To all the people in my inbox saying "You don't even know of they dated!" And "Sam denied it a week ago!"....

I believe they WERE dating whether they said so or not. Sam never took anyone other than family to any of her events then all the sudden she takes the guy she’s been tweet flirting with for a while now to two of them? And just that! They were flirting major all over twitter for months! Matt traveled to London to go see Sam and see her as Nancy in Oliver many times. Someone even spotted Matt in a car Sam got into on Valentines day and Matt was Lily’s babysitter! They saw Wicked together and he recently (before they denied they were dating) posted a photo of his Wicked ticket saying thy he keeps things like that… duh! Things came out and everyone thought they were dating so people started asking BOTH of them on twitter and they BOTH ignored all of it.
Then a couple weeks ago I noticed they weren’t talking much on twitter anymore. Then they BOTH on the SAME DAY said they weren’t dating….. Well if they weren’t dating months ago, why couldn’t they have said that… CAUSE THEY WERE DATING BUT BROKE UP!!! I know it and you can be mad at me if you want but I STRONGLY believe that Matt and Sam were a couple for a while.

………. In my opinion….