watch this until the very end! lmao


CHARLES BARKLEY TO DIRK NOWITZKI:  “Who the hell are you?”

Have you ever wanted to watch Charles Barkley drink soda and tell stories about basketball?  Well, this is the video for you.

It’s a bit old, but great storytelling stands the test of time.  Here, Sir Charles regales a gathered crowd at a charity softball game with the story of teenage Dirk hanging 50 points on Scottie Pippen, and Chuck’s subsequent plan to put Nowitzki in Auburn blue and orange.


How is this for an all-time starting five?

To be honest, all of these would be my picks except for Chuck at PF (Tim Duncan). When LeBron is done, or maybe KD, they may be taking over the small forward position, but until then, Larry Legend is there. 

As for Kareem, MJ, and Magic, they won’t be dethroned any time soon.