1996) pp 68-69

photo from kwerfeldein