This is a small snippet from a book in the process.

 Charles couldn’t feel his legs anymore, he had to stop running soon. ‘No! You have to keep going!’ He thought to himself. He couldn’t give up.

Branches whipped and tore at his face and shirt, blood trickled down his cheek mixing with sweat but he only barely felt the stinging flesh. He kept his head on a swivel as he ran over the unfamiliar ground, branches threatened to fumble his footing. 

The wind whistled through the trees, and the sound of breaking branches followed by high pitched animalistic whoots echoed above him. His eyes snapped up as the monster closed the distance between them. 

Strong arms full of flowing fur wrapped around him and his legs gave out. Charles fell to the ground, both him and beast somersaulting over the damp cold ground. 

As they came to a stop, the monster slammed Charles’ head into the ground. A blinding white light filled his vision, even though his eyes swam he focused them enough to see yellow stained fangs come into view. Screeching filled the air as Charles body filled with chills, his veins ran cold with fright.

~ William B, Barker ~