barkers island

Anthropologist Engage The World: Respond to Holly Barker Globalization and Climate Change in the Marshall Islands.

We often see images of islands, like the Marshall Islands above, as beautiful retreats that we may vacation too. With our families and friends, who often only think about the warm water, sandy beaches, and crystal-clear blue water. Only because, they want to escape their problems from home, and find a place to be happy. Compared to Holly Barker, an anthropologist that also saw these beautiful islands, but instead noticed the impact of twelve years of nuclear testing and now climate change on the islands.

Where a change in global climate patterns, have begun to cause the sea to consume the islands. Only because, the earth is becoming warmer from the increase in carbon dioxide. A carbon emission produced from the burning of fossil fuels. Mainly from larger nations like the United States of America. A country that, is part of the global carbon emission problem. 

Even though, there have been measures taken to decrease the carbon footprint around the world. The issue of climate change does not go away.  If fossil fuels are still burning around the world at a constant rate. The decrease in carbon emissions will only slow down the actual problem. Without actually solving the climate change issue.  

Holly Barker

Holly Barker is an anthropologist that has worked with both the United States and the Marshall Islands, a small chain of islands in the Pacific. In the Marshall Islands, Barker studied the effects of nuclear bomb testing on the islands after World War II, and more recently, the effects of climate change on the small island chain. Baker’s work as anthropologist was necessary to the Marshall Islands. A former colony of the U.S, Baker acted as a sort of mediator between the U.S and the Marshall Islands, giving the island’s government critical information about the American government and how it operated, which helped the Islands develop a healthy relationship with the American government. Without Baker’s help, the two countries may have been separated by cultural differences and a lack of understanding of the Islands’ needs and desires. With Baker’s climate change research, she studies the impacts of climate change so larger countries like the U.S, who contribute the most to climate change, can understand the effects of their actions, and also understand how to help. Baker and other anthropologists want people to understand that everything is connected, therefore our actions have consequences on us as well as others who could be across the world. Anthropology helps develop a connection between cultures, allowing them to come together and fix society’s issues. With the work that anthropologists like Baker do learning other cultures, and with the information that they share with us, hopefully we can connect and communicate without boundaries, making us all better human beings in the process.