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huh. so in botw, the first solid coloured horse i caught was the dark brown with black mane, and white socks, who i loved to bits and rode everywhere with. i just saw one of Link’s memories where it showed his old horse. same horse! so now i really love it, and decided to recatch it for better stats (got one with 4, 4, 5 >:3). couldn’t think of a name, so i just tossed sounds together till i liked one and ended up with Ehun. decided to look the word up for kicks and apparently it means “100″ in Basque? seeing how it’s been a hundred years since the Calamity, i think it’s pretty fitting

one of my fave tropes for gay men is older gay men finding a man who completes them and makes everything make sense; whose patient w/ them coming to terms w/ themselves and agrees to take things slow so they can work towards being at peace w/ themselves; older gay men who have lived a life full of having to hide themselves and hold back but now they dont have to, because they found someone whose pretty close to their missing puzzle piece; older gay men who can finally go to pride with the one they love and they’re not afraid; older gay men who aren’t envious of younger gay ppl but learning to love them and be happy for them; finding happiness after a lifetime of homophobia and finally just not being so afraid to feel and love

thats the trope for gay men, esp adult gay men, i need to see more often.

Sorry for being so slow!

HEY Everyone!! I’m SO sorry for the slowness!! I’m actually in the middle of a big move so have been SUPER busy packing and things!! I will try to get some replies queued up before I leave cause I’ll then be in a car for two days ;)!!

THANK YOU AS ALWAYS for your patience with mee!! LOVE YOU ALL!! <3

gay vampires where one of them writes a book about their lives together and their almost 500 year long marriage; its emotional, its jampacked with humor, maybe a little bit of smut, it’s intense. it’s beautiful. its gay.

problem is ONE of them decided to write it in pen and ink and fancy cursive that no one can read, and the book is about 800 pAGES LONG that a lot of publishing companies just go “i….uh…..sirs…..why..”

its ok tho bc they have an 800 page book about how devoted they are to each other that only they can read